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Friday September 24, 2021

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Good morning!

Joe, I'm sure now that you're aware you'll get the weight off.

Amo, hope the oxygen issues resolve.

Stars, I was just talking about a regular Urgent Care Center, not one affiliated with your doctor.  I've been to one a couple a few times when it wasn't an "emergency" but I needed to see a doctor like when I had food poisoning with a fever, or cellulitis in my arm and needed antibiotics.  They are good for when things unexpectedly pop up and you can't get to your regular doctor.  We have several of them around town and they are free standing and can do X-rays and labs.  Just an idea if he feels he needs to see a doctor but not an Emergency room visit.  Anyway, glad he got his inhaler fixed.  

Speaking of cows, I know you've heard the story of when growing up I saw my first cow and said "look Dad at that funny looking moose!!".  I had only seen moose in Alaska growing up and never a cow.

Work was okay.  I had five patients.  I got a very good annual review but not a raise because I'm maxed out.  But because I'm maxed out I get a $2500 bonus.  I'll take it.  Can't believe I've been there 29 years and am maxed out.   I expressed my unhappiness at the staffing again but that I did like the company. I'm tired of complaining but silence equals acceptance.

Slept very soundly like a rock until around 4:00 AM.  Talked myself into going to slept then overslept 10 minutes because the alarm was on snooze mode.  Don't know how that happened.

Someone I went to high school with just died of covid.  The children's hospital across the street where I work lost a 17 year old to covid.  She was apparently obese and unvaccinated but in her Senior year.  Tragic.  We lost a 41 year old to covid.  Anti-vax mother of a toddler and a 16 year old that are now motherless.   Tragic.  Our cases are down to about 500 a day in my county which is better than the 1000 a day at it's peak a few weeks ago.   I guess like gun violence we're going to normalize covid deaths.





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Tweety 29 years is a long time.  It's good you like the company, despite all the staffing issues

Amo hope that oxygen concentrator can get replaced soon

Stars that sounds like a good strategy, glad you're nearly at your goal

NJ22 I don't think I've ever seen blueberry fields

Was another fairly quiet day at work, had 2 meetings and did online training, now we're getting into stuff that's more relevant to the job, thankfully

Still have 1 vital system that I can't get access to.  Spoke to one person at IT, who referred me to another, who said she'd refer me to someone else.  Really do need access to start the training class Monday, hope this third person can solve the problem

Rest of the day was quiet, exercised and relaxed in the evening.  Surprised I haven't been hungrier on this diet.  I used to get intense feelings of hunger that complicated dieting, but not now.  Age related changes I suppose

Going to meet J for dinner at our usual place tonight

Will be warmer today, in the low 80s.  Will be a bit cooler Sat, then I think back into the 80s the rest of the week


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It's raining here, but still in the 70s, so I'm ok with that.  I am not looking forward to colder weather.  I'm glad it's Friday and I'm not working this Saturday.  If the weather cooperates, I'm going to rip out a good portion of my overgrown perennial garden.  A few plants have totally taken over and it's a mess.  It will be good therapy, lol.

Covid case rates remain somewhat high in MA, but still better than a lot of other states.  We're at a 68% vaccination rate, which is pretty good, but there are pockets of high infection rates where local hospitals are overwhelmed with cases.  I'm wondering if this is as good as it's going to get.

On a happy note, DH has a new job that he starts next Wednesday.  Did I already mention this?  Anyhoo, it's a big relief.

Tweety-29 years is a good run.  It's too bad that wages get maxed out.  You should be rewarded for that kind of longevity.  I'm sorry to hear about your classmate's death and that of the 17 and 41 year old patients.  Unfortunately, there's thousands of those stories.  

Joe-Have a good time with J tonight.  Glad that the new job is going well.

Hi to the rest of the gang.  Have a good Friday, and upcoming weekend.


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Good Morning! And it IS morning! Another beautiful day with blue skies, no clouds, and a pleasant mild breeze.

