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Friday March 5, 2021

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Good Morning!

Got a scare yesterday when I got a call from my vet that a neighbor found my girl dog Waffles wondering around the neighborhood on a well traveled street.  She took her in and kept her until best friend was able to get her.  Good thing I had my phone with me.  So lucky and thankful.  She's has very poor vision.  I'd left the back door open the day prior.  These dogs will be the death of me.  All is well but I think she was traumatized by it all and isn't eating.  Got her to eat some treats last night but she skipped breakfast.

Work was steady busy.  I discharged three and got two ER admits.

Guess they aren't drug screening me about the missing hydrocodone.  I got a form asking me to explain what happened to the missing narc.  I told the manager they weren't going to like my answer but there wasn't any explanation and they should have drugged screened me.  She agreed on both counts.  I had to do an incident report as well.  But so far I'm not officially written up or facing any discipline.  I told the manager, I obviously made some sort of mistake and won't cover that up.  

Meeting best friend for lunch.  He's looking at an apartment downtown in one of those transitional care communities and getting his second covid vaccine.  

Another 6,000 cases here yesterday but as more people get vaccinated people are starting to feel better.  Pharmacies and one of the major grocery store chains are now giving the vaccine.  Demand remains high.   We are definitely seeing a drop in covid cases in our nursing homes.

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Tweety glad your dog is OK and that the missing dose didn't prove a big deal

Happy birthday Amo

NJ22 glad things are quiet at work

Hi Amo and Ted

Work was better yesterday than the day before, the afternoon was fairly quiet.  

After work did my usual routine of going to the bank, the bakery, the grocery store, and the library.  Later had bell choir practice, we're going to perform again in 3 weeks and then again at Easter

Having plumbing work done in the condo, turns out they'll need to get into my unti to do some of the work.  They'll be in today to remove part of the ceiling above the shower to access some pipes.  Will have to find a way to work around it, and future work they'll do.  Thankfully so far water will only have to be shut off for a few hours on Mon

After work should just have the usual exercise and cross stitch.  Will be nice to have a weekend where I have nothing out of the ordinary going on

Was cooler yesterday but should be back up in the 40s by today and might get up to the 50s by Sunday

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Happy Birthday amoLucia!!

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Good morning. Yesterday I came to work without a coat and when I left it was raining. So did I learn a lesson? Nope, I came without a coat, again. Fingers crossed the overcast sky doesn't start to drip. We had takeout pizza last night for dinner. Well, I had a salad, dh and ds had pizza. And tonight dh wants Olive Garden. He must be tired of my cooking, lol. That's okay, I'm tired of my cooking, too. 

We have some interesting cases in the office this week. A few referrals that turned out not to be TB, but some other, rarer infections. And the office is grumbling because even though many of us are fully immunized, if we travel out of state, we are supposed to quarantine for 14 days. This is on top of being limited to 5 days of vacation per month for the foreseeable future. And not all of us can work remotely. My very nice co-worker wants to visit her mother with Alzheimers in another state, and is pretty annoyed. Hopefully, a better solution can be found. We all have private offices and wear masks except to talk on the phone, so it seems silly. 

Tweety, I am glad that Waffles is safe. Hopefully now that she is home, the trauma will ease. 

Hi Joe, that is good you won't be without water for too long. 

Hullo everyone else. TGIF. 

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Oh, is it Friday? The days do all run together, it seems to me.

So today there is GOOOOOD news:

Tah-dee-dah-DEEEEE! I fit into my size 16 jeans!!! I saved 4 or 5 new pairs that I last wore, when? I can't remember but it seems like it has been,  well, many years ago. I didn't weigh myself today, but if I lose 10 more lbs, I will weigh what I last weighed in November 1994, and will have to go out to purchase some size 14's. But I am happy that I don't have to go shopping for jeans right now. I don't even know if stores let you try on clothes yet; last time I wanted to try on some pants the dressing rooms were off limits d/t covid. But what's good is I generally hate shopping for, and I do NOT enjoy, trying on a lot of different clothes. Since I saved these jeans after I bought them (and promptly grew out of them), I don't have to spend $$$ I don't have. I like THAT part a whole lot, too!

Tweety, I was turned in to the State Board of Nursing because I lost 1/2 cc of Ativan gel and didn't have a clue how, when or where. Many extenuating circumstances that might have explained why that happened were brushed aside by the DON. She proclaimed me DANGEROUS to the facility! They waited two days to fire me, so I did not get a chance to do a drug screening to prove I was not "using" it.  Seemed kind of extreme to me, but that's all water under the bridge now.///  WHEW! So glad your neighbor recognized your dog and got her back to you! Scary! Poor Waffles; I hope she quickly calms down and recuperates from her unexpected journey.

