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Friday March 1 2019

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Decent day at work, got a bunch of new people to call but not too many, which is good

Was pretty tired after my early morning meeting.  Managed to get the grocery shopping done and exercise.  Woke up before my alarm, which was surprising

Today meeting J at one of our usual places for dinner.  Tomorrow meeting dad for lunch as we usually do

Some cold days ahead.  I'm hoping the weather begins turning warmer soon these cold cloudy days aren't helping my mood

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Happy March, to all!

Goodbye to February!

Great news, Stars. Hope she continues to improve with each new day. 

So, I now understand why I will never have the small horse farm.

One friend has parents who are part of the 1%, and I was aware that they bankroll her.

But I thought the other had obtained her property on her own.

Nope. Bankrolled by father.

My father died when I was in my 20s, so, no bankrolling. Also, my family isn't in the 1%.

Both friends tried to convince me that their work lives are not fun. 

One said: You get to enjoy your horse. I don't enjoy any of these horses. I used to cry while mucking stalls.

They are chasing the dream of catching lightening in a bottle: The one horse that makes you.

My response: You don't have to work with people, and you are your own time manager!!!

Working all weekend.

I think about calling in every week. I find that sad. Especially when I am sorry that I didn't call in, given unreal workloads and expectations.

But as I wrote earlier, if it can't be done in 12 hours, I'm not doing it!

Don't know about Tweety's facility, but our day shift hates to pick up the slack, despite not having to do assessments or daily dressing changes.

All of that falls on night shift.

Really cold weather moves in during weekend, and Monday and Tuesday.

Hurry up, Spring!

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Good morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day and the new clients don't drain you.

Herring, that's a great example of nurses's saving lives.  We should have to fight and go up the chain to get what we need.  We are there live and in person and shouldn't have to convince a person on the phone what we are seeing.  

Nel, while I'm really a city boy, living in the country with no people and being my own boss on a dog rescue farm would be nice if I were a 1% or had 1% in the family to bank roll me.  

Our day shift really doesn't complain much about the night shift leaving us stuff.  They rarely do anyway.  There is a new traveler that apparently is terrible but I haven't followed her.  She left an admission to do and a couple of bad IVs and the day nurse wasn't pleased.  On the other hand we dump admissions and tasks on the night shift all the time.  They don't say anything because they see us stay until past 8pm and later all the time and are understanding.  Daily tasks like dressing changes, meals, the bulk of medications and treatments falls on dayshift, as well as multiple admissions so they are happy to work nights.   But yes, if it doesn't get done in 12 hours, it doesn't get done, we're a 24 hour operation and we all understand that.  Sorry your day shift doesn't get that.

The dreaded Thursday I worked yesterday.  Not sure where to begin.  I had the same four annoying patients, and was in charge.  The patients were healing but it was busy.  Me to patient:  You need to take your pain medication before therapy.  Patient:  No I really don't need it.  PT to me:  Patient is refusing PT until she gets her pain medication first.  Me to different patient:  I'll be going to shift change report, here's you pain medication and fresh water can I take you to the bathroom.  Patient:  No I'm fine.  Patient 60 seconds later after I've walked into another room.  "I need to go to the bathroom".  That kind of annoyance.

Finally got a lunch break at 3pm.  Worked solid from 7 until then.  I also was in charge.  We had a float team RN on the other side, she had four patients and was the one that followed the lazy traveler and wanted to talk to the charge nurse and expected me to help her.  The tech apparently told her that I was on the other side and had four patients as well.  It's well known that when I'm on one side with a full assignment, I only deal with emergencies on the other side, otherwise the manager can deal.  

Apparently she had a melt down and came to me "where's the AMA forms".  "I said, they aren't on this side as these patients never go AMA they are on the side you came from ask one of the nurses there to give on to you" (they are elective).  Her "where's the manager?" and I told her where the manager's office was.  She continued to melt down about the nurse leaving her a data base, a couple of bad IVs and a patient going AMA .  Really, if you are on the float team and can't handle this, then float team is not the job for you.  Apparently it was her first time on the unit and she's worked other floors where the charge nurse has no patients.  I had a full load.  Anyway, why I'm telling this story is she bold faced lied and stated that I was yelling at her.  I've never yelled at anyone in my nearly 30 year career as a nurse.  I was extremely angry at her, but wasn't going to add to her meltdown and I was too busy to deal.  Much later in the day I was over there making the assignment and assigning phones.  She got a discharge order "oh well guess the next shift will do it".  Really?  You complain about someone leaving you a data base to do and then dump on the night shift?  She spent the bulk of the day with only three patients.  She later apologized to the manager for her behavior but ignored me.  I'll be speaking with her manager about her lying.  She left relatively on time while I stayed until 21:20.  Humph...

Off today.  Slept a nice natural medication free sleep and don't have much on the agenda today but a mountain of laundry.

The cold is coming to us next week as well.  Cold for us in lows in the upper 40's and 50's.  After February where is was in the 80's it's going to be a shock.  😂

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good Morning, 

This is our last day is warm Arizona. It has been getting up to the 70s each day, and cools off to 50 at night. We saw our fourth and final baseball game yesterday; it had a little bit of everything--home runs, good fielding plays, some bloopers, all played on beautiful green grass. Today we are going to a Japanese garden and shop a little. Then fly home to freezing temps. It seems so odd that you hardly seen anyone outside here, except at bus stops or traveling in and out of stores. I have seen 2 dogs being walked, and 1 cyclist. And it's not even that hot. But there are lots and lots of cars. 