I woke up at 3:30 AM and CRAVED carbs/sweets. AUGH! I gave in and went down to the kitchen and ate 4 cookies and a half-glass of milk! Sooo good! Sooo bad! Oh well! Plan on doing a mostly keto through the day and then not worry about whatever supper we vote on. Then, when I go to sleep, chain my legs to the bed so I couldn't go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night! I'd have to have a 'chamber-pot' in here, but knowing me, I'd end up kicking it over or something.

Woke up again at 6:45, sat on the porch a short while, then walked out to get the newspaper from the mailbox, not dizzy! Back to bed after having 1/2 cup of coffee and taking my AM meds, including diz-med. Slept again until 10 AM, then woke up *ding!* wide awake. Gave Nannie her AM yogurt-Mtn Dew-and Meds. Sat outside while she ate; I was alert and not dizzy!

Going to put the suction-cup 'handle' on the shower wall, and plan to take a shower and wash my hair. in a few minutes.Haven't showered in a WEEK and really need/want to!

Want to go out to Walmart and get more Capsaicin patches, green tea, bananas, A/C filters (one 21x21, one 14x14), and some cotton pj drawers for myself (men's fit best), as I stuck my thumb in the ones I've been wearing when pulling them up yesterday, and tore them pretty good. It's the  threadbare ones I've been wearing for a loooong time; so comfy, but time to say goodbye to them.

Tweety, I could use a $2500 bonus for the 'work' I've been doing these last 4 years! I wonder if you divided it up over what hours you've worked in this past year, how much of an hourly wage (or salary) that would turn out to be, if it would be reasonably equal to a raise? Not necessary to do all that math! It was just a random thought. Don't expect an answer. I'd take the bonus regardless and be glad for it, but I suspect I'd still pout about the 'being at max pay' and allowed no more raises.

I worked for that agency for thirty years, and back then, it seemed when an RN was at her max earnings, they would somehow find a way to squeeze out the nurse, so they could hire somebody new for less money. Real ethical, huh? They lost a lot of REALLY good, experienced nurses that way, but oh, y'know, "it was just 'good' business." (***********~ more very bad words!)

And looking back, as the company made changes, somehow when I left there I was earning LESS! Go figure! They'd always be switching from paying us hourly to salary and back again. Then we 'lost' the gas mileage pay, accrued time off pay (of which I lost 35 hours forever), and sick pay......and....  WTH??? Playing with numbers was what they were doing, cutting back and cutting back. (more bad words here: *****************!!!!!) Glad to be done with them. The only reason I stayed so long was that any agency you'd go to, you'd lose money (pay) and well, you couldn't count on seniority meaning anything, regardless.  

But the CSR's liked me and did always get me some of the best (to me) long-term private duty patients; that was both before and after nine years of weekend Home Health visits (which I also mostly enjoyed.) And like I've said before, when I went into the office to squawk or goof off, they never said,  "Who does she think she is?!" because they had known me so long by then, nobody had to wonder that!!! A lot of times I could state things quite plainly and yet not insultingly, and they'd say, "Oh, Stars, you're so funny!" ---even as they knew what I said was true. There were many times I wondered why I didn't get fired for some of my shenanigans!

ALLLLL water under the bridge! These days, in this circumstance, my coping device of humor about sh*t that bothers doesn't do the same thing to help my moods. I REALLY should start writing about my agency experiences, the patients, and all that. At least it would keep my mind in a 'happier' time frame.

OK, then, Ima go get WET! Will let y'all know later if I successfully stood in the shower without getting woozie---------(hubby's ears are on stand-by alert, just in case.)

PS: Hey, BCg! Glad your S-O has a new job! And by the way, you snuck in here while I was busy typing. If you hadn't, I would have been the third of 'The new Trinity', since Ted has seemed to have baled out lately.



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Shower Report:

Aaaaah!  I feel soooo much-more beddah now!

