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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Friday - November 13th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

Today is Friday the 13th! How's THAT for a date?!? Given how the year 2020 is going, it could be a title of the movie! (Wait! It already is! ūüėõ¬†)

Humor. . . It's what helps me survive this mess that we're all experiencing. . . 

Amy had a good visit with the surgeon, Wednesday. He said her foot is healing better than expected, which was good news to hear. He even took out one of the pins from her foot! That day! Without for-warning her! OUCH! It was the (long) pin in her 2nd two. (Ouch!) Amy gave out a loud yelp, needless to day. The surgeon did¬†apologize saying that he often is able to take out these pins without the patient knowing it. Anyway, one pin is out with three remaining. The surgeon gave it to Amy¬†as a¬†memento. ¬†L O L! (I'm chuckling to my self at¬†the¬†surreal-ness of it all. Again! Humor! L O L! ) Back-tracking just a bit, I did take pictures of Amy's foot after the surgeon unwrapped the bandages (per Amy's request, of course). I also took pictures of the X-Rays of her foot. More¬†momen-toes. ( ūüėĄ¬†) According to the surgeon, Amy should be able to put some weight on her foot in a little over a week's time, wearing a special boot. (This is with the remaining pins still¬†in her foot!) This was "interesting" news to hear! After the visit to her surgeon, we treated ourselves out to a delicious take-out dinner (which we ate at home).¬†

Yesterday. . . We video-recorded Amy singing back-up vocals to a song that will be used by a local TV station. It's part of a project that is involving the hospital where Amy works at. (I'm not 100% sure HOW the finished video production will be used, to be honest.) But it's gonna be one of those videos showcasing about a dozen people singing this song, with each part audio & video recorded separately, and where each individual who are singing are placed in their own space within the larger video. (Hopefully I'm making sense!) Apparently, it's a "Thank You" and acknowledgement to the healthcare workers of local hospitals who are dealing with the pandemic. The person who is producing this video is a local TV News personality. Anyway, we audio & video recorded Amy's part of the video, and sent a copy of our video to the producers. We're looking forward to seeing the finished production! If possible, I'll attempt to share it.

Today. . . Well, tonight. . . begins the 1st of working 3 nights in a row. Hopefully work will be "Q".

Covid-19 is showing its ugly head around these parts, unfortunately. It's not a "hot" as other parts of the country. But, apparently, two employees of MY hospital tested positive for the virus. (DAMN!) As I've shared here in earlier posts, employees tested positive for two area hospitals in New York, including the one where Amy works at. Only time will tell if we see the numbers of really sick people that we were seeing earlier this year.

(I am really pissed to how this whole pandemic was managed by OUR "Federal Government". I'm really, really pissed. The virus is spreading again. People continue to die. Our PPE supplies are down. This whole pandemic was POORLY managed from "The Top". )

(Humor. . . Where's that humor. . . )

Anyway. . . We can only do what's best, and focus on what we CAN do. I hope all keep safe!

It's now 6:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. It's Friday the 13th. . . 

Peace. ūüôā


Edited to Add: Amy just informed me that Pittsfield, MA is now considered a "Red Zone" with the number of cases of Covid-19 that's recently flared up in that small city. We do our shopping in Pittsfield. The "sister" hospital to my hospital is in Pittsfield. Not good. ūüėě

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Morning Ted, glad Amy is recovering well

Covid continues to grow here, might be looking at another, more narrow, stay at home order.  Thankfully I wasn't going out much even before this, and can attend church via Zoom

Woke up early, fell back to sleep and had a dream I got bad test results from the doctor, which woke me up again, thankfully not too early.  Odd, I hardly ever have nightmares

Talked briefly to dad, he spoke with the case manger at the hospital and was told follow up with a neurologist is optional.  When I see him I'm going to encourage him to follow up, at least to see how long they want him to maintain elevated BP and what treatment options may be for the stenosis they found in his vertebral artery.  Given his age I think surgery is probably not advisable.  Hopefully he can manage it with meds and can gradually reduce his BP to a normal level

Had bell choir practice yesterday, we're definitely getting better.  Once the bells are repaired we'll sound better still.  I think we should be ready by Christmas to do some of the pieces we've been practicing

Ran errands yesterday, stopped at the bank, the bakery, and the grocery store

Today should be fairly quiet, going to stay home, exercise, and watch Yes Prime Minister

Think temps should remain in the 40s for the next week or so

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Good morning!

Ted, glad Amy is healing well.  Healthcare workers getting covid is not only sad for them but a big strain on already stropped hospitals.  We recently lost five nurses on one floor (including the their managers) and they had to do contract tracing and quarantine many patients they were in contact with and it was a nightmare to staff the floor with five RNs out.   

Joe, glad your father seems to be doing well.  I would think with some unanswered questions a follow-up might be advisable.

Herring, sorry that after all those decades Thanksgiving won't be at your sister-in-laws, but glad you ended on good terms.  My parents have come down to see me in Florida many many years and we're not risking it this year.  It's the way it is.

