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Friday June 14, 2019

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Good Morning!

Joe, hope work continues to be productive and rewarding in whatever way.  Sorry you couldn't see J.

Ted, if being the Choir Director is something you enjoy, and obviously you are good at, and they need you, I hope it works well for you.  My issue would be when you work back to back 12 hour shifts, your commitment to getting up and going to church is just crazy.  I wouldn't do that.  But I'm older than you and can't handle it.  😂  Hope you enjoy your fast internet.

Nel, as I was reading your post I was saying to myself "he needs a mood stabilizing medication".  Sounds like the coworker that quit recently rather than float.  His personality, especially since I do charge a lot, is one I could not deal with very well.  Not getting along and complaining about 4 people would be a red flag to me in HR that the problem isn't everyone else, but him.  

Herring, why would neighbors spending time on a balcony across the street annoy anyone? 

J22, I see the work drama continues.  Always something.

I had a flash about the pyscho nurse when I saw her last night.  I told her "are you talking about the time I called you in when you were on call and you never answered or came in? Yes, I did talk about you that night.  I said you were wrong for doing that"  Her answer was "yes, and you canceled me you didn't put me on call and I have evidence on my phone".   I asked to see it and she showed a text of a message she said was from me which didn't say anything about being canceled.  I said, I didn't leave a message, we talked live and I put you on call.  So it's basically her word against mine.  I never cancel, I always put people on call.  She also was a no-call no show a few weeks prior to that.  Of course, she's going to get away with it, but hopefully will be held accountable.   Anyway, she stuck her nose up in the air and scooted off.  During our bedside report we are all smiles with each other in front of the patient at least.

Off today and the termite inspection is this morning.  I'm hoping for good news, but the pessimist in me knows pretty much it's going to be bad news and costly.  But the optimist in me hopes not.  The realist in me is sitting still and taking what comes.   

Other than that, I hope to work out some, cook and relax.  Working this weekend.  Need to straighten up before the bug person gets here. 

Have a great day.    


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Tweety here's hoping you get good news on the termite inspection

Work was a little crazy yesterday, started working with a new population of patients, then mid day was pulled off that to help utilization notify patients that their urgent referrrals had been approved.  Some initial confusion over process before things started doing more smoothly.  Though it was stressful for a while.  Not unexpected, given that his is an entirely new division and so many policies and procedures are TBD.  And at least we've been told just to leave the previous work and not worry if it's done on time or not

Got my hair cut after work and exercised.  And had time in the evening to work on some stitching, which I haven't done in a while.  Might need a desk lamp for more light and slightly stronger reading glasses, can be hard to see the smaller stitches

Meeting J for dinner tonight at one of the usual places, hopefully it won't be too busy given that it's Friday

Cool this morning, in the 50s, will get up to the 70s.  Won't get above the 70s for the next week.  Rain starts late tonight and continues until early afternoon on Sunday

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Good Morning -

Tweety - About 10+ minutes ago, I saw you "down there". Glad you finally posted here.  I waited to post until you posted first, saving all kinds of work for the moderators to combine today's "Good Morning" thread.  L O L! 😄  Regarding that "psycho nurse". Damn! I'd be royally pissed off if a nurse was On Call and didn't respond to a phone call or text message to come to work. I hope that nurse is held accountable. I certainly trust your word that the nurse was On Call, and not Called Off. Damn!!

Joe - I saw you "down there" too, and waited until you posted! L O L! I can see how it can be stressful, as you start a new job, and as the new division formulates new policies and procedures. Hopefully those new policies and procedures won't be too stifling. In the meanwhile, enjoy your dinner with J tonight! 

Been up for a couple of hours, now. Already drank First Coffee. Will have Second Coffee before I go to work tonight. I'm working tonight, which will be the 1st of three nights in a row.

I took Call "Without Pay" (which is a choice), earlier this week. It was nice not having to go to work that day. It "extended" my planned summer vacation. BUT, being On Call "Without Pay" (due to no time in the Earned Time Bank), is very expensive. I'm losing a good $500+ by doing this. It makes paying monthly bills a challenge. So, it'll be a while before I take Call Without Pay.  Ugh! I need to build up my Earned Time Bank. Again.