The grab bar worked beaootisamalley!!! I have it at an angle, with the top cup a little bit lower than this: \   so it is between my elbow and my shoulder. I can hold it with either hand, or lean lightly against it with my upper arm, and it is just perfect!  I can't use it low like amoLu suggested; maybe 'cause I am which I mean not as tall as I used to be (was 5'8", now 5'6 & 1/2"... 🙁 THEY say) and not as short as I will eventually be as I age. But it is easy enough to change if necessary, and I won't be my shortest for a number of YEARS!! (I hope) Was fine without having to use a tub-bench-chair. Hooray for Meclizine! YAAAYYY!

End of Report

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Good morning. Another sunny, sl. misty day here. the cooling temps at night are helping to create some fog in the mornings. I have misplaced my sunglasses and the sun is right in my eyes going to and from work. Here is a stock photo from the web of blueberry fields. And that mountain is one I see every day. 


I need to pick up my running packet today for a 10K tomorrow, and show my proof of vaccination. I am semi-worried about finishing in time. I have to be done within 2 hours, and I think I can do it in and hour and 20 minutes, but the last 1/2 mile is up hill. 

Amo, I hope your concentrator can be repaired quickly. Those big tanks are cumbersome. In the olden days when I was an LPN in a nursing home, we dealt with those, and one of my jobs was to refill the little ones from the big ones. 

Tweety, yes do keep speaking up, even though it feels like nothing changes. I am sure your perspective is valuable. I bet 5 patients seems like a dream. 

Joe, it sounds like things are going smoothly for the most part. I used to be convinced that all lawn mowers and photo-copiers hated me. And now I think all technology has it in for me. I have issues at work pop up all the time that no one else has. A sign that I should retire, I think. 

BCg, hurrah for dh getting a job. That must be a huge relief. Yes, I agree, destroying things in the garden can be a nice release. 

Stars, hey, sounds like your vertigo is getting under control. And I hope your hubby is feeling better too.  I have been waking up hungry in the night too. A piece of buttered, multigrain toast and a half glass of milk is my go-to. 

For those of you who have used voltarin cream, does it raise your blood pressure the way oral NSAIDs can? I am thinking about using on my knees and feet. 

Anyhoo, happy Friday. 


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stars  - ty for the shower report. ;) Re arnicare: it's a roll-on. My cousin swears by it. Did mail a card again - be prepared!

Tweety - 29 years is like a lifetime. In today's work environment, it's not unusual to find many newbies don't even last 29 weeks (8+ months) !!! Just last week or so, one of Philly's TV channel 6 weathermen retired after 37 yrs (if I remember right). They were commenting about how many years they all had, like 16 yrs, 23 yrs, etc. Sad that nsg doesn't seem to retain its nurse direct labor workforce like that anymore! It does bespeak volumes about your worth to them for sooo many years. Kudos to you!

j22 - you (& others) all post such gorgeous pix. I used to work in So Jersey. Lots of blueberry fields as I drove in, but no mountain background! Where is that?

Joe - adding my best wishes for your new job. You will most def be an asset.

Bcg - wishes also for your hubs.

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j22, Best of luck with your 10K, and more power to ya! We used to go blueberry picking in Gloucester, Mass, up on Dog Town Hill. It didn't look like the field of blueberries in your photo. They were WILD blueberries, and we called them BLUBBURIES (it's a family thing).

Just to let y'all know, I am going to mail a card to herring when I go out to the PO in a minute. I enclosed an SASE in case she or someone else can send a reply. I extended all our greetings and said we loved her and missed her.

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There are wild blueberries here in the alpine areas. We have picked those, but they are tiny. Here is a stock photo of where many grow. Flora-of-the-North-Cascades-National-Park-images-Pinterest.jpg.d7ff15a97904f6df66906596949005e9.jpg

This is Mt. Shuksan, unfortunately, I can't see it from my house, like the other mountain, Mt. Baker. They both are in the most northern part of the Cascade Range, in Washington State. 

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This afternoon has been like Friday the 13th x 472.3....AWFUL!

