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Friday May 7, 2021

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Good morning!

Dianah, so glad you had a decent time at Disney.  Disney here has been open since last summer and started with similar precautions.  They've opened up more and are continuing to have precautions despite the restrictions being lifted.  Businesses are voluntarily continuing precautions on their own now instead of having mandates.  

It's interesting to note that in California there were almost 2200 covid cases and here in Florida there were 4500.  Florida has 15 million less in population.  So there's no arguing they handled the last surge better.  But tell that to the recall folks in California.   However the unemployment rate is under 4..8% here and over 8% there.  

Anyway, life goes on.  I started with "only" 5:1 ratio and that went better than six.  Something about 6:1 destroys me.  Didn't get any admissions yesterday and that made the day 100% better than I've had lately.  

Work today and off the weekend.  Have a great day.

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Tweety glad your ratio was better.   Not having the admissions must've helped

Dianah glad you had a good time at Disneyland.  The new shoes must've been a relief

Hi Stars

Yesterday was odd, fairly quiet at work but felt off for much of the day, with anxiety flaring up for no apparent reason.  Was better by the evening, though this morning the anxiety has periodically flared.

Maybe that's why I woke up unusually early.  Decided to get up and read a bit, and felt better once I went back to bed, might've even slept a bit before the alarm

After work yesterday was fairly quiet, had an online meeting with one of the potlical groups.  Did some vaccuming, hope a replacement part arrives soon as the vacuum is in need of repair and dont' want to replace it yet

Today should be another quiet day at work, at least I hope.  And after work should be quiet.  Might run to the laundromat before exercise

In the 50s for the next few days, might get frost tonight




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Good morning. I am feeling very low this morning. I made several phone calls yesterday trying to find out how much an echocardiogram is going to cost and still can't get an answer. The insurance company quotes 1 thing with lots of ifs, and or buts, and the provider quoted a figure that was more than 10 times what the insurance company said. I sent a note to the MD to see if I can defer it until I see him in the office.

Our case rates remain high and now cases are refusing to cooperate with contact investigations. Most of the people testing are either travelers or getting it pre-procedure, so I don't think a positivity rate of 4.7% tells the whole story. 

Youngest ds and I got pedis yesterday and there were 2 annoying women talking loudly with all kinds of misinformation about you know what and vaccines. And then I see former co-workers on Facebook talking about how exhausted they are. D'oh.

Dd is on a local school board and got invited to be interviewed by a, shall we say, rather skewed media outlet. She wanted to do it, but the superintendent put the kibosh on that. She is rather witty and I think would do a good job, but perhaps its best. 

Tweety, I am glad you had a decent shift. 6:1 on  a surgical just seems nuts to me. 

Joe, I am sorry to hear about your anxiety flares. I have been having those myself, but I seem to get out of them quicker than last year. Still, they are quite uncomfortable. 

Dianah, Disneyland is no place for uncomfortable shoes! I am glad you were able to find something. What sort of mask does your dh wear? My hubby and ds have beards and struggle to find comfortable masks. 

Hi Stars, Amo, Ted, and BCg. Hope everyone has a good day. 

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I'm still working from home.  I had a bit of a setback earlier this week.  I developed a seroma at my incision site, so now I'm dragging a JP drain around with me.  I hope it can come out at my follow up next week.  I'm supposed to go back to the office on Tuesday.  I kind of like being at home, lol. 

Covid cases are dropping here.  We're below 1000 new cases a day.  I have just had it with the covid deniers, anti-vaxxers, etc.  They are the ones who will prevent us from getting back to normal.  I really don't care at this point if they all get sick, but it makes me crazy that they don't care about infecting others.   My crazy conspiracy theorist BIL to be finally admitted he had Covid this past winter.  He said it was awful and felt that his lungs were on fire.  But, he and his family still refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks.  Fiance told him that they cannot come to our wedding in August if they are not vaccinated.  I won't miss them.  My other BIL with esophageal cancer is doing better.  Radiation has shrunk the tumor and he can now swallow liquids.  His doctors are cautiously optimistic.

Tweety-Glad you only had 5 patients yesterday.  Hope today goes smoothly too.

J22-Sorry to hear about the echo and it's potential cost.  That's ridiculous that you can't get a straight answer.

Joe-I hope the anxiety goes away.

Wishing everyone a good day.

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1 hour ago, nursej22 said:

What sort of mask does your dh wear? My hubby and ds have beards and struggle to find comfortable masks. 


