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Friday December 24, 2021

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Good morning!

Joe, I'm sorry a change in plans disrupted your sleep. 

Stars, that's a great idea of re-wrapping an unused gift.  She's lucky you guys have stepped up to the plate to look after her.

J22 hopefully having the grandkids over will brighten up the holidays for you a bit.

Dianah, sounds like a nice lunch.  I hope you get the rain.  I heard California has been lifted from "extreme" to "moderate" drought.  Good news.

Work was really good yesterday.  We had good staffing and got no admissions.  First time in a long long time we got no admissions even from the ER.  All the surgeries were day surgeries.  Typical for this time of year for no one wanting to be in the hospital for an elective surgery.  

We had a nice potluck with tons of food and sweets.  Was great.

Something is going around, cold, flues and covid.  Nine people called out sick for night shift last night including one from my unit.  She sounded terrible.  She's not vaccinated but said she tested negative for covid returning from out of the country.  Several other coworkers have had colds the past couple of weeks.

I was going to spend time with family tonight but my niece tested covid positive this morning and everything is canceled.  Very mild symptoms and she's vaccinated.  I really think this variant is going to burn through a whole lot of us.  She's vaccinated as is her husband and children except her toddler.  She got the booster a few weeks ago and I'm glad she did.

Have a great Christmas Eve!



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Tweety glad work was good but sorry plans got canceled

Stars it's good that your and your dh take care of her despite little support from the rest of the family

NJ22 Christmas can be stressful for a lot of people, hope the  mindfulness helps

Dianah that was nice of your manager

I talked with dad and he's fine with me skipping the lunch, given how busy a day it is for me.  A big relief to be sure.

Work was fine too, helping with referrals for the first time, went pretty well, only a few hiccups here and there and went fairly quickly.  Rest of the day wasn't too busy.

J was feeling a bit under the weather so we canceled dinner plans.  He doesn't want to take any chances with his trip to PA on Sunday.  Hopefully he feels better by then.

Noticed I was slow to fall asleep again, so I got up and took some valerian and read a bit and went back to bed and slept pretty good.  I think I need to work on sleep hygiene, I noticed for quite some time it takes me quite a while to fall asleep and I still get up before the alarm.  Which means I'm going to bed too early and/or getting up too late.  Need to use those cognitive behavioral approaches to sleep that the counselor taught me but that I haven't used in quite a while.

Today will get out early to do some bird watching. Can't go to my coffehouse as usual, due to a staff shortage they're closed until Monday.  After lunch I'll stop at dad's to do presents, then to cousin's for dinner, then home briefly, then to church for the late service.  Probably won't get home until midnight.

Going to be quite warm today, in the 50s.  Thankfully the rain should hold off


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Hello all!  Happy Christmas Eve Day!

Tweety, good your shift was a GOOD one, for a change!

Joe, sad you had to cancel meal with J.  Hope he stays well for his trip.

We got a text last night: both youngest ds and his wife are sick at home with Covid.  They are vaccinated and were scheduled to get the booster next week.  Sore throat, coughing, runny nose.  Maybe mild fever.  I hope it's not a heavy case, and they can shake it soon.  But honestly, right before Christmas??  Poor things.  We will be checking on them as we can.  We are all speculating that it's Omicron.  Hopefully it will be like a heavy flu and then DONE.

Have a good day!

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Good morning, and Merry Christmas Eve!

We got a little snow this morning, with a little more expected overnight.  It's just enough to be pretty without being a nuisance. The puppy does not know what to make of the snow.  It's fun to watch him play in it.  My office is closed today and Monday.  It's nice to have a long weekend.  Tonight DH and I will celebrate Christmas Eve as many Jewish families do-with Chinese food. My DD and his eldest DD will come over.  My DD will bring her laundry, lol.  

Tweety-Sorry your holiday plans were cancelled.  I think we're looking at rough 6-8 weeks ahead.  I hope your niece isn't feeling too badly.

Joe-I hope your sleep gets better.  Have fun with your family today.

Stars-Nothing wrong with re-gifting.  I wish other family members would step up and help with Nannie.  Still, you can look yourself in the eye and know you're doing the right thing.

Dianah-I'm glad you're getting rain.  It's so badly needed.  I'm so sorry to hear about your family being ill with Covid.  I hope their symptoms stay mild.

J22-Hope the stress lessens.  It can be hard to enjoy holidays sometimes do to stress.

Hi Amo-Merry Christmas to you!

Wishing all a peaceful day and evening.


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Ho-Ho-Happy Christmas Eve! Glad it is finally here!

