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Friday November 22, 2019

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Good morning!

Census actually has picked up some at work and we were busy.  Should do some discharges today with only a couple of surgeries scheduled to come in.  I managed to be a "free charge" and not have to take patients and got out at a decent time.  Due to some insomnia issues I fell fast asleep with the slights on and book on my chest.  

Meeting the parents tomorrow.  They should be arriving today and are staying in Tampa to be near the grandchild and great grands.  We're meeting at my nieces new 1.6 million dollar lake front property.  Not sure how they managed and I hope they aren't over their heads.  They paid over market value as luxury is doing well around these parts while us middle class and poor people have no where affordable to live.....but that's not a rant for this thread.  They are coming this way for Thanksgiving.  Will be good to see them.  They are 86 and 83 years old now.  Hard to imagine.

Working today and off tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great day.  

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Morning Tweety

Anxiety about the job changes caught up with me yesterday morning, thankfully some Xanax calmed the palpitations and I was fine the rest of the day

Went to the aboretum and walked around.  Got some Christmas cards, ornaments for gifts, and a pillow with cardinals that caught my eye

Ran a few errands and exercised and took it easy the rest of the day

Busy day at work, busier now that I have to change the way I work to meet the new standards.  Glad it's Friday

Weather will be in the 30s and 40s, looks like the rain is over for now

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Good early afternoon (12:10 PM)

Overcast, warm in the upper 60's, VERY windy. The yard is full of leaves, which you-know-who would like to have cleared. I told her that if the wind stays the way it is, since it is blowing SW to NE, all the leaves will be blown right back into the woods. Nature's way, not Nannie's way. Hubby told her it would be pointless to try to clean up the lawn until the wind and predicted rain for tomorrow have passed by. She scowled. // TB-SS = too bad, so sad. {not}  

Hubby is finally on his way to his PCP after waiting 2 weeks about his cough. We haven't heard yet about whether the sedan has it's heat restored. Good thing, because we'd have to get Nannie ready to go, too, as she is not allowed to be Home Alone. 🙀 <emoji with 'oh-m-gosh!' hands on cheeks! If it is ready later, we may have to load her into the van, then go drop hubby off to pick it up at repair shop. Or if we are lucky, we can round up someone to either sit w/ her or a neighbor can drive hubby over there to pick up the car. Whatever, it will work out.

When I came down to the den this morning, you woulda thought it was a morgue...3 bodies with eyes closed, all v-e-r-y still. Hubby, Nannie, and Ozzie were ALL taking their late morning nap. I feel kinda groggy myself, but what made me get up was right shoulder pain and left knee ache and right lower back aching. Once I got moving and my meds kicked in, things had improved somewhat.

Yeh, so when I got up, I glanced in the mirror and thought "Dorah the Explorah"... (Bhawstin axsint) ...except that my hair is not quite as short as hers. Phew!

Oh gawd, Nannie is trying to wake up, rubbing her knuckles, scratching her head, frowning, her tiny-voice whisper-gurgling some unidentifiable words, to which I did not respond... Shoot, if SHE wakes up, I may suddenly slide into a "nap" myself!!! [Kaw-pew, kaw-pew, kaw-pew. 💤]  Oh crap, she's getting up from her recliner. I gotta help her get dressed, so it won't take her 50 minutes.

This afternoon, I am going to make hubby call our options for Nannie-sitters, so we can figure which day(s) we can escape.

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Hi. It's clean the house and do laundry day. The furniture repair fellow came and replaced the release mechanisms on both ends of our couch. Only took 10 weeks! One side had been broken for a while, and just about the time I had need to sleep in the other side, it broke too! It took 2 phone messages and 2 weeks to reach the service department. Then a week for the fellow to come and look, and then 6 weeks for parts. Sheesh! But it sure feels nice. And I'm tired after several trips up and down the stairs with laundry, among other things. Going to watch an episode of the Crown and put my feet up! Sunny and cool day again; it may rain tomorrow night.

I had the most horrible dream early this morning, after I finally got to sleep. I was at a doctor's office, and the staff person said she had to teach me how to do a complicated dressing on my infected wound. She left me in a large room where many other staff were complaining about how they were treated. I got really mad and was yelling at them about what horrible people they were. And then I woke up breathing hard. Gosh, I hope I get restful sleep tonight. 



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Steady-busy at work, got off on time.  Patients did well, though three may end up in the cath lab, after their results are studied. 

I am tired, tired, tired!  Have lazed around after dinner; cats on my lap.  Just feel really drained.  Glad it's Friday.

Speaking of cats, I recently read about an MD who completely revised the concept of a waiting room and the running of a family practice:


Tomorrow we will help with music at the usual place.  Practice for Sunday was cancelled, our friend P is sick.  Fiddler is still sick but slowly improves.  So Sunday is free of any musical appointments.

We made reservations to attend one of six Currier and Ives Christmas programs, presented by the people who run the apple ranch.  Apparently (as we were told), we will get a meal and a program of Christmas Caroling, (some of which we will join in), all with a Currier and Ives theme.  I hear these reservations fill up fast (three of the six nights were already sold out).  Last year dh and I attended a local Nutcracker performance; this year it's Currier and Ives!

To that end, (y'all know I love dressing dapper!) I have ordered supplies to create a period costume: long skirt, cape, petticoat, ruffly blouse, bonnet.  I have gloves I can wear.  I plan on adding ribbons and a few other decorations to the bonnet (a plain felt bonnet), cape, and the skirt.  Then I can go to the Currier and Ives program dressed "appropriately!"  Dh will look OK in his usual dapper style (the top hat is a must!).  Anyway, perhaps this weekend will be a good time to do the costume adjustments. 

We are expecting rain for Thanksgiving and for a few days after.  Hope ds and dil's flight is safe.  

Have a good evening!


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