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Friday July 23, 2021

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Good morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day.  Going to the laundry mat is annoying.  

J22, that sounds like a very annoying way to spend your time.   

Stars, not sure if it's a good thing or not that you had a quiet and tiring day.  

Had an okay day.  Worked with a student that worked with me last Thursday and requested me back.  I let her do some things which slowed me down but started with only four patients. Got a fifth and the sixth arrived for the next shift so that was luck.  Still stayed to past 8:30.

I wanted to check my paycheck for Monday to make sure I got paid my bonus money.  I was able to see the amount but not the actual electronic "paycheck stub", maybe I can't view that until Monday.  Am happy with the amount though.  

Off today before working the weekend.

Hope everyone has a good day.  


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Morning Tweety

NJ22 two and half hours seems way too long for home visit

Amo we had that same system here, you could use coins or an app to pay

Hi Stars

Work was fairly busy yesterday, though I did manage to get everything done on time.   Today I think will be a little easier.

Was feeling kinda off the whole day, not sick just didn't feel great.  Not sure why.  Sleep has been a little disturbed the last day or two

Next week will be quite bad, with one vital coworker out.  Talked to the boss and she says we're short staffed and not much we can do about it.  At least I know it will be a bad week and can prepare accordingly

After work did my usual exercise and embroidery and vacuumed a bit

Heard that today the new washers and driers will be installed, which will be a relief.  Less time and money 

After work today will go out to eat with J as usual

Might get some rain, temps will remain in the mid to upper 80s here


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Friday and I'm sitting here like the perennial stood-up-at-the altar bride!!! Had a rescheduled obgyn appt with a new provider. AND MEDI TRANSPORT SCREWED ME OVER AGAIN!! I have had such difficulty trying to get a new appt in. My prev doc relocated and I need a new one - I've been working with my radiologist but need ob/gyn/onc.  Prev attempts have been foiled by my tenuous health stability and transportation issues.

So this morning I'm all dressed, coiffed & primed - just waiting for transport. All dressed up & not able to go - I'd be over late for the new doc. So back to Square 1 again! 

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Gosh, amoLu! As me ol' mither used to say: "Ye gods and little catfishes!" Trying to coordinate appts and transpo is a constant drain of energy and a surging boost of frustration. Wish I could do something to help!

Joe, I felt pretty "off" yesterday, myself. Hope this coming work week surprises you in a GOOD way and doesn't turn out as horrific as it might, what with short-staffing and all. And *I* will be happier when I see you post that the new washers and driers have already been installed, not that they 'will be' installed. Promises don't get your clothes clean, and you can tell 'em I said so!!!

Tweety, the good thing about having a quiet and tiring day yesterday is .... that yesterday is OVER and GONE! Some days I just feel like jumping out of my skin and being well away from the current 'status quo'. Maybe I ort ta be careful what I wish for but I am quite ready for some changes ... but, dare I say it: POSITIVE, GOOD, WELCOME, and HELPFUL changes. Something to make me sigh with relief and happily GRIN and SMILE! Something that is entirely w00t!-worthy!

This afternoon, as usual, Nannie is napping in her 'new' recliner, hubby is resting on his bed and left a request for me to wake him up at 3 PM. At least Ozzie is awake, for the time being, but maybe not for long, as he naps like a cat, ie: a LOT!

I slept pretty well, after I took a 0.5 mg Xanax at 3 AM. I must have been SOUND asleep after that,  because when I finally woke up, my right hand was complaining about being scrunched-up into a fist and under the pillow, supporting my head. OW! And my lower right back and lateral hip were oh-so-aching. I scarfed down my AM meds, and then applied (and said thank goodness for)  my wrist and thumb brace, and a couple of capsaicin patches. Now it's all at a dull, distant hum instead of a ROAR! Were it not for my right wrist and thumb being encased in the brace, I would go upstairs and trim my hair. Another day, another time, I reckon.

We continue to have temps in the low to mid 90's, humidity+, and wondering if the 'spots' where the chance of thunderstorms are coming, will be here ... or there. At least hubby's riding lawn-moaner has been repaired and he got the grass mowed yesterday, "so it will look good on Sunday" as he and Nannie put it. Nothing is going on on Sunday, but I guess Nannie imagines folks driving past this house and yard will admire it and she will feel 'proud'. Okay, I say, w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r-! 🤨

So, blah-de-blah-blah, and like that. More at another time....

"Yo!"  to j22, BCg, Ted ('n' Amy, 'n' Sedona), dianah, and who(m) ever I left out THIS time!!! 

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Yo back at 'cha, Stars. And all youse other guys and gals. 

It's seems to be "don't bother to return any calls" Friday. I am trying to work on a contact investigation and nobody answers their phone. Grrrr, don't they know how important I am, lol. Very nice coworker sort of hinted around about how she has sooo much to do today, including a blood draw on one of her patients, but I absolutely did not volunteer to do it for her. It was one thing when the lady was homebound due to her condition, but she if she can go to the grocery store she can go to the lab draw station. I've trying to clean up file drawers full of out of date info and brochures, and put like with like. I hate organizing but I hate clutter more. Weather is just about perfect, 75 and sunny. I walked over to the coffee shop to meet dd this afternoon. Eldest grandson turned 12 today! 


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