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Friday October 18, 2018

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Good Morning!

Joe, hope that work wasn't too busy and that the anxiety and depression ease up.

BC, glad you didn't lose  power. I too was saddened by Rep. Cumming's passing.  He was a good servant to the people.

Herring, enjoy the AIDS walk.  Ours was moved from Sept. to December because of the heat in September.  They combined it with another fundraiser.  I haven't walked in a couple of years but used to volunteer. 

Stars, hope Ozzie did okay at the vets.  I posted on Facebook to Sabby that you wanted her to know about International Sloth Day.  I'll let you know if she responds.

J22, sorry about the busy work day awaiting you.  Ugh.

I turned into somewhat of a foodie over the years. I love eating out and cooking.  I was raised by a housewife and as was typical, boys were not raised to cook and I had to self teach.  Even when I went to college she would freeze some meals for me to bring to the dorm since I didn't get a meal plan.  My ex was raised the same in that he didn't know how to cook but didn't self teach.  He ate out or ate simple meals that could be microwaved.  So I cooked for the two of us and he pretty much was easy to please.  The last 20 or so years I've gotten into vegan cooking and love International foods of all kinds.  I don't know how to bake but love to meal plan and cook.  It's easier to cook for one though.  

Off today.  Going to cook something for dinners.  I have lunches made for the weekend.  Nothing much on the agenda.  It's "wash the sheets Friday" and that's being done.  

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Morning Tweety

Yesterday was better, good pace at work and no anxiety or depression acting up.  Whatever it was that triggered that mood seems to be over, although it has given me plenty to think about

Meeting J for dinner at one of the usual places tonight

Tomorrow will be a little busy, cat has the groomer in the morning but other than that should be a pretty ordinary Sat, lunch with dad too

Weather continues to be dry, varying between about 40 and 60

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Lots to do today. Just ordinary chores.

In August I got an email from a cousin whose father was my grandfather's brother. We have never met. He has taken up genealogy since he retired.

I answered a lot of his questions about my grandfather and father.  He is extremely proud to be 25% Scottish. 

After I emailed him that our grandfather told us his father had gone to Canada from Liverpool and his mother's parents from the Netherlands in 1835 he sent an email titled "I hate to burst your bubble".

His research had discovered that  although her parents sailed from the Netherlands they were actually German. Her father was a German Lutheran, and she was born a German Jew whose conversion to Christianity had caused her family to disown her. They went to Canada and supposedly never reconciled with their families. 

He calls genealogy "A disease that is more enjoyable the sicker her gets."  

I am interested, but not emotionally invested in ancestors I didn't know about. Having a grandma who had no birth record and who was not told the truth I am fine with not knowing about her ancestry. Our grandma really cares. She told us all many times that the first time she saw a blood relative was when our uncle was born. 

Our uncle's oldest child, our very kind, tall, high IQ cousin was not interested in finding his birth mother when he turned 18. Our Grandma couldn't understand why. He said, "I know who my parents are. They are your son Jarvis and my Mother is Evelyn."

So I'm thanking the cousin for his work of a family tree. He traced my grandfather's ancestors as far back as a man with the same surname who is a many time great grandfather who fished for cod in 1589.

Oh well. people are endlessly interesting.

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My mother was very into genealogy, to the point of making trips to Salt Lake City to look at records stored by the LDS church (the Mormons). I am like you though, it is sort of fun to find out one's grandparents or great grandparents, but much more than that does mean much to me. I know from my complexion I am from Northern Europe, and my father had a Finnish last name and my mom's was Smith. My mother always claimed a cousin tore the family tree out of the family bible because she was born 7 months after her parents wed. My father-in-law claimed to have an uncle who was shot as a horse thief. 

Better day today as I have had time to collect my thoughts and organize my work for the next week.  Our department decided to get us new phones, turned off the calling of the old phones, but didn't switch the apps or contacts from the old phones. And it will be up to a week to fix it. So I can call or text a client on the new phone after I get their number from the old phone.  How stupid is that? And it amazes me how many people take Friday off. I am playing phone tag today trying to track down lab results. 

I love the sloth link, Tweety. I like to send sloth videos to my daughter to share with the grand-kids. And I have a t-shirt with a sloth print on it. Many thanks to Sabby!

Stars, your story about Nannie hiding things reminded of another little old lady at my first job, as a LPN in LTC. She was always tucking away sugar packets at meals, saying she would use them later. She had a rather odd shape, partly because of tardive dyskinesia, and wore baggy clothes. An evening aide discovered her stash of aprox. 100 sugar packets in her bra. No wonder she was sort of hunched over and needed baggy clothes.

 I read many wonderful tributes to Representative Cummings, rest in peace. 


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