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Friday - June 28th, 2019 - Good Morning!

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Yes it will be a feast. My sister-on-law is making collard greens, which I don't do in as delicious a way as she does. Her daughter is cooking and baking. I don't know what, but she cooks great food. 

SIL's son, our nephew is coming from Maryland where he recently retired from the service and has a civilian job at Fort Meade. He is working on a family tree.

A few years ago I gave him the dates and information for my side of the family. He thought he could fine my Grandma, but she was born in the 1800s and has no birth certificate, we don't know the names of her birth parents, or any biological records until my uncle was born in 1918.


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2 hours ago, Spidey's mom said:

Tweety - I agree with BC, I'd write that incident up to place in your file.  We have a system witch I abhore . . . we have to make comments about ourselves every month.  However, I can see that this might be a good thing to do. 

I usually write "I do the job you hired me for,  I was taught not to brag about myself".  My manager loves that.  😏


It was J22, not BC,  and I'm not going to do that.  I can't make notes about all the offenses around me.  I just have to deal or quit because things will not get better regardless of my notes or complaints.  I've learned this much.  Advocates that are more political will say I'm part of the problem.  Meh

Mind you there have been many times that I've spoken up, which I did yesterday.  I don't suffer in silence.

I was surprised a few years ago when I got nominated for something during nurses week I had to toot my own horn in some sort of application for the award I was nominated for.  I sent a note that if this is required, then forget it, because my work and the person that nominated me should suffice.  Needless to say my nomination went away.  I've gotten two of them, and Nurse of the Year, let the young folks toot their own horn.  I'm just trying to do the best I can.

I'm not even sure I have a "file".  What is this that you two speak of?


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I've got 'bragging rights" tooI was an Employee of the Month once (in 1999?); and they gave me a small pin ... gold star with a colorful, sparkly stone in the center, with Employee of the Month in small letters around the stone. But my favorite small pin was one I bought at a flea market, and wore on my ID with the star pin... a round one that says, "COLLEGE of HARD KNOCKS" and has a small carved mallet or hammer on it.  

For Nurse's Day once, we got a piece of construction paper with a printed note about how much they appreciated all the hard work we had done. Yup. They appreciated us from the bottom of their papier mache' hearts.

And because I worked with them for a LOT of years, my file turned into files, I think there were 3 of them, maybe four, each about 3-4" thick. I DID write letters, which were included in my files. And when I met one of our many  'new' supervisors  ("Bungee-Bosses" as per the Dilbert cartoon. They came and went quickly!) she said to me, "Oh, you're the letter writer."  Yup, that's me!

And you may remember (or not) that my 'motto' for work was: "Just give me my assignment, give me my paycheck, and leave me the hell alone."

But, then again, your job strikes me as much more difficult than mine was. I really think if I were in your job, I would blow a gasket! The agency I worked for went through a lot of up-and-down-hill times, but good times or bad they were an extraordinarily annoying company....always starting gung-ho and inexplicably stopping different 'programs' for the company, like we were guinea pigs. The fortunate thing, to me, was that I was not in a confined-to-a-facility type of job....I was out and about between home health and private duty cases. It's that and being able to take my dog to work with me for 9 years, that kept me sane.

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I  found out the hard way about my personnel file. I filed a grievance when I was accused of sexual harassment and one of the actions recommended was to get a copy of my file(s). It had copies of all my past evaluations, applications for various positions, and any written comments that had been submitted about me, whether good or bad. There was note that I had not attended a training I signed up for, which I had, and a complaint from a patient saying  I was rude on a day I didn't work, using my first name only which I shared with the very rude manager. I was able to demonstrate a history of favorable evals and to contest the negative things. Most work places document complaints and disciplinary actions in case they need to fire or demote someone, but employees have the right to contest. I mentioned it Tweety, in case the incident of the Tramedol comes back to bite you. 

The harassment accusation got thrown out, and I stayed in that unit for another year because I was going to show them they couldn't run me out. I think they were trying to retaliate because I got the manager in all kinds of trouble for reporting a potentially dangerous practice. 

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