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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Friday - December 25th, 2020 - Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas. . . and Good Morning!

It's a windy early morning with LOTS of rain!

Been up since around 3:30 AM this morning, putting the last of the presents for Amy underneath our Christmas Tree.  I've also been putting the finishing touches to some hymns to be used for this Sunday's on-line church service. After I'm done typing here, I'm going to go back to bed and attempt to catch a few more ZZZZZs.

Yesterday was quite interesting, for sure. Our furnace made loud noises and quit working. (Yikes!)  It's a propane-burning hot-air furnace that's as old as our 15+ year old house. Gratefully, the guy who repairs our furnace (and air-conditioning unit) was able to come by and fix it! Hopefully it'll last for the rest of the winter. In the meanwhile, he's going to price out the cost of a new furnace which we're planning to have installed later this coming spring. We might do a furnace/air-condition combo, which he'll also price out. Other than that, yesterday was a good day. Amy made a DELICIOUS Christmas Eve dinner for the two of us. We sat in front of our (propane) fireplace and enjoyed the rest of the evening together, looking at our holiday-decorated living room. 

Today, we plan on having a Christmas Breakfast together and open presents. I'm working tonight (and tomorrow night), so I'll be getting Second Sleep later this afternoon before going to work. 

I hope you all are peacefully sleeping now. I wish you all a Merry Holiday. You're all good people. I enjoy reading your "Daily Diaries" here, and the cyber-friendship that's been created. Peace and Blessings to You All. . . 

🙂 💝


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Merry Christmas Day everyone

Ted glad your furnace got fixed so quick

Tweety hope the power stays on

Dianah glad no jury duty

BC glad to hear you had the day off

Hi Herring Rose and Stars

Quiet day at work yesterday, got out of work early like I had planned.  Exercised, participated in our online Christmas Eve service.  They had a harpist as well as the organist.  I have an old hymnal and sang along to the carols.   Spent the rest of the evening watching White Christmas

Finally got a call from J, turns out he fell ill the day of his flight so he cancelled his California trip.  He's rather disappointed.  His Covid test was negative but the doc is having him do another one tomorrow along with a flu test.  Sounds more like flu to me

I don't know if it was J's call or the slight anxiety I had all day but didnt' sleep as well last night.  Got up around 3am, read for about an hour, then slept briefly and got up at 5.  Was going to be up by 530 anyway.  Guess the insomnia is better but not completely gone yet

Today have online Christmas Day service.  Then I'll do some cooking.  Need to make the chicken breast and stuffed mushrooms.  Will also bake some cornbread.  Might make cookies too or might wait until tomorrow

Going to dad's around 1 or 2.  Will be masked and socially distant.  And it'll be the first time I've seen him in person in about a month.  Covid is getting better here but I wonder if I'm a bit nervous about getting together because of it.  I did talk to him last night to mention the risks, but he said he was fine with it as long as I don't have any symptoms

Feeling a tad anxious today too.  Could be all the changes Covid has wrought this holiday season

Very cold today, only 10 degrees right now, will only get up to 20, unusually cold.   Will get warmer by tomorrow

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Good Christmas morning all. We met with our children and grandchildren yesterday for a short hike around a local bay/bird sanctuary followed by cookies and hot chocolate. I also brought some savory snacks. And we exchanged gifts. The weather was cool, but sunny and it was a very enjoyable outing. On the way home we picked up our holiday meal to cook today. I baked a pumpkin pie while dh dosed in front of the TV. After dinner, we watched the movies ELF and A Christmas Story. No firm agenda for today, other than open the rest of our gifts, prepare and eat dinner, and possible do a jigsaw puzzle. I am sure sports will be on the TV. 

Hurray for hot water, completing treatments, cookies, hospice, family, central heating, and friends. 


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Merry Christmas 

Ted glad the heat was fixed  

Joe hoe you have a good day.  Sorry J is sick 

J22 have a relaxing day.

Working day one if three.  

Have a great day.

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Merry Christmas-

Lots of rain and wind here, too, but the power has stayed on.  We're just hanging out with the cats, watching movies.  I plan on staying in my pajamas all day.

Ted-glad you got the furnace fixed.  It's always something with a house.

Joe-I hope you enjoy your time with your dad.

J22-It sounds like you had a nice, safe gathering yesterday.  Enjoy relaxing today.

Tweety-I hope work goes well and you get out on time.

Herring-Enjoy your day!

Hi to Dianah, Amo, NSIME, Rose, and everyone else who pops in.  Have a good day!

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Merry Christmas all!  Stay warm and dry, Ted!

Joe, hope J feels better soon.

nurseJ22, sounds like such a nice get-together!

herring, thanks for the song! 🙂

I woke up (slept in!) to dh muttering about "the router."  It seems he finally was able to figure out that part of his problems with connection during Jamkazam sessions, were due to our router misbehaving!  He is in Diagnosis Mode right now.  We may have to order another router, will see.  Meanwhile, I have the phone connected as a "hot spot" so the computer will have an internet connection.

