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Friday June 7 2019

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Busier day at work yesterday, mostly doing data entry.  Lunch was interrupted by an unexepcted meeting, which was annoying.  I got my phone working so I'll actually be able to call people today

Got grocery shopping and laundry and exercise done yesterday

Tonight I'll meet J for dinner at one of our usual places.  Bowling tonight too

Weather has been pretty nice and rain free, should be so again today and tomorrow

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I wish we were rain free, Joe.

It is raining now. 

Going to see Rocketman tonight, with my former nurse friend.

She wants to eat at O'Charley's beforehand. Not a place I would choose, but she wants a specific salad on their menu.

I will eat veggie sides, as nothing on that menu appeals to me.

Talli's fan required TOOLS, to put it together. Since I only carry a hammer, and screwdriver in my car, I was at a loss.

The humidity is so bad, Talli was sweating all over his backside; between his legs, groin area.

I did what I could to get him cooled down; got him out of the stall and let him graze.

Left to care for Biggie, who has a fan in his stall.

Then returned when others were at Talli's barn, and with their help and tools, got his fan assembled.

Hopefully, he is enjoying it now!

Tried doing yoga on my own last night, with the routine I picked out from yoga magazine.

It didn't go well.

But I found a good yoga app, that I will try today.

It helps to have someone tell you when to exhale, etc.

Hope all have a good day.

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Good morning. 

1st cup of coffee consumed.  Feeling more awake.  Funny how that happens.

It should only get into the 60's here today which will be nice because the weather went from cool and rainy to hot too fast.  

My back is better so I'm going to try do get those plants in the ground.  I'll have my son pack in the 5 bags of soil I hurt my back lifting.  

It is Friday, not my weekend on call.  

Not much else going on.  

Have a great Friday!

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Gorgeous here today, with sun and highs in the mid 70s.  I need to find a place to live where the weather is like this year round.  I had a bit of a laugh this AM.  I saw a patient, who is substantially overweight and diabetic.  She was going on and on about how she's eating better and her A1C has dropped.  I glanced over at the takeout cup of coffee she placed on the counter.  The label on it said "extra cream and 7 sugars"!  I asked her what that was about, and she said she was giving herself a treat for being so good.  Mind you, she's gained 30 lbs since I saw her 6 months ago.  I guess we all have different perceptions of what a healthy diet is, 😂.

Meeting my old school friends tonight for dinner and an improv comedy show.  I've known these women since I was 12 years old, and even though we only see each other a couple of times a year, it's like no time has passed.  It's still hard to believe we are as old as we are.

Joe-have fun tonight!

Nel-Poor Talli!  It must be so uncomfortable for the horses in this heat!

Spidey's Mom-Glad the back is better. Please be careful with the planting!

Hope all have a great day!

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Have fun tonight at dinner, BC.

I enjoyed your patient story! 

I am THRILLED to be able to tell you all, I won't have any patient stories to share this weekend.

Drinking last cup of coffee, before I head to City Hall, for silent vigil for victims of gun violence, with Moms Demand Action On Gun Violence.

Enjoy that sun, BC!!!!!!

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Nice day and expected to warm up over the weekend. 

Husband began coughing and wheezing yesterday. I took him to the doctor where he got a breathing treatment and was put on antibiotics. He slept well and woke up hungry with no cough or wheeze. 

New neighbors from the apartment across the street were walking their BIG dog, a Mastiff-Great Dane mix, told me they saw raccoons having sex on our front lawn last week. I'm sure that was when the dogs were madly barking at the gate from the back.

Have as nice a day as possible!

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Partly sunny day here, but thunderstorms are predicted later. I "had" to drive to the coffee stand at the bottom of the hill for a cup of coffee this morning because I was all out. Then I took said coffee and the doggo to the park by the river and had a pleasant 2 mile walk. The swallows were zooming around catching bugs. There were redwing blackbirds twanging by the pond. Did a little yard work and then cleaned the kitchen.

I found out my cousin's daughter passed away from leukemia  last week, she was only 55. Just another reminder how short-lived my family is. 

I need to go get groceries, but ugh, that has become a dreaded chore. We may go see Rocket Man tonight, or tomorrow , depending on how late dh works tonight. And Sunday we are planning on going to the youth pride parade. My work place is a sponsor and we have adopted a block to gather at to cheer the kids on (and face up to any negativity). 


Cheers all, 



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Afternoon, bordering on early evening.

No rain yesterday or last night or this morning! FINALLY began raining around 2 PM, just as we were about to give up and water the plants. Whew!

I woke up with a heady-ache (as coined by a very, very young nephew, years ago) and NO desire for coffee! YIKES! Went back to sleep and woke up several hours later. It occurred to me that a cup of coffee and some acetaminophen would probably help ease the ol' achin' brain a bit. It did, though I still feel low-energy. I had breakfast (cereal with almond milk and bananas) at 4 PM. 

