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bushambo bushambo (Member)

Friday 10/1/14

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G'day all. I get the jump on you t'other siders with the time diff.

Still ****** hot here. Yesterday hit 118F with the engine room @ 140F.:no:

Another cyclone brewing to the north. Bring it on, we need the rain and cool.

Little Mntana is doing sort of OK. Still having chemo every 28 days. Poor little mite. She is acting tough. Kids are so resiliant they can teach us adults a lot.

Just had a friend diagnosed with Paget, but I am sure, after talking with him it is a misdiagnosis. Symptons don't add up. I am sure the dr didn't know and when my friend mentioned me the doc jumped at that.

Second opinion needed.

My Mauar Disease has improved dramatically. Specialist says not possible, but he doesn't know me well enough. However, all the wavy lines in print etc are GONE!!! Gotta be happy.

Best go visit the world.

Hooroo Michael:wavey:

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Hi Michael! Glad Montana is doing OK.

Great you can see better.

I will take a nap and work one hour of Thursday before midnight.

Cooking rice with sage to go with my husband's chicken wings. We'll have the rest of yesterday's string beans.

We have been enjoying delicious red grapes. I don't know quite where they were grown. the label states, "Product of the USA"

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Tidings of Good Joy! to Michael, herring, et al.

Michael: I attempted to look up "Mauar Disease" and found nothing. Would you mind Expanding my Vocabulary? Whatever it is, I am Happy for you that it has Improved Dramatically! Disease is Rarely Fun.

Here's Something Else I would like to Make Note of: Fifty Eight Years ago, on this day, in 1956, Elvis recorded his Classic Song, "Heartbreak Hotel" in New York City, as the first Record he released under RCA Victor, after leaving Sun Records.

On this Date, January 10, 2014, I would like to share with you a Little Known Fact: The Classic, "Heartbreak Hotel" was Originally Titled "Breakfast Brothel"!

Yes. It's True. And the First Verse went something like this:

"Well, since my toaster got toasted!

You know I've got to follow!

My hungry morning appetite

Down to Breakfast Brothel!"

For Obvious Reasons, Elvis Modified the Lyrics to a more Socially Acceptable Topic and Recorded his First Number One Hit!

Interesting, eh?

Yet, in Comparison, I've Learned Something almost as Equally Interesting:

my husband's chicken wings

Your Husband may have Chicken Wings, but Belinda has Monkey Arms.

Anyway, that's what her Childhood Friends told her.

Belinda's now really grown into herself. Even though she continues to be Rather Lengthy.

I'm sure your Husband is still a Very Fine Fellow and puts his Chicken Wings to Good Aerodynamic Use, doesn't he, herring?

Anyway, have a Good Day!

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OOPS Davey Mr Do. Typo. Should have been Macular Disease.

Just wondering if you are related to Mr Dr Doolittle????? Similar name, and I just bet you empathise with

all of the animal kingdom. Most animules are really nice people.

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Hey, Sabby, whacha doin' down there? Shouldn't you be in bed?????

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Good Morning Michael, Herring, Davey and all who pop in,


Michael phewy too hot for this chick I do pray you get some good quenching rains. Still praying Montana heads in the right direction with her treatment. Poor wee child but you are right kids are very resilient. Good news about your vision so pleased to read that news.


Have a great day Davey.


Herring I made the chicken dish on my FB page, lemon chicken and it was so good. Delicious, moist and so tasty. We will be noshing down on that tonight. As always I changed the recipe a little and added some fresh dill and parsley.


Raining outside, they say we could get a little freezing rain but I feel it is not cold enough for that but I pray we do not get any kind of glazing.


Feeling better this morning, not 100% but no fever or the like just a wee pesky cough. Had an appetite for the first time yesterday since last Wednesday so that is a good thing!


Used the wok for the first time last night and made hubby a shrimp and noodle dish, I guess he liked it as his plate was empty. LOL Love using the wok for easy but healthy meals.


May you all have a most excellent and productive day.


Much love to you all.

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Michael I'm glad your vision is better

Sabby glad you're recovering

Morning herring and Davey

Yesterday went OK for me, things at work are improving, at least for now. Which makes it more ironic that I got a call back from one of the jobs I applied for! :wideyed: Going to give them a call back today. We'll see, got to check this carefully, learned from my last job search to be careful.

I'm tempted to slow down the job search now that things are improving... but I know that things will get worse again, it's the pattern.

Did the grocery shopping yesterday. Going to see dad tomorrow and meet a friend of mine on Sunday. The weather is turning quite a big warmer, although it's getting very slushy now.

