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Good Friday Morning 5/21/04

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morning friends. 13_1_209.gifhere are some nice flowers for you. how are you doing on this fine, wet rainy morning? 16_6_3.gif bryce had me up at five am again. we came out to the living room and there is a leak near my front door. i am afraid that it is coming from the upstairs neighbor's apartment. maybe she has a leak at her window or something. she'll flip out if she does because she is fed up with living here as it is. i don't want her to leave for selfish reasons....she is a good neighbor, our kids like each other and she is going to help me get trey to school next year when i am doing clinicals. so, for the question today...how do you get along with your neighbors? what are they like? i don't really know any of our other neighbors. we have an apartment building on the one side and i have said hello to the people there but that's about it. on the other side, i haven't even seen the people. wouldn't recognize them at all! lol! there is a nice cop living across the street with his family and a big, hippie looking guy diagonal that keeps tabs on the whole neighborhood and talks to bryan all the time.

chris...i would love to volunteer to work at the hospital on the ob floor. that would be my dream...i wonder if it's possible? i would have to do it late at night though because of bry's schedule. it sounds like you really enjoy your life with all the busyness! is that your face on your avatar? i wondered..............

leslie and kate...speaking of usernames, i am thinking of changing mine since i most likely am not going to be a cnm. any ideas?

ww...happy birthday to mom! 23_29_122.gif

nekhismom....good to see you. i think you all should go for it. i think the best dr's would be nurses first.

last night i went to have my supper and realized that i took the wrong thing out of the freezer. i took out bean soup instead of black beans for rice, so i had rice with salsa and bryan had the soup on rice. ah well....it all worked out and made more room in my freezer, which was the original point! lol!


we got our shower fixed and our screen door hung. i got the kitchen floor swept and the bathroom cleaned. i didn't go for my walk yet again. i am too dang tired from my zoloft to do just about anything lately and now with bryce having me up so early this morning, who knows if i'll be able to do anything today? i am calling the dr. today about going off of it. i honestly don't think it was the zoloft that helped with the pain anyways. this way we will know for sure, if i go off it.


today's room to clean is the kitchen, but we'll see if i have the stinkin' energy. i have bills to work on, which just gives me a mega headache and i have to pull up some more stuff from the basement to price it for the yard sale next weekend. i don't know how far i will get in all this but i am grateful that bryan doesn't go to work until 1pm so that maybe i can get an hour nap in before he goes.


i hope everyone has a fabulous day!


hugs all around...........

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Good morning.. my day is actually finishing up here.

Have tickets tonight to a spoof on Shakespeare done bythis comedy trio out of the UK. Their shows are just the funniest when they are over here.

And a fabulous Italian dinner to go with it............what can be so bad?

Have a great day................... :balloons:

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Suzanne...sounds like fun!!! Report in and let us know how it was!!! your life sounds so fun and carefree. *sigh and smile*

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Good Morning Kim.

Good morning everyone.

8.30 pm here, kids bathed and in bed asleep, DW bathed and watching television.

I have only been getting about 3 hours sleep a night this week and it has definitely caught up with me. I was up at 5 am this morning, so I got a good 10 mile walk in before anybody else woke up, got home at 7am, just as the girls were rising.

My neighbours..... On one side lives a young couple who have recently had a baby, they talk to very few people in town. When we first moved here I dropped a meal next door to them one night and when he returned the casserole dish he informed me that they were quite capable of cooking for themselves, then left pffffffffffft.

On the other side I have a single mum with 2 kids, 4 and 2. They are great, we all go on picnics etc together and whenever I have my baking days, I make an extra cake or batch of biscuits to send over to them.

Across the road, I have an elderly lady who spends most of her time in hospital these days, she is wheelchair bound, but has only been home for a total of 2 weeks this year.

Okay, recipe for today is:



5 cup plain flour

5 cup rolled oats

5 cups sugar

2 cups dried fruit

2 cups desicated coconut

2lb butter

1 cup treacle

1 tbs sodium bicarbonate

1/4 cup of boiling water

mix dry ingredients in large bowl.

Combine butter and treacle in saucepan and stir over moderate heat until butter is melted

Combine water and bicarb soda.

Pour Bicarb mixture into butter/treacle mix (beware this will froth up rapidly)

Pour directly into bowl with dry ingredients.

Mix into a biscuit type consistency.

Spread mixture into lamington trays or similar, at approximatelt 1/2 inch thick.

Bake in moderate (300f-350f) oven until golden brown.

Allow to cool and then cut into meusli bar size pieces. Great for kids school lunches.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all soon


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hey guys....

richard i kwym about the sleep thing.....3-4 hours all week...thanks for the bar receipie. i'll be sure to try it out.

suzanne - shakespeare, italian food...man it's sounds wonderful.

Kim - while your napping - have bry pull all the stuff up from the basement :)

neighbors - love em. they are awesome. we live on a block full of kids. boys mainly adn they are all so good w/ my little ones. the adults have some drama going on but hey, so do I. :rolleyes:

my day

errands, my friend is having a "weaning party" for her daughter today so we'll go wish Eden well, Picnic at the outdoor ampetheater with same friend and outdoor opera. mama's night out...woooohooo :balloons:

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Richard...sleep? What's that? LOL

Kate...so, what's first on your agenda as far as starting school for pre-med?

Off to cause trouble on other threads......(hit 2000 posts this morning! LOL!)

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Good morning.

Got to go to sleep because I got to get up in a few hours and go get my new pup.


Have a great day all.

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Good morning!

The meusli bar recipe sounds good. I'll have to try it.

We are experiencing warm, sunny weather today. Looking for a high of 89° today. I'll probably be inside until after dark...time will tell.

We have wild roses growing on the hill at the side of my house. A coworker of mine calls it "Seven Sisters." The flowers are fairly small & finger out with 5-8 buds per stem. Very pretty & pleasant to rest one's eyes upon when looking out the kitchen window.

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Morning eltrip...party tomorrow right? What time? How early do you have to start getting readY?

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