Stars, wonder if that loud noise was a transformer blowing?  Anyone loose power in your neighborhood?  A car crash?  Things that make you go hmmm...

J22 hope the Thanksgiving plans go through for you.  Experts and people are really worried about it this year because, at least here, it seems small groups are passing it around the most.  People don't care though, I heard the airline industry has picked up as people are still traveling.  

Amo, hope things work out with your C19 test and the other logistics.  

I got my covid test during the down time and got my results from LabCorb in 24 hours.  But during the surge I think it's taking them longer.  I hope my mutual funds are investing in LabCore stock.

Florida added another 5600 covid cases.  Nothing to see here.

Tropical Storm Eta hit 90 miles north of here, but sure caused a lot of havoc here, especially in the form of flooding.  Storm surges from Tampa Bay and they heavy rain caused some serious problems in areas near the water or in low lying areas.  One of my coworkers whole house flooded with an inch of water and other's garage flooded but house was spared.  It's all receded now and the clean up is started.  I live close to the water myself but it didn't flood here and I had power thankfully.  Lots of people lost power.   I drove home from work in torrential rains and heavy winds but had the interstate to myself by that time.  I can drive in heavy rain as we often have torrential summer storms in the summer and it doesn't bother me even on the interstate, but was glad that people stayed home and off the streets.

Best friend over at the beach lives on the 2nd floor so fared well and kept power.  The bay waters did overflow and may have flood first floor condos.  

Work yesterday was a steady long day and I left late.  My staycation starts today and I slept in.  No real plans as covid canceled any travel ideas I was having.  I really wanted to head out to Dianah's way and visit Palm Springs and hike around.  Probably would have been okay but California's restrictions are worse than Floridas for restaurants and museums and getting on a plane isn't a good idea right now.  

Will get my 2nd shingles shot out of the way today.  Got tired and achy the last one but need to follow through.   Next up hopefully will be a covid vaccine.  The governor's first priority is going to be Covid health care providers.  That wouldn't necessarily be me, although our new owners said we all have to float to covid now.  But anyway, really hope a vaccine is available soon before America's ignorance kills her.




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Working from home today.  We're back to typical November weather-rainy and in the 40s. I hope it's dry tomorrow.  The trees have projectile vomited leaves all over my yard and deck, and I'd like to get those cleaned up.  Not much else going on.  Covid cases are spiking here, as they are elsewhere. I'm staying home as much as possible.  I wouldn't be surprised if we get further restrictions.  Lots of people are whining about the restrictions.  I have no patience for them.

Ted-Glad Amy is healing well.  Do you get tested regularly at work?

Joe-I hope your dad's stenosis can be managed medically.

Tweety-I'm happy you didn't lose power or suffer any damage from the storm.

Back to work.  Stay safe, everyone!

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So glad Amy is healing well.

Hope Joe's Dad continues to improve.

Just now out the window a guy carrying a red bucket stopped as the lady down the street came the other way with her two dogs in leashes. Both stopped walking to put on a mask. The guy put on blue gloves and petted the dogs foe several minutes.¬† Then the passed each other and continued walking. Exciting entertainment?¬†ūüėĀ

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Good morning. Our weather is similar to BC's. Wet and windy in the 40s. The street sweepers are valiantly trying to keep the drains clear of wet leaves. Local flooding is predicted. 

Joe, I used to work with an interventional cardiologist who stented carotid arteries, but that was usually only done if the stenosis was like 90%. But that was 7 or 8 years ago and I am sure treatments have changed. 

Such good news for Amy and bumfooty. Have a good shift, Ted. 

Glad to see you avoid adverse effects from Eta, Tweety. I too, have the travel bug, but there is no place to go and nothing to do when you get there.

The governor hinted last night that more restrictions may come on Monday. Case numbers continue to climb and I understand there are outbreaks in hospitals in the Seattle area, and a small one in our local cath lab. The health department issued an advisory last night and Facebook people are whining about "just let people live their lives." I hope they don't get a reality check like Montana, North Dakota and and El Paso. Perhaps when the mobile morgues roll in. 

I did some of my PT stretches last night and this morning. I hope amo and stars are doing theirs as well. 

Herring, you were very kind to your SIL. Hopefully next year there will a joyous holiday for all. 

Peace and health


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For the record, today is Sadie Hawkins Day.

Have to make some crock pot something. I have defrosted chicken for the paprikash - use it or lose it. But NSIME's comment about potato soup makes me want some of my potato-corn chowder. Have all the ingredients. And with the chillier weather it sounds inviting.

Just had my bloodwork this morning. Took 4 sticks - I'm usually not that tough!!. I was just 'stingy' altho I was drinking water during the nite.

j22 - Am doing much better exercising today. Hope NSIME is too.

Got results from C19 test - negative. My biggest fear was loss or mishandling of the specimen. Now I have a phone call out to the Hosp covid center to touch base for further details.

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