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Strange. My Computer wouldn't allow me to Quote steph, but did allow me to quote BCgradnurse:

There's a new feature offered now . . . . the ability to block people from quoting you. Works really well in political debates here on allnurses. ;) (JK).

Morning all - woke up at 0400 for some reason. Tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so got up and made some coffee and here I sit with the electric heater at my feet.

Sabby - that lemon chicken dish looked good and I'm going to try it.

herring - I cooked up those pheasants last night and my son went straight for the legs. He always goes for chicken legs (run with it Davey). ;)

Trying to decide if it would make my mom more agitated right now to see me. It might make better sense to wait until she's acclimated back in her original facility, which is where they are trying to discharge her to as the lawyer my brother consults about these things says they have to take her back or THEY have to find another facility. Which will be hard. I dunno - might talk to the doc himself although he's not all that familiar with her from this acute stay in the hospital.

I should probably go shower and get my day going early. Be ahead of the game since I woke up early.

You all have a great day!

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Good morning! It's snowing in slow motion here...big flakes falling very sloooooowly from the sky. It's pretty. Today's my day off and there's loads to do. I need to buy food for my animules, both human and 4 legged. My grocery bill has been through the roof since DS has been home. I don't know where he puts it all-there isn't an ounce of fat on him. He must get that from me :D...NOT!! DD cut her below waist length hair yesterday to just past her shoulders, and donated it. Her new hair cut looks beautiful and I'm proud of her.

Michael-glad your vision is better. Continued prayers for little Montana. Davey-speaking of "Breakfast Brothel", there is a strip club near where I used to work that has a breakfast special called "Legs and Eggs". Nuff said! Herring and Sabby-now you have me hungry for chicken. I'm going to try Sabby's recipe tonight. Joe-keep going with the job search. You're right, things will probably head downhill at work , if the past is any indication. Steph-I hope your mother settles back in soon. This must be hard for your whole family, your mother included.

Off to get the day started! Have a good one, everybody!

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Good Afternoon! :)

Well. . . Amy is off to Florida. This means that I have the entire house to myself!

YEA!!! :yes:

Of course, right about now Amy is probably driving to the beach so that she can rest, get a nice warm tan and read a good book.

:crying2: :crying2: :crying2:

I feel so. . . . cold and lonely. More importantly, I feel so abandoned, cold and lonely. So cold. . . so lonely.

It's below 27 degrees outside, sleeting outside and I have the whole FREAKIN' house to myself.

Yea. . . :crying2:

Don't worry, though. My vacation is coming up in March! :D

Davey Do. . . Ever been to Elvis Presley's home? It's a museum and was kept the way it was when "The King" died. This means that it has that 1970s tacky-look. It pretty much looks like a brothel. LOL!

herring_RN - I didn't know that your poor husband had chicken wings. How does he work with that malady? Do they take the place of arms and hands or are they extra appendages in addition to arms and hands? Are they functional? Can your husband fly with these wings? And why would you cook rice and sage to go with your husband's extra-ordinary appendages? You do know that canniblism is illegal, don't you? Well, maybe not if you're very, very hungry. (I won't tell anyone. . . . you're secret is good with me. ;) )


Michael - 118 degrees just sounds unbearable! Wow! I hope you get some good rain and wind to cool things off, but not to the point of destruction that a cyclone might bring. Glad to read that Montana is doing OK with the chemo. Still I'm sure it's rough. Kids are resilient. Wishing nothing but the BEST for Montana.

Sabby_NC - Glad to read that you're feeling better. Being sick is no fun at all. Wishing you continued healing. :)

Joe - Yep. . . work has it's ups and downs. Glad to read that work-things are improving. It's important to be happy with one's vocation. I wish you well with your job search. :)

Steph - Hope all goes well with your Mom. Keeping her and your family in warm thoughts and prayers. :(

BCgradnurse - I'm hungry, too. But I don't know if I would eat my spouse's chicken wings if she had such a malady. Well, maybe I would if I was really, really hungry. And, right now? I'm really, really hungry. Think I'll go see where a Kentucky Fried Chicken might be located.

Well. . . I have the house all to myself. It's cold outside. I'm not in Florida. I'm not on a beach. And I'm not reading a book. Actually, not reading a book is OK with me. I really don't like reading. There're too many words, and sentences and paragraphs in books for me to like 'em.

Peace to you all and to all who travel here. :)


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Ted! :laugh:

His are only strong enough to elevate a few feet.

I think this artist finds models at body building contests. Looks like wings aren't so uncommon:

wingedwoman_zps45bf21c2.jpg Wingedman-_zpsccd7a00f.jpg

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