Friday January 7 2022

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NJ22 that's a lot of snow.  Writing the clinic seems a good idea

Hi Amo

Stars glad to hear that the goats have a better home

Very cold this morning, -3 degrees.  Will be warmer for the weekend

Work was pretty good yesterday, busier than I expected but nothing I couldn't handle.  Exercised after work

Have a coworker out today so will be helping to cover her workload, don't think it should be too bad

J and I are seeing a musical on Sunday so we decided not to get together tonight

Think it'll stay below 20 today, but will get up to the 30s tomorrow

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Good Morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day.

J22, that's a lot of snow.  

Stars, glad the goats are being re-homed.  I would think that if you put a restraining order on someone yet harass them relentlessly your case against them is going to fall flat.  Just goes to show you that there isn't always just one victim.  

I worked with my new grad yesterday.  She showed up about 30 minutes late.  Not a good sign.  I let it be known her shadowing days are over, she shadowed two days,  and got her on the computer system and medication administration system.  She seems quite confident, a bit too confident, one of those that says "I know" whenever you tell them something.  I find that very annoying.  I told her "new grads that think they know everything and don't ask questions scare me".  To prove she doesn't know anything she connects someone to a new IV, set up the pump and turned it on and got the "air in line" warning.  She never primed the tubing at all.  That being said, I like her confidence, that she talks easily to patients and seems to have good assessment skills.  She was a CNA for many years and is currently working her old job in the nursing home prn so she's not totally green.  I also have to be careful how I talk to her.  I'm white and she's black and might be very sensitive to "being talked down to" when I don't mean to be.

Off today and working the weekend.  Weird thing is that I discharged all but two of my patients.  The other nurses had 3:1 for the same reason, so we all were poised to take ER patients.  We went through the ER patients seeing to be admitted and found those that could come to our unit all had covid and needed to go somewhere else or had to be held in the ER.  We are finding a lot of covid positives in people that come to the hospital for other reasons like a broken bone.  So since I did them a favor by going to work Tuesday they let me off two hours early.  That hasn't happened in a couple of years.  Had time to cook a nice dinner and relax.  I wonder if it's a matter of time before covid patients are admitted to my unit.

Our covid numbers come out here in Florida today and I know they will be dreadful.  Our new mayor was sworn into office today from home because he has covid.  And so it goes...

Off today.  Have a boat load of laundry to do. 

Have a great day. 

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And as quickly as the snow accumulated, it is melting just as fast. It started warming last night, although when I came home at 5 everything was coated in a layer of freezing rain. But now it is 40 degrees, raining, and slush everywhere. But it may cool off and snow tomorrow.  I hope it doesn't. I've been itching to run. I did take a small run on my lunch break Tuesday, but I still slipped a bit on icy patches.

COVID here is exploding. The hospital has more cases than ever, but I understand that it is like what Tweety, says, many of the infections are coincidental. Discharges for SNFs and ECFs are held up because they all have outbreaks and don't have the staff to take any admits. Testing appointments are 4 days out, so really, unless one is symptomatic, there is no reason to test. The hospital is begging the public not to come in just for a test. 

That sort of student scares me, too. Hopefully, you can establish a good relationship. She is lucky to work with someone of your experience. 

And I just got a call from the PT office. They are cancelling again. Oh well, I am just about done with the 6 weeks that was recommended. Not that it has helped, but I feel like I have to try to move on with other options. I will call next week to see when I can schedule an MRI. 

I am glad the goats have a new home. My dd used to work for an advocacy agency for domestic violence, and people would file and not comply with restraining orders a lot. It is a sad, repeating cycle. 

Ugh, Joe, that is too cold for me! I am glad that you are able to keep up on work and it doesn't seem too stressful. 

I suppose BCg is getting hammered with snow. At least they are more prepared that our area. 

Amo, I looked up that apnea treatment. Very interesting. I think the issue with pacemakers is messing up the settings, and it looks like Aspire patients can control their own device. But yeah, a lot of people have implants. 

Stay warm and dry, folks. 



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j22 - just saw a TV ad for a local radiology group here in Jersey. I've used them for studies in the past - very good prof service. I'd use them again, if nec. They advertised that they are MRI compatible for some metallic items. It just caught my notice thinking of you.

I'm not a candidate for Inspira implantation - my weight is the issue. But it could be something to consider.

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Gouda Aftahnoooon~

All told, I think I slept 7-8 hours, even with the usual getting up at intervals; at least I am able to fall back to sleep relatively quickly. Ozzie decided at 11 AM that I had slept quite enough: he came up alongside the bed and let out with a loud, very sharp bark, and as he left the room, he turned around and barked once more. How very RUDE! I had no choice but to get up. After I got dressed I put him on his leash and made him walk around the house and walk to the mailbox as well. (He has to wear two sweaters when it's cold; he is still growing back fur from his recent stripping of all the knots and snarls.)

