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Friday May 21, 2021

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Good Morning!

Stars, sorry that the phone issue is causing problems.  Really setting up a smart phone isn't rocket science but you got to remember those passwords.  LOL.  Maybe you go on your computer and just change your password, so that when you go to your phone you can use the new password that you select (and write down somewhere).   I have so many different passwords now I can't remember and an re-setting them often.  Time was I had one password for everything.  

Yes, my birthday was Wednesday.  Just another day.  62 years old and SSI is an option now.  w00t. I'm tempted to take it, foreclose on my house and live in a room somewhere but I want to travel.  

Hope everyone has a great day.



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Morning Tweety.  I don't make a big deal out of my birthday either

NJ22 hope work is less tiring today

Stars technology is a major challenge, and often it is a password issue.  Have a bunch of notes with various passwords, it's hard to keep track

Work was good yesterday, decided to work straight through the morning with limited breaks and got a lot done.  The afternoon was easier.  Today should be a bit easier as a result

Ran by the grocery store and pharmacy after, work, exercised, and had the church vestry meeting.  Most of the discussion was about renovations to the rectory, wasn't able to contribute much as I don't know much about home improvement

Today after work will stop by the laundromat and exercise.  Keep hoping every week that we get our washing machines and dryers back, know the condo board is looking for a new vendor

Weather has been warm, in the 80s, had the air conditioning on yesterday evening.  Will be warm again today, will be up to 90 tomorrow



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Passwords! Bah, humbug. I just counted my list for work alone: 14 different log-ons, each with their own requirements and intervals to change and update. And yes, it is not unusual to go through a period of needing to update, then forget  the new password and then have to reset multiple times in one week, 😂. I have a sort of a system/pattern I use, and when I update, the "special character" will just change to the next one on the keyboard. 

TGIF, it's Friday! Ugh, having to work 5 days in a row when 3 is my usual is tedious. I am not used to sitting at a desk so much. But due to trading, I will have 12 days off in a row, starting tomorrow.  I met the new dog sitter last night, and I think Angus was ready to move in! She took time to rub his neck and whisper sweet nothings to him. At one point he looked over his shoulder at me as if to say "you may go, I have all I need here."

The weather is still coolish, but should warm up this weekend. At least the lawn isn't growing as fast. But the cottonwoods are releasing their fluff, and it looks like it is snowing at times. Thanks, pollen. No plans for the weekend, except a facial tomorrow, and hopefully get out on my bike to try out the new adjustments, w00t!




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Good Afternoon!

Birthdays! Yuck!!! 😛

Work. . . It was a nice-busy, last night. Steady, productive, and people getting better. Well. . . . hopefully (getting better). (We'll see. . . )

Now?!?!? It's . . . (drum roll, please. . . . ) . . . get the puppy time!!! Well, we actually pick up the puppy tomorrow morning. But, we leave for somewhere in Connecticut in about 30 minutes!! These past couple of days, Amy and I (well, mostly Amy) have been puppy-izing the house. Setting up strategically placed barriers (especially for our stairs), setting up the crate, setting up the washable towels and blankets, etc., etc. Our home has turned into a "Training Puppy Palace"!! Our yard, too! Strategically placed (solar-powered) out-door lights for those 3:00 AM potty-training times! (Ugh!) LOL! I'm off from work for 7 days, solely to spend time with the puppy, and (potty) training our new canine-family-member. Amy is taking TWO weeks off from work! (Well, as a per-diem OR Nurse, she's not scheduling herself to work for two-plus weeks.)  The bottom line is this: These next couple of weeks will be all about training, and playing with, The Puppy!!! 😄 😍 Her name??? Sedona! Yep we settled on "Sedona"! And, it's a "her". And, she's an "apricot-colored" cutie!! 

And yes! I'll be taking LOTS of photos and videos!!  LOL!

In many ways, it's a beautiful day outside today! 

Well. . . gotta do the "Three S's". . . then away we go!!

Peace, folks! 🙂



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Yep, been on line, on hubby's phone, and trying to deal with my new phone which will NOT accept ANY changes because they say whatever I enter doesn't match 'the' password. We may be able to get on the phone with a tech either this evening or tomorrow (who doesn't heavily sigh, over and over again, like one of the ones we spoke to yesterday.) And asking for "Patricia in Wisconsin" gets us nowhere. SHE was the really GOOD one we spoke with and who helped us so patiently,  but who hubby cut off by accident.

I have nothing to add that isn't grinding my gears over this phone thing.....But I DO want to say HAPPY BELATED (but un-celebrated by him) BIRTHDAY TO TWEETY!!!!  w00t!

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Hello all!

No Stars, hang in there.  It WILL get sorted out and things WILL get better.  I hope you get someone who can make it happen.

Ted, so excited for you to pick up Sedona, and to cuddle that sweetie!!  Sounds like you are house- and heart-ready for her!

nurseJ22, can just imagine that look on Angus' face, enjoying the attentions of the new dog sitter!  Hope you have a nice weekend off.

Joe, sad you still have to use the laundromat.  Hope your condo board soon FINALLY finds a vendor!! 

Happy Birthday (again!), Tweety! 

So glad it's Friday!  Not much going on this weekend, except shopping on Sunday with oldest ds. 

At work 'they' have been consolidating the areas we use our PINs and passwords for -- trying to make it an all-in-one identification process.  All areas identified via the chip in our card, and ONE password.  I must say, I appreciate that!  As dh commented some years ago, it's hardly secure to have all those requirements, but then have all six million of your passwords written on a little piece of paper in your desk!  Kinda defeats the purpose...

Have a good evening!

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