Just got off the phone with oldest ds, was nice to talk with him (he lives in the next city over).  We are still scheduled for a 4pm Zoom meeting w/family.

Again, Merry Christmas to you all!  I appreciate you, and hope you stay healthy!

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Hello BCgrad!  We must have posted at the same time.

Yesterday we watched White Christmas, and I also found a Disney, "The Return of Mary Poppins!"  Released in 2018, stars Emily Brunt as Mary, and there are other parts done by Dick Van Dyke, Meryl Streep, and Angela Lansbury.  Very sweet movie. 🙂 

Today I may grab dh to watch Christmas in Connecticut (I saw it available in the list).  He has never seen it.

Again, have a good day all!

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Merry Christmas y'all!

It is partly sunny and there is a VERY BITINGLY, ICY wind and even Ozzie curtails his outings. He steps to one foot (12") to the side of the doorway, lifts his leg and does an amount between a tsp and a Tbsp....the quickest pee in the South! 

We had lunch after opening the few presents we had. Now both Nannie and hubby are sleeping in their recliners; Ozzie is snugged under his blanket, next to me on the sofa. I am sitting here typing, but have a lap blanket over my knees and feet. My fingers are cold,but I draw the line at wearing gloves in the house. Even with the oscillating room heater, and hubby having touched up the thermostat by a hair or two, it isn't exactly warm in this room at the moment. I suspect the cold wind is sucking heat from any available crevice or crack. All the windows are sadly in need of replacement, and I suspect that's why the 'heat' feels ... not too warm. Also, we are due (overdue) to change all the duct's filters. When you can hear them trying to suck or blow through the dust collection, it is time to change them! So..."tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll get screen (filter)s tomorrow; it's only 24 hours away!"

Hubby has made a filled-to-the-brim crockpot full of veggies, beans, diced tomato, some kind (or two!) of meats.... the BBQ pork that sister-in-law dropped off yesterday, and I don't know whatever kinds of leftovers there were in the fridge. He pulls it all together with some powdered burrito spices and smoked paprika. Generally comes out well and tasty. Only problem with him and the crockpot is that he always wants to leave it on high overnight after it had already been cooking for 6 or so hours on high ... I tell him that you can put something in the crockpot on low and cook it all day and it will be done by suppertime. Otherwise, with 24 hours or more on high, all you're going to get is flavorful MUSH. So his way of dealing with that info is to turn the crockpot off at bedtime,and when he gets up, he cranks up the crockpot to high until it starts bubbling again, THEN turns it on LOW to cook for 5 or more hours. 🙄 smh.

Spoke w/ my sister in Maine, exchanged brief email w/ bro in California, but I don't know where in Cali he is NOW, as he's had to move I think 3 times in the past year due-to those blasted fires. Still have to send greetings/email to my brother in Michigan.

Speaking of fires, what about the purposely set-up explosion in downtown Nashville,TN! Someone had loaded explosives into an RV, and they said there was a recorded message coming from it that said there would be an explosion in (?) 20 minutes....which was at about 6:30 AM; there were 3 people injured, 20 buildings affected... So,there's another place I'm glad I don't live anymore!!! I would've heard it from where I had lived, maybe12 to 15 miles from downtown. Oh, what a world.

I told hubby that as a late Christmas present I would like one entire day to spend in my room without having to attend to Nannie, him, or the dog. When Ozzie barks, hubby doesn't seem to 'get' the obvious reason ... he wants to go out. Instead he gets told to "Hush! Shut-up! No Barking!" and that does not work.There have been two times in the last week when Ozzie flooded the entry-hall because of that and he wouldn't have if somebody had taken him outside promptly. So, guess who gets to clean it up? Yeh, me.

I want to organize the my piles of papers and receipts and whatnots, so there is "a place for everything, and everything in its place," .... probably a hopeful idea rather than an actual reality, because my last two attempts were curtailed, but that won't stop me from giving it the old college try again. I just don't have any place, or enough places to put things!!! I already have filed boxes under my bed, so I know I can corral like-things-with-like in an orderly manner...it just takes a while, or more likely a bunch of 'whiles' glued together. 

 I love my husband, I love our dog, but I yearn for a few long, quiet days A-L-O-N-E. Not permanently, but just a vacation from my usual chores and tasks.

Oh what a cheerful Holiday post. Well, whaddya gonna do ... it is what it is, and Christmas, after all, IS OVER! Good news is we have NO decorations to pull down and store away. YAAAAYYYYY!

Welp, going to sink in to a bunch of crossword puzzles; they take my mind off things and if I am interrupted ... which is frequently... I don't lose track of a plot or miss an important scene in a show on TV. Nannie just woke up and said, "Where is the bathroom in this place?" and "What time do 'they' serve supper here?" So, here we go again, more fretting about where she sleeps and she has to move her stuff so another person can move in. ***BIG SIGH! ***

Hope you are all having a decent Christmas that contains some joy and fun, warmth and contentment. If not, well, there's always those ever-so-reliable New Year's Resolutions ...😆  T'would be GRANDE to have 2021 become the total opposite of what 2020 was. Yeh, I know: DREAM ON!

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