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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Friday - October 4th, 2019 - Good Morning!!

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Good Morning!

It's 1:44 AM (EST) in this part of the world!! It's a quiet early-morning day, today. The only sound I hear is the rain gently falling on our home.

So. . . How's everybody????

I'm FINALLY finished with the video-editing & DVD burning of those two 2-hour dance recitals. FINALLY mailed out 60+ DVDs to the owner of that dance studio - YESTERDAY! I'd thought I'd share this information to you all since I moaned and groaned about that project for what seems like forever! I'm super glad to have the project behind me!!

Also. . . Today is Amy's and my 33rd Wedding Anniversary!!! Been married 33 wonderful years together. Yep! We're still together! L O L! 😄 We have plans of doing either canoeing or hiking these next couple of days.  Hopefully the rain will end later this morning, as the predicted by the weather forecast. At the very least, it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. But no matter rain or shine, we're going to enjoy our anniversary together. I do feel very Blessed to have Amy as my life-long partner. ❤️

Although life has been good, it's also been busy.  I did not intend on staying away from the Daily Morning thread. I simply got out of the "habit" posting here. (With the exception of Facebook, and paying on-line bills, I've been spending less time on the Internet during these past several weeks.) It's really nice to see that this Daily Morning forum is still going. When I'm done typing here, I plan on reading back on a few day's worth of Daily Morning threads, and catch up on you all.

Besides sloooowly working on those dance recital videos, here are a few other things that's happened during these past several weeks. . . 

1) Amy and I attended my niece's Wedding Ceremony, last month! The Wedding took place on a fancy-shmancy resort located on the coast of Maryland. Amy and I had a nice time exploring the area and visiting with family. The Wedding itself was kind of lovely. My niece, of course, looked beautiful. What distracted from the ceremony were the Groom's Best Men. Apparently, there was a fair amount of "drinking" going on BEFORE the ceremony. It showed, unfortunately. The post-wedding dinner was lavish and fun, with great food and dancing. I heard that the wedding, and rental of the facilities that week-end, costed over $75,000.00!! I have just one word to say about that: Wow!

2) I've been working extra shifts at work. Been doing extra shifts as the Shift Director, which was nice. Also picked up extra shifts working in the Emergency Department. The extra $$$$ paid for 1000 gallons of propane, which will keep our home warm and cozy during the up-coming winter months.

3) Church choir rehearsals and anthem-singing has resumed, as done every year after a summer's hiatus. After 35+ years, I was supposed to retire from the position as keyboardist/choir director. But, for the good of the church, I rescinded that retirement notice. We just could not find someone willing and able to fill my position. Although I do enjoy being the keyboardist & choir director for our small congregation, it also means that I get much less sleep on those Sunday nights when I go to work. (Whine!)

4) Amy and I put our home back on the market. Again. Although we plan on living in the area (and keep our current jobs) if/when our home sells, the goal is to "downsize", save money from a rather expensive mortgage, and pay off our debt as fast as we can.

5) Amy and I have been hiking and enjoying the late-summer/early-fall weather. We love the fall season with all of the fall colors, and we love to hike. It's great exercise and site-seeing.

Now that those silly dance recital videos are FINALLY finished, I can feel at ease to be creative, and write some original instrumental music. Again. Also, Amy wants to work together and create some music videos, preferably using original music. THIS would be a lot of fun, too.

Well. . . that's about it! I'm going to go and read about a week's worth of Daily Diary postings, now. I hope all have a pleasant day today! 🙂


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Good Morning!

Ted, good to hear from you and catch up. Happy Anniversary.  Good luck selling the house.   Glad you finally got that project done.  Now time to start on the Christmas CDs.  

Nothing much on the agenda today other than the usual.  Put the sheets in the washer, heading the to gym and pottering about.  Working this weekend.