I am disheartened to read about staffing woes and how in this day and age, nurses are ignored until a surgeon gets involved. Very sad. 

Have to pack, ta, 



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Big hug, Tweety.

I am so sorry about your crappy shift.

Your co-worker's meltdown, is probably the result of all of the stress us floor nurses feel.

Your description of your patients, describes ALL rehab patients.

You can be in the room, they refuse everything, and two minutes later, they want something.

Wait, I was just in that room!!!!!!!!

So annoying.


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1 hour ago, Lil Nel said:

Big hug, Tweety.

I am so sorry about your crappy shift.

Your co-worker's meltdown, is probably the result of all of the stress us floor nurses feel.


Thanks.  I totally understand that as someone that's been there for a long my meltdown place is at a different level.  But even when I do meltdown I don't lie about coworkers to dramatize my meltdown.  


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Tweety and Nel: Reading what you have to do I feel it like when we had to work like that. 

Since 2005 such unsafe assignments don't happen often in acute care California hospitals. I'll give an example of one local hospital where nurses don't always insist on the law being followed. If a nurse calls in he or she may not be replaced. That usually results in the charge nurse taking a full patient load. There the charge nurse spends about four of the twelve hours providing break relief so there is no break relief when the charge has patients. Also that facility does not add staff for high acuity patients. Once or twice a year the few long time charge nurses call me. I meet them and whoever they get to attend in the empty cafeteria before night shift and after day shift. I bring pizza or subway sandwiches for the. I AGAIN show them the ADO and encourage them to use them. They finally get the proof with day, unit, time, and such that the law was broken. They report their hospital, they staff appropriately for a couple weeks, and so it goes.

I keep thinking about 1983 when I worked on the "Pulmonary Unit" AKA the "Tough floor". 

We had 27 beds and the same staffing of one RN, one LVN, and one CNA regarless of acuity or census. On Easter night we had six patients for the three of us. 

The floor had about 50% isolation rooms and the other rooms had two or four beds. All the AIDS patients came to us. We also had lots of sleepless patients on Aminophylline drips.

One night a young man recently diagnosed with AIDES. We didn't know how it spread so we used a head cover, mask, gown, gloves, and foot covers. When leaving we took it all off in the ante-room and washed our hands.

The patient had gotten diarrhea on the linens, and the floor to the bathroom. He would not let me clean it or him. I took off the isolation gear, washed, and went to get new linens. Then washed and put on gear. We made the bed together and then he asked for cold orange juice.

After removing gear and washing I had to get a Styrofoam cup from a top cupboard in the break room (needed a step-stool) THEN to a utility room for ice, the kitchen for juice, and a drawer in the nurse's station for a straw. Then wash hands, put on gear, and bring it to the patient. 

About ten minutes later his light was on. I asked through the door what he wanted and he said, "That juice was good. I would like another." So same time consuming activities to get it for him.

Meanwhile other patients had their lights on too. All three of us ran all night as fast as we could. Staying after to chart was common.

With the stress of short staffing we had dying young men, mostly younger  than I was. (I was 39 years old) Many poured their hearts out to us. Some told me their sexual history explaining why they feared their diagnosis. We hugged our patients and often cried with them. Most had loving families and some who disowned their own sons. It would have been stressful with excellent staffing.

That was when we began talking UNION and RATIOS.

PS: The two objects that make me cry, but also remember are the Viet Nam Memorial and the AIDS Quilt. A couple young men I cared for have a square on it. I remember their faces and voice clearly (Along with other patients)

Tweety, Nel, Joe, Dianah, No Stars, Steph, BCgradnurse, nursej22, and all nurses know that even when you hate going to work you are doing valuable work. Important work. Trite as is sounds you make a difference.

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Our charge in rehab always has a patient assignment.

It is one less than the rest of us.

So, if I have nine patients, the charge has eight.

If I must assess four additional due to LPN, the charge must assess three.

There is no reason to want to be charge.

A few extra coins, and many, many headaches.

No, thank you.

I don't often feel like I make a difference, herring.

The times that I do feel I have made a difference, is when I have a chance to LISTEN to patients.

They seem to appreciate being listened to.

Unfortunately, with 12 or 13 assessments to do, and dressing changes, med pass, etc., there is little time for listening.

It is just go, go, go.

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Good Afternoon, Everybody!

'Nice' cold-ish RAINY day. S'posta get to 65, but that's a laugh. More like 52 as of now. Possibility of a brief peek of sun tomorrow, then LOTS and LOTS of rain forecast for Sunday. Whoooopeeee! 😣

Hubby and I went grocery shopping today. He stopped and got Nannie a meatloaf dinner at a little family restaurant, on the way home. His ulterior motive is that he will not have to cook her supper tonight. If she has a big meal for lunch, she usually just wants cereal or a sandwich for supper. Me, I'm tough, 😊 and I can eat whatever and whenever I want to.

Speaking of eating, Ozzie tells me it is HIS suppertime ----

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Thanks Herring, I still can't believe California is the only state to have this ratio law and that it was defeated in Mass.  I hold ZERO hope whatsoever in my lifetime having such a law here in Florida.

I always take patients to keep the ratio low for the staff, otherwise they'd have six or seven patients like the other med surg floor.  Sometimes we have six as it is anyway.  

I got a lot of rest today and am feeling pretty good.  I'm shaking off yesterday and forgiving the person that lied on me and moving on.

Did lots of laundry and  I made a Korean fried rice dish with tofu but used whole grain spelt instead and am now going to walk the dogs and relax some more.

Edited by Tweety

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