Tweety, I hope your co-worker and niece get better soon; being sick at Christmas is nooooo fun. The only thing worse was when my sister got the mumps and couldn't go out trick-or-treating! // It must have been a shock to have good-GOOD shift yesterday! I was really glad to read about it, because if anyone deserves an easier work-shift, it is YOU!!! // I am hoping that since none of us here are often out and about -- even less so than before Omicron started, that we don't 'come down' with anything. I guess that COVID will mutate hundreds of times before it wears itself out. I hate to think about Covid precautions becoming S-O-P forever! (S-O-P= standard operating procedures. < I added that just in case someone says "HUH?:")

Joe, Good you can skip lunch, as a crammed-full schedule is hard to deal with when so many places to go and people to see are planned. // I was thinking of finding J a sturdier constitution for Christmas ~ one without allergies ~ but I don't know what size he takes! I am not trying to be mean; I just feel very disappointed for you when your meet-ups are cancelled, // What kinds of tasks you will be doing as an 'assistant minister'? // It is frustrating to try to fall asleep when one is thinking about needing to fall asleep! I speak from experience. But the good thing was that last night when I was wondering when I'd quit thinking and fall asleep, and at some point the Sand-Man told me to shut-up, and pulled my brain out from under me. Next thing I knew was it was daylight!

BCg, Snow! I saw the photos on the news; looks like further North and East of you got a good bit more snow. I doubt we will see anything snow-ish here even after Xmas and the New Year, but I have been known to be wrong before! It's funny, since I moved down here, my winter clothes mostly have stayed in storage. 

Hey there, dianah! Is your husband going to Jamacazzammaron you awake on Christmas morning with a hearty banjo rendition of Jingle Bells? I hope not! // Sorry to hear your son and his family are sick for Christmas. Didn't Bing Crosby sing: "All I want for Christmas is ... NO COVID by any variant-name." (Or was that Mariah Carey?)

Now, as I sit here watching Nannie and hubby both asleep in their recliners, and Ozzie snoozing on the other end of the sofa, I wonder, WHY? Maybe boredom. Maybe depression. Maybe a belly full of supper. Or all 3?

We had take-out from Waffle House (aka 'Awful House')...decided to have breakfast for supper tonight. Tomorrow I will heat up the Mystery Bean Soup SiL dropped off over here, and make grilled cheese sandwiches. Found some really nice, flavorful GOUDA cheese with bacon in it, which ought to make delumpchyious sandwiches!

I'll bet someone a dollar that when I hit the Submit Reply button, I'll find a post from j22! // ----Uh-Oh, I owe someone a dollar!  J22 didn't post while I was typing this! Maybe she doesn't have her antennae up to tell her there is PC activity from me on AN in NC. 

Eeeenywayz, time to turn on the news and wake up these sleeping ol' so+so's.

Hope everyone's evening is just lovely, or at least tolerable!

Tawk witchoos'all tomorrow!

Ooops! Forgot to tell amoLu that Nannie got her card in the mail today and was quite tickled by it. Also, I mailed you a card today, but you probably won't get it until Tues/Weds next week, but that's okay because it isn't exactly a Christmas Card. 

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I got out and mucked the front lawn this morning.  As in: removed the burro poops!!  And I trimmed some of the overhanging bushes near where the trash bins reside.  When it's raining, or has rained, it is NOT pleasant to brush up against them and get water dumped on your neck!

Then I did a quick run to the store for a few things.  I will make a "cactus salad" to add to ds's gf's enchiladas tomorrow.  I have made it before, a few years ago, and it was tasty.  Canned nopales (cactus -- which is peeled and ready-to-use; looks like string beans!), tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, and a light olive oil/lime/oregano dressing.  I will also add some chopped radishes, for zing and more color.

Ds and his wife are doing OK, weathering the illness.  We will likely do a Zoom phone call tomorrow so both of the ds's can talk.   

There is a lull in the rain so far.  Apparently up in the Oak Glen area there are some mudslides, from the burned areas two years ago.  Not unexpected, but still, what a mess.

Have a good day!  I'm sure Santa is already on his way!!

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56 minutes ago, No Stars In My Eyes said:

dianah, You've had burros pooping on your lawn?

We have had an influx of burro herds, over the hills from the Reche Canyon area.  They have discovered our little city, and all the green grasses in the park and housing lawns.  Mostly we've seen them at the park.  But this morning found some burro poops, amid many small hoof-prints in the wet lawn.  I scooped the poops (we call it "mucking out the stalls")  and put 'em in the greens bin.  <sigh> I felt like I was right there in the nativity, in the manger...  😄


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Hi, and Happy Christmas Eve! I am plum wore out. Did a 3 mile run this morning, then battled our way through the grocery store. Then wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the gifts that dh has purchased, while he is off buying more! And then I made two pies, cleaned the kitchen, and then the bathroom. And I started some spaghetti sauce for dinner. 

I hope everyone recovers without incident from their COVID. It's just astonishing how it is spreading this week! 


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