It is sunny and cold with strong breezes. Of course, it ain't no MINUS TWO DEGREES! And we don't have any snow or ice, so that's a good thing! If I still lived up in Asheville, I am sure I'd be cussing the roads and if I was still working, I'd pack an overnight bag just-in-case. The one thing about must-staff private duty cases that are 12 hour shifts...leaving home before dawn, and going home after dark...if you get to your case and the following person can't or won't try to get there to relieve you, you are STUCK! It's happened to me more than once, I promise you. The good thing was if you had a 'good' patient, it wasn't so tough. And I reckon we got compensated for the extra time, but don't really remember how much.

I have gotten 2-3 calls from a woman I can't understand because she talked so fast and had one of those high-pitched voices that had a cadence that made it hard to separate the words. I don't usually call back to unidentified numbers, but it sounded sort of like she was talking about someone cancelling and something about getting relief. Didn't sound scam-ish to me. When I called back, the office's operator said the name of an orthopedics practice, one to which I have never been NOR have I ever even heard the name of it before. She looked me up and said she didn't have a record of me and it must have been a mistake. No kidding! Have not been to any doc or c/o any of my s/s to any doc lately, so it can't have been a referral, or I would have been told. Weirdness.

Lots and lots of Covid here, both locally and state-wise; still crowds trying to find self-test kits or get tested, beds so UNavailable that ambulances are lined up and waiting for looooong periods of time, and the waiting rooms are full to popping. // As Bette Davis once drolly commented, per her movie dialogue: "Hang onto your ? masks, it's going to be a bumpy winter!" (Or something very much like that!  ? .)

One of our good neighbors is outside blowing dead leaves and fallen branches from the back yard, into the wooded area. Hubby gave him a drill that he no longer uses and the guy acted like it was a handful of diamonds and gold, so this is how he decided to say thank-you. He knows Eddie can't work around outside like he used to. Nice to have caring neighbors; We used to be like that before our various bodily afflictions took up residence. This is a good case of "What goes around, comes around." But sometimes it is hard to be on the accepting end of assistance because your head says, "I used to", or "I should be able to", but then if you try, your body quickly gives you a big UH-UH! *sigh*

Nannie is napping post-lunch. Ozzie is sort of dozing on the sofa with his blanket draped over him, but he is also keeping both milky-clouded eyes on the neighbor in the back yard. When he gets closer to the house, I hope Ozzie doesn't suddenly "YAP!" and make me jump an inch off my seat!

Hubby just told me that the neighbors who took the two goats from their next door neighbor, are going to drive somewhere two hours away, to buy 2 more pigs (they already have two pigs) and 4 more chickens to add to their small flock of three plus a rooster. We will help them slop the hogs with donations of our meal leftovers that we won't be recycling to our own tummies.And if they are inundated with eggs, they said one could put whole chicken eggs in with their food and they'll eat 'em shells and all.

Having coffee to warm up my innards! Recently tried Signature Series of Dunkin Donuts, "BOLD". I like it a lot, but I think it is one of those limited offers. I can drink the 'original' but as long as their selling (at a slightly higher price because of its fancy-schmancy name) the BOLD Signature Series, that's what I'll be getting.

See yez'all later~


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Hello, nice to catch up with y'all.

Seems the Omicron variant is present everywhere, but symptoms are like that of a bad cold.  Some ppl are in the hospital but not on a vent.  Fingers crossed, Hope it doesn't last long. 

We did one MPI (Nuclear Stress Test) today, and our three treadmills cancelled.  It was a good thing, for I was the only Case Manager for most of the day.  Office partner had to leave to get her daughter tested after known exposure.  Hope it's negative and remains negative.

Son called, he used a home test last night.  He has been caring for his girlfriend, with (+) and symptoms (cough, sore throat, lost her voice).  He now has sore throat and croaky voice.  They are both vaccinated, so hope the illness just burns itself out in a few days.

One of the patients I interviewed this week for a treadmill stress test, reports he got covid a year ago and was so sick he was wheelchair-bound for three months after.  He is in his 30's  He slowly regained his strength, made a more rapid recovery after getting the J&J vaccine, then some months later had a relapse, which then reversed after getting the Moderna booster!  Scratched my head at that one, for I hadn't heard of the vaccines = treatment for covid!  But, bottom line is, he is doing better now.  That's what matters.

Quiet weekend planned.  If anything happens, I will fill you in! ?

Have a good evening!

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