Still in the upper 80's and warm here, but in the next week or so the temps should start to drop to the mid 80's.  I love "fall" here in Florida.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Happy anniversary Ted

Morning Tweety

Was a fairly good day yesterday, work uneventful.  Got the grocery shopping and exercise done after work.  Even had time to work on my cross stitch

Hopefully J will feel up to dinner tonight.  He's having either a cold or a bad allergy attack.  Had to cancel on Wed night.  Today will be busy for him, driving some friends to the airport in the early morning then visiting with his niece and her daughter who are in town from Colorado

Have to be up early tomorrow to help with the rummage sale in the morning.  Then I'm done, which is good, this event has taken up more time than expected

Weather is turning decisively cooler, only in the 50s today I think.  Hopefully the rain will continue to hold off

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I'm off today, with absolutely no plans.  I will either walk or go to the gym in a bit, but I am kind of at loose ends.  Usually I'm running around crazy on my day off.  I should enjoy the down time, maybe sit on the deck and read a good book.  Pretty soon it will be too cold to do that.  We have frost warnings for tonight.  I guess I should put my garden to bed for the winter.  That will give me something to do.

Ted!!  You've been missed!  I'm glad all is well with you and Amy.  Happy Anniversary to you both.  Don't be a stranger, ok?

Tweety-Enjoy your day off.  Enjoy your "Fall".

Joe-I hope J is feeling better tonight and you can get together.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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 Happy Anniversary Ted!

I started a book on my kindle whil waiting at the eye doctor yesterday. I think I'll exercise at the gym and then start reading the book. Gotta find out who done it.

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Hi All! Ted, long time, no read! Happy Anniversary to you and the lovely Amy. How come she doesn't look any older than your wedding pics on Facebook? 

I've been doing a lot of phone calls, leaving messages, and sending faxes about a complicated patient. I feel like I'm chasing my tail.  I stopped by dd's place yesterday to lend her some shoes for a date. We vented to each other about work and made a tentative plan to go see a "nerdy" movie this weekend. There is one about CRISPR gene editing that I want to see. Today it's raining, which seems to bring my mood down, but I like it for sleeping; something that didn't happen much last night. I think my new PT exercises are waking up some dormant muscles. 

NSIME, glad to here your procedure went smoothly. 


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Happy Anniversary Ted and Amy!  Sorry your church has been unable to fill the Choir Director shoes, nice you were willing to step up and help them out in the interim.  Very nice to hear from you and catch up on "the haps."  Hope your house sells and you are able to downsize.

No Stars, I agree: so good to hear your procedure went smoothly!  I hope that helps you have less pain.  Hope Nannie is not demanding and is more content (not picking etc), sometimes. 

nurseJ22, hope your PT exercises are accomplishing what is intended. What movie will you see?

herring, did you read your book?  I have to imagine that you went for a walk today, it was such a nice day.

BC, FROST warnings???  Do you have any plants you need to protect?  Mornings have been nippy here (probably in the 50's, which is cold for us!).

I am relieved it is Friday.  Between patients with positive Exercise Stress Tests, and weird computer issues, it has been a challenging week.  All pts are present and accounted for, though, so that is good.  A colleague's husband had bypass surgery today, hope he is doing OK.  He was not under our care, but had surgery at another facility.  Prayers going out.

Dh caught a cold, has been sniffling all day.  He didn't go to practice tonight.  We had halfway decided to drive to the mountains tomorrow, for a short getaway.  Will see how he feels tomorrow. 

Sometime I want to see the Downton Abbey movie.  Hmmmm, maybe this weekend???

Have a good evening!


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Good Heavens! Here it is, still morning, and I am posting kinda early for me! Hubby and Ozzie and I all woke up about an hour ago, and were creeping around, not wanting to wake up Nannie ... but as we went into the kitchen, guess whose door opened up downstairs? She's kind of like a shadow you can not get away from. OH WELL!

A bit sore on-site at lower back, and faint to moderate aching down the back of my thighs. Lidocaine roll-on works pretty well, and is a lot easier to apply than the capsaicin patches! No pain or hitches in my get-along when walking to the mailbox this AM. The post-procedure paper does say I will continue to get twinges, spasms, pain; mentioned 3rd and fourth day in particular. Apparently the nerves continue in their death throes for a little while. Hope the gypsies become quieter in other areas as well.