He wore a regular surgical mask, with the side gathers opened up (it looks ripped at the sides).  That way he felt he could breathe (he has asthma).  He had another fabric mask he wore, with adjustable ear loop straps.  He removed the "adjustable" part and with the looser ear straps, it was more tolerable for him. 

So sorry you are getting the runaround about your echocardiogram cost.  It seems that is the norm, though: those performing hike up the cost, to get as much out of the insurance as possible.  Though Medicare and insurances have a ceiling on what they will pay.  Or, rather, they have a set amount they will pay for such-and-such.   It should be clearer, so we who are receiving the service, know what to expect.  Sometimes I long for a different system (though any other system is fraught with its own issues).  Hope at your MD appointment you can decide on a good plan.

BCGrad, good your BIL has responded to rad tx, and he can now swallow.  Sad to hear about the setback, hopefully you will not have the JP with you for long.  Re: your BIL to be:  THIS: "I really don't care at this point if they all get sick, but it makes me crazy that they don't care about infecting others."  I so agree.  As long as YOUR "rights" don't impose on others' safety/health!

Hello Tweety and Joe!  Joe, hope you can get your vacuum repaired.  Our only area vacuum repairman closed his business many years ago.  Now, I guess, we rely on Youtube instructional videos!

Got to sleep in, which was nice.  I soaked my feet in Epsom salts and tea tree oil last night, felt good.  Will just have to wait till the blisters dry up.  I guess the moral is, never wear new shoes (no matter how comfortable they are!) for prolonged walking!  Now, the new shoes I bought there, the Vans, were quite comfortable and padded - which the flats I was wearing were NOT.  Anyway, this too shall pass.  All told, it was good to be there, and it was neither too hot nor too cold: 75 degrees with a breeze, which was perfect for dapper dressing. 

Haven't heard from youngest ds and dil yet today.  I assume they are sleeping in, for they had a D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) session planned last night, which likely went far into the night.  We will, at least, see them for lunch tomorrow, and a dinner on Sunday.

It is so nice to have a couple days off work.  Hope you have a good day!

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Hiya to one and all ---

Soooo. I could've started this thread at 3 AM, 3:30 AM, 4:15 AM, 5 AM, and 6 AM. What a night!

We had thunderstorms ... which were NOT predicted --- about 5 or 6 of them at intervals, rolling through with vigor... which disturbs my poor lil dog. I had to turn the ceiling fan on high to mute the thunder sounds, and turn on both the bedside light and the ceiling light to 'mute' the frequent lightning flashes, so the dog would not fuss and pant and pace and bark. I hid my eyes with a small baby pillow, but couldn't drop off to sleep. I took an extra Xanax 0.5 at 3:30 AM but it didn't do any good.I FINALLY fell asleep around 6:30 AM ... or that's the last time I looked at the clock, anyway. Now I feel a tad, shall we say RUGGED, to say the least!

These three days were predicted to be sunny and pleasant  (and NO rain)... but it is chilly and breezy. The sun IS out, sort of, at this moment, but there are heavy dark clouds also. Harumph!

Last night I was able to get the ballgame on YouTube TV, so Nannie and I sat and watched the laptop screen and saw the last hour of the game (Braves won, 5-2 or 5-3) Nannie was just thrilled to pieces to get to see part of the ballgame. I had set it up on her rollator-walker seat and we had our chairs pulled up together because it's not a huge screen! We ate pizza while we watched. I told hubby it was a good thing he decided not to make spaghetti and meat-sauce, as that would've made eating and viewing fraught with tomato stains. Anyway, we get to see the game tonight on the large TV, on a channel that is NOT being blacked out.

I am not planning to do anything today except recuperate from lack of sleep.

My best to all; good health, disappearing J-tube drains, and anything else needed!

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1 hour ago, No Stars In My Eyes said:

A SHOUT OUT TO herring!

Love and miss you!

YES!!!!  Hallooooooooooooooooooooooo there!!!

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This Braves game has been so dreadful ... I have been doing crossword puzzles, and have completed 7 & 1/2 of them so far! It keeps me from feeling like the game is a waste of time and my attention. It is the bottom of the eighth inning, the Braves are up at bat....yeh, okay,we WERE up at bat with no-one on base, 2 outs,  and suddenly we are on to the ninth inning. I'll spare you the suspense -----The score is Phillies 12  and Braves 2. How humiliatin'!

Doubt the Braves can pull a rabbit out of the hat at this point in the game!

OH well.

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