Regarding my decision to remain as Music Director for my church.  That decision was with much thought and self-reflection. There still remains part of me that would like the freedom and proper sleep (every other weekend) that would be offered by resigning as Music Director. That lack of sleep thing surely is an issue. But I actually started thinking about remaining on as Music Director after my father passed away, a few months ago. This church is my "home church", and a source of emotional and spiritual support. In the meanwhile, we were getting applicants for this position. We got three applications, actually. This was encouraging! But two of these applicants were from different parts of the country, one from California, and the other from North Dakota. The person from California ended up taking a job in Texas. The person from North Dakota, who, apparently, is moving to this region of the country, decided not to pursue this and other Music Director gigs "for now". A 3rd applicant was actually from a near-by city, which would be about a 20+ mile commute to our church. Unfortunately, this person does not drive. This person couldn't even make it to a planned interview because her husband (or boyfriend) needed to go to his church that day. In addition to getting weird and unreliable applicants, the church is going through its own stress as it seeks a new Pastor. Adding stress to an already stressed church is something that I do not want to do. But the bottom line (and that bottom line has changed, admittedly), is that I do like being Music Director. This holds true despite that lack of sleep every other weekend. I like the few individuals that remain in the choir. I like the creative opportunity offered me as I play my own improvised music each Sunday (during various times of the service).  So, I'm staying. At least for now.

Yesterday. . . I modified our church's sound system to accommodate the important interview process, this Sunday, for the Candidate seeking one of the two positions as full-time Pastor.  Although I won't be there during the interview process (because I need to sleep before going to work Sunday night), it felt nice being a part of the process, preparing for this important interview. I felt part of a larger community as we work to continue on as a community.

Well. . . Gonna have me some breakfast!

Hope all who travel here today have a pleasant day! 🙂



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Good morning Tweety, Joe and Ted . . . and all who follow.   I only see Ted down below. 

Having 2nd coffee.  Contemplating my week.  So very busy and yesterday our young mom in hospice died.  This was a tough one.  We were busy with her, her kids, her family all week.  She was spirited and funny and could be pretty darn stubborn.  I am worried about her kids but especially the 13 year old.  The other one is 5. They will live with grandparents, where they've been for the last 6 months anyway since that is where they moved when mom got sicker. 

So, tough week in many ways and I've been off the net.  Except last night went on FB and saw post about JFK, Jr and Jessica Biel here in CA mischaracterizing a bill about vaccines.  Made me frustrated so of course I had to comment on the facts. . .  and counter the feelings of anti-vaxxers.  

Let's see . . . progress on the old house is proceeding well.  We did have some tools stolen overnight though from our back porch room.  Scary to think people were in my house.  

On a bright note, my mother-in-law is doing so very well after starting her Parkinson's med.  

One of the hospice nurses is sick so I took her call last night and this is my weekend on call which means . . . I'm on call from last night at 5 p.m. until Tuesday at 7 a.m.  But Ted, we must not get as much to be on call as you do. 

There are no scheduled nurse visits today; we are Monday and Thursday.  But it is HHA day (Tues/Fri) so I might ride along with her to see a couple of the patients.

Enjoy your Friday folks.  Hug the kids in the family.    



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It's my dreaded Friday.  The business continues.  I'll be out early (hopefully), as I started at 7:30.  The sun is shining and I hope to get in a long walk after work.  Tomorrow we will go see my DS and his GF in their new place. He found out yesterday that he got a promotion that he interviewed for.  He'll have a smaller territory with higher revenue customers.  He'll be glad to not cover 3 states anymore.  DD is going back to Block Island for July and August.  She's still discouraged that she hasn't found a job in her field, but will at least be working in a beautiful seaside location for the summer.  She can re-group in September and hopefully find something then.

Tweety-Fingers crossed the termite inspection goes well, and damage/infestation is minimal.

Ted-I hope remaining as music director doesn't take too much out of you.  I do understanding why you're remaining.  I hope the Pastor candidate works out.

