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Friday October 25 2019

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Busy day at work but got a lot done, in spite of a town hall meeting

Tablet worked fine for the Geek Squad.  Worked fine last night then began acting up again,  Made some adjustments and it's working fine again.  We'll see if it lasts

Got the OK to work from home full time starting Monday.  Won't have to go into the office except for once a month

Supposed to meet J for dinner, hopefully he's feeling better, was feeling a  bit sick yesterday 

Should be a fairly quiet day at work, wt least I hope so

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Good Morning! It's been a few days. . . . 

Joe - Way cool that you get to work from home full-time! Sounds like a dream-job!! Hope J is feeling better today.

So . . . Life has been a nice and steady busy. Most recently, I crammed-study for my ACLS recertification. Again. It's only about the 10th freakin' time that I've done the ACLS recert-thing during the past 20+ years. However, this was the FIRST time I did it on the AHA's on-line course thingy. Prior to this past week of on-line studying, I've ALWAYS done the ACLS recert-thing in a classroom setting. (Generally, I PREFER learning in a classroom setting!!) But once I got used to the e-learning program, it wasn't as bad of an experience as I played it out to be in my mind. I spent an entire whole day doing the simulation modules, many of which I did over and over again simply to practice. As for the hands-one ACLS test (which I took Wednesday)??? It was a breeze. My dummy LIVED! L O L!

Last week was spent procrastinating doing the ACLS on-line recert-thing. I procrastinate very, very well! (Ugh!) Besides procrastinating, I simply did the "sleep, eat, work thing" during my work nights. On the nights when I wasn't working, Amy and I simply relaxed together and watched our favorite TV shows. (We were hoping to do some hiking, but it rained during our days off from work. So, no hiking for us last week.) What also happened last week?? Oh yes!! Our freakin' "hands-free" garage door busted!! The spring-thing that helps makes the garage door easily go up and down busted. After many, many attempts to OPEN the freakin' broken garage door, we found out that one needs a working spring-thing to be intact. The freakin' garage door just would NOT open, despite breaking our backs attempting to open it! Well, it's fixed and all is well with the world. L O L!

What else happened last week?!? Oh yes!! I remember!! I upgraded my aging yet dependable 2009/2010 Mac Pro computer's operating system! Boy, was THAT a MISTAKE!!! It did NOT like the upgrade! So, I spent an entire day and night down-grading to the previous operating system, which also meant re-installing my many, many audio & video programs. It was a painful process. Oddly enough, since upgrading and downgrading, the computer seems to be running a bit more smoothly.

Today. . . We're cleaning our home so that it can be shown later this afternoon. We put our house back on the market. Again. Hopefully the people who'll be wondering through it will like our home and BUY it!! As shared before, I have mixed feeling about selling our house. I do love it here. It holds many, many memories. But what is MORE important is retiring sooner than later. Selling our home would help save $$$$ to help pay off debts so that we CAN retire sooner than later.

Tomorrow. . . We hope to be hiking on one of the many trails of the Catskill Mountains. The plan is to meet with a co-worker who lives in that area of New York, hike together, then have a nice dinner out on one of our favorite restaurants (in the Catskills). Unfortunately, it's a little past prime-time colored-leaves season this fall. Much of the leaves have fallen due to last weeks wind and rain storms. Still, it should be a lovely hike. The vista that we hope to reach offers outstanding views. Of course, if it rains tomorrow, there'll be no hiking.

Nothing much else to share. . . 

I give my warm "Hello" to you all. . . and hope you all are doing well! 
(Hope to have some photos to share if we go hiking tomorrow.)

Peace! 🙂



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Good afternoon, after rain showers overnight and this morning, the sun has emerged! There is a light breeze blowing and the fall leaves are floating in the air. Some of the trees are a brilliant red-orange, others are yellow, and some a dark maroon. Probably not New England quality, but still quite nice. I drove into town with a list of errands to do quickly to get back for my PT appointment, and realized after my 25 minute drive that I had left my wallet at home. Doggone it. I did not have enough time to come back and then return to finish errands, so will go after PT. I need to buy a new rear fender for one bike, go by a post office to see if they still have my package that dd dropped off there accidentally (should have gone to UPS), and pick up my bikes. And I need to go buy to store to pick up black bean sauce for a recipe I'm going to try. 

Ted, you have had all sorts of aggravations, haven't you? I don't need ACLS any more, but I always sort of enjoyed it. Now I have to do BLS for healthcare, which has an online part, and then an inperson check-off. 

Joe, congrats on being able to work from home. And getting the tablet to operate, at least most of the time.

NSIME, I had a super weird dream last night. I blame the Tylenol I took about 4 am for a headache. 

A 54 cent water bill! How silly. The water and sewer bills are a big issue in my little town's upcoming election. Our July/August bill was more than $400, and they say they have to raise rates. 

Time to leave for my appointment!

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It was a good meeting last evening.

So hot today I've mostly been in the air conditioned room. 

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Good Evening!

Work we went okay.  They were getting three admissions as I was leaving.  How annoying.  One was a direct admit I waited several hours for and he arrived at shift change of course.

One of our new techs came to me at 10AM and said "I'm leaving D said it was okay.  D, the manager,  was off and I just looked at her and she left.  Today is payday.  She also was two hours late on Saturday because it was raining and she claimed her wipers weren't working.  Also one day she left to take her kids to school and came back....without permission.  She also said "I don't do Sundays".  

I see this over and over again in younger workers in our good economy here. Kitchen staff, housekeeping staff and CNAs are the worst.  "I don't feel like working, so  I'll just no call and no show and quit".  Then they have another job in a day.  

Off for four days.

My utility bill includes water, trash, etc. and it about $90 a month and going up.  Ugh......

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With our travels last month I paid a few bills early because we would be gone when I usually pay them, and I guess I miscalculated the city bill.   It worked out.

I came home early, so tired, just couldn't shake it.  Figured I was trying to come down with something.  I bowed out of tonight's program, though dh just left to play with them.  I just want to hydrate, take Vit C and zinc, and rest.  Tomorrow we will do music at a friend's church service (he will play with us).  Will be nice to worship together.  I hope I don't come down with something.

Tweety, sorry you got three admissions at change of shift!!  I know cath lab had to keep one patient there to monitor post-procedure, as there were no beds in-house.  Cath lab isn't really a patient care area.  Hope they were able to transfer pt soon to a better, more appropriate area.

Keeping an eye on the Kincaide fire, in Sonoma County.  Fires are so scary, and have been so devastating lately.  Hope it's out soon.

Have a good evening.

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