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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Friday - July 2nd, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

I'm at work. Gratefully, I found a computer that enables me to post here. Currently, my one and only patient is safely and peacefully asleep.  So, I thought I'd start today's "Daily Diary" thread while I can. . . 

This Thursday's shift is the last of five 12-hour shifts in a row. It's been a week that I hope doesn't repeat itself anytime soon.  As I believe that I shared before, our teeny-tiny hospital is experiencing a staffing-crisis, both with administrative-type folk and staff-nursing type folk.  Unbelievable! For two of the the five shifts, I played the role of Mr. Shift Director. Wednesday late afternoon, I was Mr. Shift Director, but spent the 1st 2 hours in our teeny-tiny hospital's ER as an extra pair of hands.  It was crazy-busy. Eventually, the ER settled down. Later that early evening, there was a lovely Memorial Service for the Night Shift Director who passed away the other week. The sharing done during that service was heart-felt. Almost her entire family was there, which was a nice surprise. I found myself with tears at one point, which is unusual for me. She will be missed, for sure.  It's quite welcomed that tonight's shift is relatively "Q". Tonight's shift is giving me an opportunity to wind down and even relax a bit. My one and only patient is doing quite well. Surely, she doesn't need to be in an ICU. For most other hospitals, she'd be on a telemetry, if that. But we're a teeny-tiny hospital, and we kind of march to the beat of our own drum sometimes.

I'm off the next two nights! We have family coming to visit with us this week-end, which is nice. Sunday will be a outdoors cook-out day as we celebrate July 4th.  (It might rain, though, so the "cook-out" might take place indoors. LOL!) I am working Sunday night. But at least I'll be able to help with the cooking (cough, cough - I'll be cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs) before I go to bed for that Second Sleep (before going to work). 

Work. . . Simply, we're experiencing a staffing crisis.  We all are picking up extra shifts to help fill in the staffing holes. I'm picking up only one extra shift per week because I want to avoid another week like this one (and avoid total burn out). What might help everything out is that I applied for that open full-time night Shift Director position. I'm told that I "have the job". But I'll believe that when I sign on that dotted line.  At the very least, life will be interesting for the next few weeks as staffing holes are filled, one way or another. 

Later, I'm going to come back here and read this past week's postings. 

I hope all are well. . . and all keep well!

Peace. . . 


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Good Morning.

Ted, somehow I knew there was a Shift Director position in your near future.  Sorry to hear about the staffing shortage and hope it resolves soon.  You might remember I worked an extra 12 a week for nine weeks in a row and it seriously burned me out.  I've also done the five-12's in the row and it is killer.    Hang in there.

Joe, glad to hear you had an okay time at the reunion and yes too much family time can be a bit much.

Thankfully lizard poop doesn't seem to stink.  I have plenty of it from time to time in my Florida room were I guess they get through the doggie door.  I try to chase them out when I see them.  I don't mind them much but they'd survive better outside with their food sources.

Our team is in the Stanley Cup.  There's buzz about Montreal not allowing a lot of spectators and our Team being at 100% full capacity.  Interesting because our number of covid cases is much higher than Montreal and indeed higher than Quebec as a whole.  

I was reading on FB an article about the new variant the comments were discouraging with dozens of people saying the reporting was "fear mongering" and fake news.   I really don't care at this point.  Let them spread the virus amongst themselves.  Florida won't offer up any restrictions or protections.

Guess there's a tropical storm that might head this way.  Going to keep an eye on that and make sure I have batteries and other things ready to go. 



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Ted glad you have the next two days off after 5 in a row.  Hope you get that shift director position

Tweety hope the tropical storm does not cause any troubles for you

Was expecting a bad day at work yesterday, but it was good, surprisingly.  Even some last minute work that came my way got done.  Tomorrow will be busier but shouldn't be too bad

Did laundry and exercised.  Lots of laundry from the trip.  Sleep is returning to normal after being disrupted by the vacation

Have been experiencing increased anxiety since getting back from the trip.  I think it has been creeping up for quite a while, but I haven't been paying attention and haven't been as mindful.   I think being away from home for 3 days has helped make me more aware of it.  Interestingly, the last time I was away from home for 3 days was the reunion in 2014, which also made me aware of anxiety and motivated me to take steps to treat it.  Hopefully this most recent trip will provide a similar motivation

Am focusing more on mindfulness and spirituality.  And backing off some of the political stuff, a lot of it is unsatisfying and stressful and I think more of a distraction than anything else.  Hopefully I can find ways to move my life in new directions

Not much planned after work.  Unpacking is all done.  Will  exercise and work on embroidery.  Have Monday off so a 3 day weekend for me

Has been in the 70s the last few days, but will be in the 90s this weekend.  Though at least the rain should hold off.  


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Ted, my condolences on your Shift Director's passing (I assume it happened while I was away from here.  This is the one who has been so sick with renal issues, correct?). Sounds like the memorial service was nice.

Hello to all, I'm off to work, and then a 3-day weekend!  Have a good day!