>This is terrible 🙄😧 to say, but I will say it anyway, because I think it is somewhat humorous > We let Nannie out the back door every day, but she always comes back on her own. 

Joe, Sorry you have to have your living-quarters discombobulated by plumbing work. Good it's getting done, I guess, but what a pain!

j22, Hate the state-to-state travel ban, but I suppose it is necessary. Just hard to be caught in the middle of saying we'll go see my sister in Maine or my friend in Florida or someone, (anyone!) and then get stopped short by remembering we can't, even if we could! 

Well, I made a deal with my hubby (his idea) that if he ran out to the store to get butter (which was NOT on my list yesterday), then I will make a casserole for supper. He wants diced ham and lil' smokies in it. Okay, okay, but I drew the line at adding those *#$+^(*^R@% bacon bits! A cook has to have SOME say so, doncha think?

Hey to all the rest of you'n's. Hope everybody's weekend is a real  good'n!

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Good Afternoon -

A warm but quick "Hello" to you all! 🙂

The night Shift Director called out sick for last night. So my night OFF from work turned into a working night. Although all of the units were "full" (by our standards) with patients, it was a relatively "Q" night, thank goodness. That same night Shift Director called out sick, again, for tonight. Long story short, I'll be working the roles of both Mr. ICU Nurse (7P-11P) and Mr. Shift Director (11P-7A). 

During my two nights off from work, I completed writing my first original composition for the year 2021. I also started sequencing (recording) the music. I WAS hoping to finish sequencing (recording) the music Friday night. Of course, that did not happen. At least it's "written" down, with the help of a music notation software program. I printed out the PDF file of the music. It LOOKS impressive! LOL! Hopefully it'll SOUND at least "pleasant to the ears".

Amy is out getting finger-printed. AGAIN. This is part of the process to getting nursing licenses for different states, for her new job. It's quite the process! Interestingly, she does a good job washing off the black ink from her fingers after the inking-process. 

Well. . . Just looked at the clock. Gotta get ready for work!
Hope all are well. . . .and all keep well! Peace! 🙂


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Hello all-

It was my one Friday a month off today.  I had some lovely time this morning snuggling in bed with the fur kids, and read until 9 AM.  I was going to go to the gym, but I tweaked my back and didn't want to make things worse.  I took Niko to the vet and was told he was overweight, so it's time to cut back on the treats and chase him around the house more.  Otherwise he's healthy.  I got my hair colored and highlighted afterwards.  No cut, because my hairdresser (who is also my next door neighbor and DD's BFF) is taking a cutting class this Sunday and needed a "model" with shoulder length curly hair.  I don't know how I'll end up, but I'm glad to help her out and get a free haircut in the bargain.

Tonight I'm making Detroit style pizza for dinner.  It's a soft, thicker crust, and the toppings and cheese go under the sauce.  I ate very lightly today so I could indulge a bit tonight.

Happy belated birthday Amo!  I hope this year brings good things to you.

Tweety-I'm so glad Waffles didn't go far and BFF was able to get her for you.  I'm surprised they're not drug testing you.  Isn't that usual policy?  Would it be a good idea to document somewhere that you requested it (if you did), just to cover your butt?

Joe-I hope the plumbing repairs are not too disruptive.  You work from home, right?  Are the repairs going to interfere with that?

J22-I hope that a negative test after travel, especially if you're vaccinated, would suffice.  What other types of infections did you find in your cases?

Stars-Congrats on the weight loss!  I chuckled at "letting Nannie out the back door but she always comes back".  

Ted-Congrats on finishing the composition!  Hope tonight is "Q".

Hi to Dianah, Rose, and anyone who else who stops in.   Thinking of Herring and hoping she's doing well.

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1 hour ago, BCgradnurse said:

 What other types of infections did you find in your cases?

We thought it would be Nocardia, which is sometimes seen in immune compromised patients, but it turned out to be TB after all.  We had a Mycobacterium avium complex a few weeks ago. 

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BC - that Detroit pizza is something like a Trenton pie. Nice dough and sauce is on top. But no mozzarella. Other cheeses but no mozz, as I remember.

I talked about this elsewhere but we had an Italian restaurant in Trenton, NJ. MARUCA's. The most unique pizza in the world!

One didn't order a pizza. It was you ordered a Maruca's. It was 'let's go out for a Maruca's'. It was that well known to the locals.

They closed up the restaurant years ago, and just have shops down at the Jersey shore. A couple of brothers were the owners. What a loss to Trenton!!! I think they'd have a gold mine if they came back to the area!!!!

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