Road traffic was REALLY hideous. I stood in line at Walmart for groceries for 30 minutes. They had four regular registers open and the ones where you could go through and check out your own stuff, but only for cash or credit (no checks). As I was loading the groceries in the back of my car, my bladder sphincter decided to 'give it up' . I did have a pad on, but feared, since I still had to pee more, I couldn't make it back to the restroom. So I ripped the plastic cover off one of the A/C filters to put on the driver's seat so it wouldn't get wet. Hubby called and asked me to pick up supper on the way home, but the restaurant where we were going to order food from ...was closed, for some reason. When I got home and changed my britches, we then ordered from Pizza-Shmuck but they said the debit card was declined, saying we gave the wrong zip-code. Called the # on the back of the debit card (the debit dept. of our bank) and spoke w/ 2 different women ...each of whom said they had my correct zip code in their records, so they didn't know why it was declined for that reason. I also found out that though I thought we had a balance of $130.03 on the debit card, the bank said it was $110.03. I have a little notebook in which I keep track of every single transaction so I won't get fouled up and it is STILL fouled up, and the bank said they do not have any fees attached to the debit card. I just don't think my math is THAT bad! I feel like throwing it all up in the air, and when it lands, using a blow-torch on it. // I am going to the pizza place next week to talk to the 'top' manager and ask ---  are they just telling us the zip code is wrong because they don't want to accept a debit card, or what? Hubby had argued uselessly w/ the Friday night manager there, like she could do anything about it. Now hubby is arguing with the TV over various aspects of the baseball game. 🙄 Nannie keeps saying Ozzie hasn't eaten his supper! Last night I got him to eat it at 10:30 by stuffing a piece of the food in his mouth, which, I guess he didn't think tasted so bad after all, and he ate it all. I may have to do that again tonight, but I don't see what Nannie thinks I can do if he doesn't eat when she thinks he should. Also, the water dish was down about 1/2" and she said he needed water. No, he doesn't. Now the A/C is so cranked up I am sitting here with cold feet and cold hands, so I'll have to go up to my room and put on different footwear and long sleeves.

I hope to be able to keep my mouth shut during the 2 Braves games they are playing tonight. I just wish my MiL would quit asking questions, and hubby would keep his stupid comments to himself, like he is the baseball expert of how and what everyone SHOULD do and be doing. I am so irritable right now I want to go into the back yard and yell at the top of my lungs: EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP!!!!

I need sound cancelling hearing aids!

Okay I am done squawking. 


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Joe, hope you have a nice dinner with J.

BC, congrats on your husband's job.  All the best!

J22, such beautiful pictures.  You live in a lovely area.  So much different than Florida.  Good luck on your 10K!

Stars, it's doubtful they would deliberate not want to take a debit card.  Did you have them to run it through again?  Or if it's messed up once they don't try again.  But you can't argue with a machine.  When they say "well the computer says......"....that means the discussion is over.  That was sweet of you to send Herring a card.

Ted, has a abandoned us but leaves for Italy tomorrow.  Safe travels to Ted.

Florida's covid news continues to be good news as cases are now "only" 8,000 a day and deaths are falling as well as hospitalizations.  Maybe between vaccines and all these people getting covid herd immunity can happen?  Or our new normal is that covid is will us and will cause trouble from now on.

Best friend waited two hours for his booster vaccine.  The good news is the vaccine continues to be popular with the older population.  

An anti-vax Trump-supporting PT assistant that I work with has covid and is coming back Monday saying he didn't get that sick.  I said out loud "I was hoping he'd get sicker" because now we have to listen to him talk about how covid isn't that bad.  That's an ugly thing to say but it's one of those "sorry not sorry" thoughts.  I really didn't mean it.  I'm glad so many people that get covid recover like they do.  

The 17 year old that died of covid has a GoFundMe page to help her family.  Sad that they have to do that.

Yes, when I think about it, this hospital (so far) has gotten the best years of my life.  I do hope the best are yet to come though.



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