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Good Morning! And it IS still morning! I woke up around 9-ish and brought the Oz-man out to pee, then gave Nannie her breakfast yogurt and meds. Then I went to the Vet's office to pick up Oz's Clindamycin. When I came home I made a cup of coffee and an avocado on toast sandwich. (inspired by j22's frequent avocado toast breakfasts, of course.)

I am up in my room. Hubby is still asleep, Nannie has gone back to sleep in her recliner. Ozzie is sleeping under my bed; when he comes out I will give him the first 2 ml of his "mediss", which he gets twice a day. Hopefully it will make him feel and act better. He sleeps so much I've begun to think of him as a cat! Only thing he doesn't do is purr.

We had thunder and lightning last night but no rain. I sat out on the porch around midnight and it was very pleasant...not humid at all, cooler, with a nice breeze, lots of stars sparkling (no moon to bleach out the sky) and a beautiful show of some intermittent sheet-lightning.

When I woke up it was raining, so there'll be no lawn-mowing today! So I am letting hubby sleep-in.

Found out I had missed the ballgame last night ... well, it wasn't listed in the paper and I didn't see it in the TV screen (cable) listings. But I started scrolling around for some old movie or something to watch at 10 PM, and lo and behold, there were the Braves playing ball! Nannie came out of her room to pee and ended up coming back out to the den to watch the last 1 & 1/2 innings of the game, and part of the post-game show. WE won, but I can't remember the score.

While Nannie was up, I went upstairs and got us a "Tillamook" ice cream sandwich called Chocolate Avalanche ... I'd bought it yesterday on a whim, even though we seldom-to-never buy ice-cream, but the name Chocolate Avalanche appealed to me, and  Tillamook  (a relatively new brand here) ...  has been selling their cheeses (flat and shredded), and we really like the extra-sharp Cheddar and the aged Gouda. It wasn't a very big ice-cream sandwich, but I cut it in half. I figured Nannie would happily go back to bed and stay there after the game and a little, sweet bedtime snack, which she doesn't usually get. 

There is another game tonight; they are playing The Marlins.

Okey-dokie. Ozzie has just emerged from under the bed and has rec'd his first dose of the day; he'll get the second dose at bedtime.

I am going to lean back on my pillows and peruse the morning paper. and maybe do a little dozing. I turned the ceiling fan off because Ozzie is on the top of the bed now, the ol' delicate flower. He gets chilly in that breeze, even thought he is wearing his sweater.

I'll prolly stop by later and see who else comes by.

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Afternoon, all-

It's a cool, misty day-a 180 degree turnaround from the weather we had earlier in the week.  We had torrential downpours last night which made driving treacherous.  Fiance and I got our marriage license today.  Afterwards, we had some delicious fried clams for lunch.  They made me think of my mother.  She loved them, and today would have been her 89th birthday.

Ted-How nice that there was a memorial service at work for your co-worker.  I hope you do get the permanent shift director role.

Tweety-Lizard poop???  I guess that's one of the perils of having a doggy door in a warm climate.  Fingers crossed you don't get the tropical storm.

Joe-Sorry to hear about the increased anxiety, but good that you recognize it.  I hope you're able to tamp it down.

Dianah-Enjoy the 3 day weekend.

Stars-I like Tillamook cheese, but never tried the ice cream.  

Hi Amo-Hope you're doing well.

See you all tomorrow.

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Was also scrolling TV the other nite and I caught the last hour or so of the old 'The Ghost and Mrs Muir'. That where 'Lucia' in my name comes from. Captain Gregg (Rex Harrison - be still my heart) calls the heroine, Mrs LUCY Muir 'Lucia'. Gene Tierney as so gorgeous. And again I sobbed during the end of the movie when she dies and reunites with the Captain. That movie ranks up right there with 'Jane Eyre' with Orson Welles, another heart-throb, and Olivia DeHavilland.

Major, major recommendation here. Am rereading one of my old shelved  books. 'Pagan Babies and Other Catholic Memories'. A little 1982 paperback by Gina Cascone.  Page 12 and I've laughed out loud 4 pages already.

She and I are of the generation that experienced the inexplicable experience of attending Catholic school during the 50s & 60s or so. What's really significant is that she's a gal from our same hometown. She names places that I know. She went 9 years school to 'Villa'. We other Cath school kids went to Cath sch and paid tuition. At 'Villa', one paid TUITION - it was a high class girls-only school. One of her best quotes is about 'Catholic kids are good standers-in-line'. The rest is equally hysterically.

So if you're in for a truly funny read, try her book.  If you're my generation & Catholic, you'll laugh yourself silly. I think it's avail thru Amazon.


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The Ghost and Mrs Muir with Rex and Gene is one of my favorite old movies! There's another one which I can NOT ever remember the name of, but it has Greer Garson and...somebody(!) ...in essence, her husband gets amnesia somehow, she finally tracks him down; he is a businessman who doesn't even recognize her. She becomes his secretary so she can be with him every day. Eventually he is wandering around the city where they lived and comes upon their cottage, she sees him, he sees her, and it comes back to him who he was and who she was, and the music swells up, the end. (I generally don't cry at movies.) 


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