Nel, Your rain should be easing off in about two days. Hey, I can forecast  just a good as the meteorologists! And I don't have to be worried about being right, like they might, as I don't have people calling me up and getting on me about  "getting it wrong." // There was a longtime Weatherman where I once lived, circa 1987, who used to get so irritated, you could see and hear he was real 'tetchy' about his forecasts, because his tone of voice would squeeze and rise, "Folks, I am not responsible for the weather!" I was no help because I'd say: "Well, Bob lied to me AGAIN today!" His all-time record was for SEVENTEEN DAYS in a row! He missed 'em ALL!  // Happy for Talli that he got his fan put together, because horses can't take a towel and wipe their sweaty areas. It would madden me not to have that option. Aside from the heat and humidity, and activity setting off sweating, I STILL get those darn 3 & 1/2 minutes in duration Hot Flashes. I'm too old for this!

My problem with doing yoga is that my 'body memory' is excellent, but my brain seems to forget that it was a LOOOOOONG time ago that I was so flexible. That's how I have ended up injuring myself a few times. Body Memory is good to have, because I know where and how to align what and when to breathe....however, I need to also remember that I am SO out-of-shape that I'm to the point of being a Yoga Virgin again!

Steph, good that your son has your back and packed in those 5 bags'o'soil.

BCg, We are having lovely, much needed rain, hence our temps are now a very tolerable mid-70's. S'posta be a'thunderin'n'light-nin some during the weekend.

Thankfully have a sufficient amount of Ozzie's CALM DOWN drops. Oh! And I had to put his sweater on him 2 days ago because the AC was making him shiver. Then, when he curled up on his end of the sofa, he had to have a light-weight blanket put over him before he stopped shaking. You get a bit delicate when you're a 12 year old dog. His 12th b'day is actually July 1st. Pippy's is on July 12th. And, no, we aren't having any parties.

Oh no, herring!!! RACCOON sex, right out in PUBLIC? Well, that's California for ya! 🤣 There's a certain reputation to maintain, I suppose!  // Glad the antibiotics and breathing tx did the trick for your husband. Wag your index finger at him for me and tell him No Stars says, "Wheezing is against the rules!" (In my long career, I often got a smile from a patient when I told them that_______________(whatever they were having a problem with) was "against the rules!"

 Most often it was in the aftermath of a choking episode or falling that made me wag my index finger and get mock 'stern' with the patient. Nothing funny about either instance but it did insert a moment of brevity and hopefully relief.

Pippy is being impatient with me, as it is 2 hours past suppertime. And Ozzie is down in the den. He started barking as I was writing this. ESP!

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Hello, have read you all and, as always, enjoyed the natter!

Wooo Hooooooooo, I am DONE for the day and will be off for 2 weeks! 

Sunday 6/9 we will be off, heading to Northern California!  Tomorrow is Prep Day, and we will pack and I will get some food bought and fixed and packed in the little RV.  Dh will pack the instruments up Sat night (and likely sleep out in the RV during the night, so no instruments disappear!!). 

Sunday morning we won't be up at the crack of dawn (those who know us, know better!) but will get up, feed the animals, and THEN leave!

First leg of the trip will be about four hours on the road, stopping in Lone Pine to camp.  Second leg will probably be another four hours, stopping in Coleville.  Third and final leg will be going from Coleville to Grass Valley (probably taking an angled route through Reno then going East towards Grass Valley).  We will park Tuesday sometime at the fairgrounds, and will remain there till Monday after Father's Day.  Several of our friends from here in SoCal are also travelling up for the festival, we look forward to meeting up with them there!

Then the Monday after the festival ends, we will head out to Coleville again (there's a nice campground not too far from Grass Valley, where we can do some laundry).  We will next travel further south down 395 and camp for a couple nights at Mammoth Lakes.  As it was two years ago when we made this trip, they will likely still be skiing on Mammoth Mountain!  It is a beautiful area to visit!  I think we will start down for Lone Pine on Friday, and complete the last leg of the return trip on Saturday: home.

Work has been a challenge, for various reasons (mostly staff drama).  But, bottom line: our patients are OK!  and I am relieved to be off for this vacation!

We just got the RV back a day ago, after a friend removed all the cracked and peeling decals.  The RV is 8 yr old, and while we have kept up with the gel coating, it is stored in the sun.  We cover the tires but do not have a total-rig cover so it is left out to bake in the SoCal sun.  The gel coated areas are OK, just the fancy decals looked ragged.  It looks much cleaner and although it isn't hard to tell where the decals were, we are glad they are gone.  He also serviced it and everything is working well (got a new battery a few months ago).  As far as we know, it is ready for the trip!

Dh will go practice tonight with his other band.  I intend to do a little housework in preparation for leaving. 

Have a good evening!

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