Joe-Glad thing are going well.  It sounds like a pretty low pressure place, which is nice.

Hi Spidey's Mom-I was also disheartened by the article with Jessica Biel and Kennedy.  Unfortunately, celebrities have influence, and people will listen to them over scientific evidence.  I am also unhappy with the NYT about publishing that crap.

Have a good day, everyone! Stay away from crazy co-workers!

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P.S.  Weird thing I noticed . . . two notifications with the thumbs up for posts I made back in 2008 when I was using a different name.  Someone must be perusing old posts.  


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Hoping it doesn't take 9+ hours for my greeting to post today!

Talli got his feet done yesterday. The farrier said: I don't know what you've been doing, but he looks really good.

Me: I pick his feet nearly everyday.

Farrier: And you brush his hair?

Me: Yes.

Farrier: Well, he looks like somebody loves him.


My book club is reading Calypso, by David Sedaris.

It is hilarious!!!

I started reading it last night, and I am half-way through the book.

So funny.

Nephew Knots' blood test for Potomac Horse Fever came back negative, but the vet thinks it was a false negative.

But Knots is good!

Back to work tonight.


I am sure I will hear all the latest gossip on my Italian friend.

I don't understand why anyone would object to people another language, while standing on their balcony.

The smoking, I understand.

My downstairs neighbor, will smoke in front of her place. If my windows are open, the smoke smells waft into my place.

I detest smoking. And why a 30-sonething, with two young kids, thinks smoking is okay, is beyond me.

But there are others problems too, going on in that family.

Hope your daughter has a great time on Block Island, BC.

Is she working at the same restaurant?

No termites, Tweety!!!!

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Steph - Having a young Mom pass away must be tough to witness. It's nice to read that her children will be cared for by their grandparents. Still, they lost their Mom, and that's tough. I'm sure great measures were made to ensure this young woman's comfort during her final days.

Steph, regarding being "On Call" for me. It's a choice provided the RNs in our hospital. Because I work in a teeny-tiny 3-bed (sometimes 4-bed) ICU, we often don't have patients and thus are offered the choice to be On Call. It "replaces" a regularly scheduled work day or work night.  We could go to work and get paid as part of our regularly scheduled work-day, and work somewhere else in our teeny-tiny hospital (often the E.R.). We can take being On Call, and still get paid using Earned Time, provided there's Earned Time to be used. Or, we could take being On Call but with No Pay. (Regardless of the choice, we always receive a very modest On Call Pay of about $2.50/hr.) These On Call choices have been in our nursing union contract for decades.  Taking On Call with No Pay, when it's replacing a regularly scheduled work-day, is very expensive after awhile. I really got to stop doing this! (Ugh!)

BCgradnurse - Hope you get out of work on-time on your Dreaded Friday! Congrats to your son for his promotion, and for finding a new place to live with his girlfriend. I wish your daughter well as she continues to find work in her field.

Lil Nel - It seems like you take really good care of your equine-family members! (By the way, I had to look up synonyms for "horse" to get "equine"!😄 ) Hope work is kind to you tonight!

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Good morning this Friday!

Tweety: I live directly across the street from the apartment building. The new couple live two doors down from us in a building with a privacy wall and a nice tree in front. From their address they can't even see the balcony where the Italian speakers talk and smoke. 

But they walk their BIG old friendly slobbery dog and will jay walk to go talk to anyone on the sidewalk. I like to walk on errands and shop with a cart as many old people do. Even when coming home they walk up to me and start talking about other residents of this block. And try to get invited in. They ask, "How about you make some coffee and invite us in?" I told them about the low cost senior lunches at the nearby park. She said, "That is for old people. We aren't ready for senior activities." (They are both 65 and recently retired. Sold their house and rent a condo. How do I know? She told me.)

I know whatever I tell them they will likely tell the whole neighborhood. That is OK because when they ask about other neighbors I say something like, "Nice people." Others can tell them what they want, but people I've known all their lives are now tired of hearing about the smoking and foreign language on the balcony. The last few days I wave and say, "Hi" calling their names and then walk away, go to my car, or in the house as if I were in a hurry.