My gosh! Last night it was still 83 degrees around 10 PM, and quite humid. Some clouds blew in on a bitty breeze, and we had some slight raining for a while, but not enough to slake the thirst of our cracked dirt, or encourage the grass even a little bit. Nannie has asked about when hubby will mow again. SHE doesn't like to see all the leaves on the so-called lawn, but there is not enough grass tall enough to mow and we'd just have a dust-storm if the riding mower went around grinding up leaves. It still amazes me that fallen leaves show 1/2 inch, more or less,  of burnt black edges, from the relentless sun. I have never seen that before I moved here! The black edges crumble to ashes.

Anyway, this AM it is overcast, windy, and was 64 when we were outside having coffee. I had come in from getting the paper and told hubby that long pants and a hoodie were called for, due to the cool winds. It is supposed to get up to 72 today, no rain in the forecast. Hmmm. We'll see.

I have to hop over to the drugstore and get more Lidocaine roll-on, and a few other items, but nothing urgent. Nothing planned otherwise ... no baseball game today, and thankfully we won last night. Now our team is traveling to St. Louis for the final games, each team has won one game and this series is the best of five games, ie three wins will make the team that wins, get the National League pennant, and go to the World Series. We've has some injuries to REALLY GOOD players, so am not sure how things will pan out. Guess, as they say, "That's life!" (which is a relative of "Oh well!")

Tederewski, Glad to see you've dropped by. We missed you! I think I said Happy Anniversary before you disappeared, but Happ-Ann again. As usual, you are always busy! I'm glad you are out from under the dance recitals! I do wonder how long it will be before you get to retire from church choir duties? Probably not before Christmas, but maybe, just maybe by Easter someone will appear out of nowhere, longing to replace/release you from that obligation.. Let us pray.

Tweety, once when I was in Lantana, Fla. during the end of Feb/beginning of March, some woman down there made the remark to me that she  "LOVED this springtime weather." It made my mouth drop open in disbelief, as it was 90 degrees that day. To ME, that is SUMMERTIME temps! 

Joe, wish I could attend your church's rummage sale. I would also bring my magic wand and 'bing' J's head with a spell for improving, enduring health. 

BCg, getting the garden ready for winter ... ugh! Too soon for me, although I am not particularly fond of summer, either. Also, I don't have a garden! My two favorite seasons are Fall and Spring, but neither of them seem to last for very long any more, before they are engulfed by the other two extremes. Regarding the sitting down, relaxing, and reading ... I read a quote from someone  who said, "Even doing nothing is doing something."  Also, "The older you get, the longer it takes to do nothing." --which should encourage a person not to feel guilty for taking it easier than usual. For instance, I am hiding up in my room this morning, for some peace and quiet, for time and space away from you-know-who, who cannot let the air remain empty of inane and repetitive talk-talk-talk. Had to change the TV channel last night, as the 20/20 show got Nannie mixed up BIG-TIME; she was drunk on her PM meds, and she was wanting to know about the heads found in the barrels, and were the police going to arrive soon to take care of it.  (OY!)

 herring, enjoy your kindle-book and gym time.

dianah, hope your hubby's sniffles dry up quickly and don't seguey into further symptoms. S'funny you mentioned "getting away" ... seems you FREQUENTLY are doing just that, but maybe that's just because I am a tad envious. Maybe soon hubby and I can go out for Chinese food ... and dare I say it, a movie? 

Coming up appts still pepper the calendar...some kind of follow up for me with my PCP; Ozzie's grooming and a Vet visit, both scheduled for AFTAH the next social security checks are deposited. I think hubby has to have a follow up for his eyes (him being diabetic makes it a Medicare requirement) Nannie has to go somewhere to see someone about something, I'm sure! AND we all have hair appts week after this one. I'm going to have my hair cut a little shorter in the back, so it will 'move' instead of 'drag' on my shoulders. Then, once it has had a good, precise cut, I can just let it grow again. What else is there to do around here? Hahahahahaha!

Hope all have a gooooood weekend, without stress tangling things up.



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