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Happy Valentine's Day Thursday February 14 2019

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Part of me wonders if those 'white measles'  are appearing due to her ingrained racism oozing out her pores! 

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5 hours ago, nursej22 said:

Hi kids!

I forgot to post yesterday. I usually post on my break, and I worked through both. We still have snow. Schools have been closed all week, mostly because of icy roads. And our local high school doesn't have reliable heat. But the school bond to build a new one passed! We have maybe 24-30 inches accumulated, hard to say because of drifting. It is warming up gradually, but freezes at night. 

Trivia: Michael Buble grew up just north of our area in a suburb of Vancouver, BC. He has a lovely voice and style, and seems like an awfully nice guy. 

BC, so sorry for your loss. Yes, having someone close to your age is sobering and reminds us of our own mortality. 

Hi Fran! Enjoy your sunshine. 

Joe, glad you had a nice dinner. Changing jobs is a hassle, but it sounds like this job is not very fulfilling. I suppose you will stay with case management? 

I took a call from a concerned parent who is worried our state is going to do away with personal exemptions for school vaccines. She assumed we were getting lots of calls about that. No, I said, more people are worried about getting measles vaccine for their kids. There was silence after that, and then a polite good bye. 

Need to get back to my presentation for a medical assistant group, on Measles, of things. 




Most likely I will

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OMG Herring, so glad I wasn't drinking coffee because I would have snorted it out.  

Nel, glad the cat is doing well and so behaved.  🙂

BC, I'm a couple of years older than you but it is a bit shocking to know some of our peers are passing away.  A man I grew up with died 10 years ago of a brain tumor.  Two men I went to high school with have died of heart attacks.  I'm still in denial that any of that could happen to me and that I'm still young in my mind and not in the 2nd half of life.  

Stars, please follow those instructions, they actually do apply to you.  The Nannie stories are hysterical.  "white measles" OMG

J22, you shouldn't work through breaks...um wait, what's a break??  


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