PS: You here in this "Club" know more about some of my wonderful current and past neighbors than I tell other's on the street. 

PS: I went out to get husband's WSJ and they both opened the gate, came into the yard, and told me about a new Facebook named for our street they want us to join. I told them I don't do Facebook. The flyer has a screen shot of the Italian man across the street on the balcony balcony with his phone. One thing I can say is that they say the same to me that neighbors tell me they said to them, "She is so strange not wanting a smart phone. How can she live like that"

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Herring, those neighbors invite YOU to make them coffee?

Why don't THEY make coffee, and invite you in???


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Neighbors. . . 

We live in a rural, wooded area. When we moved to our home here, 14 years ago (in 2005), there was nothing to see but trees and more trees. Back then, the nearest neighbor was down the road from us, about 1/5 mile walk from our home. It was just the way we wanted to be when we moved here, 14 years ago.

About 3 years after our move here, we began to hear construction on the property next to us. As the construction carried on that year, it became apparent that our new neighbors, a retired couple from Long Island, were building their new home toward the edge of their property line, next to ours. When the leaves fell from the trees that fall, we could see their log home. At the edge of their 6+ acre (!!) property line. Next to us.

Amy was NOT pleased! We almost sold our home back then! But, 3 years later from when we purchased our home, the housing market tanked. The re-sale value of our home dropped nearly $100,000 bucks!! We owed too much to sell our home back then. (This was back in 2008.) 

A year or so later, Amy asked the "new" neighbors why they built their home close to their property edge. (Next to our property edge.) The wife answered that, being from Long Island, they were used to living close to their neighbors' homes. Because of this, and because they moved to a more rural area, they felt "safe" being able to SEE our home.

Amy was not pleased. . . . Yet, she kept her comments to herself! L O L!

It's now 2019, 11 years later since the "offending home" was built next to our property. Since then, the trees have grown longer and wider. This is good during the late spring, summer, and early fall months, when the more mature trees with their leaves hide that neighboring house. Since then, the original owners of the "offending home" sold their house. Why? Because they didn't like living in such a rural setting. The next family, who purchased that home, lived there for only 1 year before they put that house on the market! Apparently, the living was too "rural" for them, too. The house has been on the market ever since then! For about 8+ years!

A lovely young couple is renting that "offending home", at least until the owners sell it.

Neighbors. . . 

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Ted, I think I would be bothered by those neighbors as well.  We have a similar on call system.  We can choose to be on-call without pay if we don't get called in.  We only have to be on call until 3pm or 11pm for night shift, not the entire shift.  However, we do not get any pay.  I think the ICU, PACU, OR and ER get a stipend for being on call, but being on call is built into their schedule.   We can always say no, and usually someone else is usually willing to take call.   I've never said no, but  other than this recent Sunday the last time I was put on call according to the rotation list was July 2018 because I do charge nurse a lot.

I live in suburbia in a county with nearly a million people so we are all pretty close together with no open spaces, but for public parks and beaches.  It's never bothered me.  One of my neighbors back yard is next to my bedroom, occasionally I will hear them when they have family gatherings in the back yard, but they are older and usually don't go on into the night.  The prior owner had a dog that would bark every five seconds when the owner left for the day when I worked night shift.  We had to complain and they were nice about it and didn't put their dog out any more.  

No termites!!!  So happy with that news.  I do have an "above average" sized colony of carpenter ants in the attic which they will treat.  Doing self-extermination has been good, but I never thought about the attic.  I will let the professionals handle it.  They will come out every three months and treat. 

I'm so bummed.  In honor of our impending trip to the UK and Ireland I sent best friend a basket of British goodies and they sent him Italian instead.  I called the company and they gave me a 40% refund if I kept the wrong basket.  Rather than send it back I took the discount.  He sent pictures and it seems inferior to the British one.  It has cheap olive oil you could buy in any grocery store, but seemed to have four different types of good looking cheese.  Bleh.....


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