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That was interesting. I had an experience about two weeks after my mom died after a drawn out very painful battle with cancer. After the memorial service, my cousins and I tackled my mom's closets. Some

of the clothing, bedding, kitchen stuff etc. went to a local charity for

women and their families.

I finally had to get some groceries and I went alone. I accepted condolences as I went through the store. As I neared the checkout,

I was weepy. Just then, I heard someone yell my name very loudly.

I recognized that voice instantly! Accck!

I turned and saw Carol, who had been one of my mom's clients as

well as a domestic violence client of an agency I volunteered with.

Carol easily weighed three hundred and fifty, and there she stood...

She was wearing Daisy Duke-style cutoffs, a lipstick pink tube top that

left absolutely NOTHING to the imagination, anklet socks trimmed with lace,

and My mom's pale green suede heels with the little bows

in the back. O.M.G.

I made it back to the car, then laughed and laughed. Soon the tears I had been unable to shed before, came then. Thanks, Carol.

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