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Friday May 10 2019

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Good Morning!

NSIME, glad to hear that the Prednisone pack is working for you and that despite it's past failures you were open to the idea again.  All the best.

Joe, good luck in the job search.

Today we're having a massive discharge exodus.  We have a new position the past few weeks of a "discharge/admit" nurse and hopefully she/he can come to our unit and help with some of that should it get rough.  I'm talking over ten discharges.  We're also getting several admissions.  Promises to be a busy day.

One of our night nurses is quitting.  Went through four months of new grad training and lasting a couple of months on the floor and put in her notice, citing nights is too hard and her commute is too far.  She called in sick yesterday but then changed her mind and just showed up.  I have to question the professionalism of someone that knows what her commute is when hired and allows and organization to spend thousands in training and orientation and then quits and then calls in sick during her notice then just walks in saying she's changed her mind after staffing was juggled around to have to replace her.  

I understand it's every nurse for themselves, that they have to look out for themselves, but I also believe in some semblance of professionalism and maturity.  Maybe that's just asking too much.  

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Come to think, our place didn't do anything for Nurses Week, at least that I've heard of.  Might have sent out an email

Yesterday was productive at work.  Although the afternoon was marked with fatigue, then irritability, then an eating binge.  Not sure why.  Perhaps the stress of today's interview?

Did apply for 3 more positions online yesterday.  Frustrating to navigate those web sites.  Have another one I'll apply for today

Only working a half day so I have time for my interview.  As long as the salary is OK it should be a good position, and if so I hope I'm offered it

J has been having bad allergies since yesterday, not sure if he'll be up to going out tonight.  Mine have been slightly worse although vastly better than last year for some reason

Cool and cloudy today, though supposedly no rain.  Will start being warmer again by Tues

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Hello all.

Working this weekend. Hope I have decent patients.

My facility is supposed to transition to patient specific units, based on patient diagnosis.

And nurses, are supposed to be assigned to specific doctors. My NM asked each one of us, which MD we wanted to work with.

I chose the MD who mainly takes in Ortho patients; hips, knees, that sort of thing.

His patients also seem the most sane.

We will see.

Good luck with interview, Joe.

Enjoy those days off, Tweety. I know you will!!!!

Safe travels to all.

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Good morning-

It's a gloomy day here today, but supposed to be nicer tomorrow.  I'd like to do a little yard work, but it's going to get cold again next week so it's too soon to plant much of anything.  I have my hummingbird feeder up, but haven't had any visitors.  

Work has been relatively sane so far today.  Fridays are usually crazy.  I'm done at 3, which makes me happy, and off the weekend. I will go see my mother on Sunday for Mother's Day.

Joe-Good luck on the interview.  I hope it's a good position and it's offered to you.

Nel-Sorry to hear you might need surgery.  I would imagine it would impact what yo can do.

Hope all are doing well today.

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Good morning all.

We might get a patient today.  It is complicated.  

Spent some time yesterday at my mother-in-law's home setting up her alarm system my 2nd son decided to purchase for her.  You know, a nicer version of "I've fallen and I can't get up".  She is doing pretty well with the new med and her tremors are less (a sure diagnosis of Parkinsons when the meds work).  I called about her PT and they hadn't received anything from the doc, so I called the doctor's office and . . . pushed a little bit.  It has been 3 weeks!

My youngest turns 18 this July.  Has one more year of high school (I'm a big proponent of letting boys or girls start K-garten later) and he's been talking about getting a tattoo for over a year.  His sister is all tatted up and she is offering to pay for his first tattoo.  He wants the Destroyer Escort his grandfather served on during WWII.  It will be across his ribcage.  

We've had nice weather, not too hot, high 70's and sunny.  I'm watering my grass.  I need to get flowers for the wine barrels and flower beds.  And tomatoes for my raised garden. 

My best friend is calling . . . 

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Hello! I just heard a contestant on "Let's Make A Deal" play an old song on his banjo that I'd forgotten about. 


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Afternoon, late.  "The Silent Treatment ... Again!"

Nannie is p.o'd and sitting with her mouth pinched and she is very INTENSELY reading a paperback romance novel (aka as 'the NICE kind').

Problem happened thus:

She said she wasn't going to go outside to walk because it was too wet from all the rain...

About 2 or 3 minutes later, she took her walker and went out the back door.

Hubby, sitting outside says, "I thought you weren't going to walk today?"


She whipped that walker around and came banging back through the door muttering ... quite audibly (!) ... "I'm TIRED of people telling me what I can and can't do!!!!" 

Such DRAMA!!!

May be back by here later on...

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