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Friday December 21, 2018

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Good Morning!

Working today and off the weekend. We're getting about 5 admissions today. Most will go home over the weekend and Christmas Day will be slow.

Made reservations for New Years Eve. Going to "First Night" but finding a place to eat would have been a challenge. As it was I didn't get the time I wanted but took what i could get.

Had a weird dream that I saw my father collapse and said to whomever I was with "this is the big one, he's dead." and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning. Was able to get back to sleep. Never had a dream like that. He's 85 and sadly I think morbid thoughts but still.

Have a great day.

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Morning Tweety. I had an unusually vivid dream too, though it was the usual school dream about being unprepared for a test. Though in this version I actually got an F on the exam, which is new

Yesterday went fine at work, though I seemed tense much of the day. Perhaps it was just the previous work week, perhaps it was the fear that things would fall apart again. Hard to say. Perhaps that was the cause of that strange dream. Was also unusually aware of my tinnitus, which I normally ignore. Thought the sound had changed a bit but it could also be the tension

I'm thinking I'll be better once it's the weekend and the work week is over, but we'll see.

One of the two gifts I was waiting for finally came in, but the other one I'm still waiting on. Hoping it will be delivered today. Perhaps that's also a source of stress, since normally I have all the gifts ready well before Christmas

Choir practice tonight, an extra practice. I won't stay late this time, want to be home in case J calls. He didn't call last night so I want to be home if he's able to call tonight

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Good Morning, and Happy Winter Solstice!

Yep! Today marks the first day of winter. The only good thing about December 21st is that the nights will get shorter and the days longer.

Tweety - That's quite the dream you had. At the very least, it seems that you're worried about your Dad. I've had similar dreams in the past. Thank goodness they're only dreams. Hope work is kind to you today.

Joe - You too?!? Also had one of those "vivid dreams"?? You got an F on an exam??? LOL! For Years AFTER I graduated, getting my B.S. in Nursing, I had similar dreams, but they involved me writing a huge research paper at the LAST MINUTE!!! I had those dreams for YEARS (AFTER I graduated)!! Mind you, I received my B.S. in Nursing back in 1997! LOL! I've been having other vivid dreams as well, lately. I just don't remember them right now. LOL! Who knows why we have those vivid dreams. Simply, I do not take them seriously. (At least I'm not having those dreams where I'm flying around just wearing my underwear! LOL!) Hope all goes well with choir practice and that you get home in time to talk to J. :)

Last night I was On Call. Did NOT get called in, thankfully! Later this afternoon, I'm doing the 3PM to 11PM shift as Shift Director.

Yesterday early evening was eventful, though. My step-mother (my father's 2nd wife) was in the E.R. for heart palpitations. Apparently, she felt these palpitations while at home, called her friends who took her to an Urgent Care Center, and then ended up in the E.R. for further evaluation. Thankfully, she went to the hospital where my wife was working (in the O.R.). I contacted Amy who was able to take time and go down and see my step-mother. Long story short, my step-mother is fine. She was found to be in sinus brady/sinus rhythm, and all tests were basically negative. The only thing they found was that she was a bit dehydrated. So, they hydrated her. The MD said that what she felt was most likely PVCs, which were likely caused by stress and drinking too much caffeine. My step-mother said that she's been stressing over her car which has been giving her a whole lot of trouble lately. She also said that she drinks LOTS of coffee (and doesn't drink much water throughout the day). Once cleared by the MD, Amy drove her home to our house where my step-mother spent the night. Of course we've been pampering her. We've also been encouraging her to drink plenty of water, and discouraging her in drinking too much coffee! LOL! As a teenager, I grew up with my step-mother (my father's 2nd wife), and we've remained close all of these years. She's a wonderful and caring person whom I consider one of my close family members. My step-brother and I will be looking for a new car for my step-mother. After some discussion, Amy and I are willing to help pay for the monthly payments if needed.

Other than all of the above, I've been making DVDs and mailing them out to family and friends. I made another 10 DVDs last night while waiting for Amy and my step-mother to come home from the hospital. Gonna make another 10+ more DVDs after I'm done typing here. (My fat rear-end has been sitting in front of my computer A LOT, lately!! LOL!) :D

Cheers! :)


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Happy First Day of Winter!! Ironically, it's 62 degrees here today and monsooning. I look forward to the days getting longer.

Has been very busy at work. Today is my early day and I am out at 2. I will go to the gym and then who knows what.

Tweety-Glad you got your dinner reservation, even though it's not at a perfect time. Bad dreams about our loved ones are upsetting. I hope it's not weighing on you.

Ted-I'm glad step-mom is ok. It's so nice that you have a good relationship and you and Amy are able to offer some assistance. You're good people.

Joe-Sorry you had bad dreams, too. I hope you get to speak with J tonight.

Back to work! Hope all have good days.

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Good morning and yes, happy that Winter Soltice and longer days are about to begin.

Tweety - did you call your dad as soon as you woke up? That was my first thought.

Ted, glad step-mom is ok.

Just read my email and realized the Amazon gift card I ordered for my daughter will be sent here, not to her, and the time it will arrive is after we leave to see her after Christmas. Why didn't I look at the address . . . ?

I'm in a bah humbug frame of mind. I need to get myself out of that frame of mind. But it is so hard to figure out what to buy everyone. I wish Christmas were more like Thanksgiving, just getting together, enjoying a meal together, visiting.

Ok - I'll stop there.

You all have a good day. My goal is 4 miles on the treadmill so let us see how well I do with that.


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Hello, Our Trinity, and BCg! And Steph and herring who sneaked in whilst I posted...

The Main Pains reduced, in spite of Rain on the Plains. (Awkward song rephrasing!) Other odds and ends of twinges, small aches, medium aches... some are new, some have been with me all along. Overall, I am QUITE pleased! Did not get out of bed and immediately have to crouch over to avoid the lower back, sciatic, and right hip and groin pain. Post-procedure, they said, the pain(s) may continue or get worse for 2-3 days. Last shot took 2 days of reducing pain, 2 days of NO pain, and then it ALL came back. >>>This time I expect it to STAY gone!

Yesterday the recovery-room nurse had me stand up 30 min after procedure, and said, "How does it feel?" and when I responded, "Oooh, this is just LOVELY!"

she laughed and said she'd never heard THAT one before! But the relief, even then, really WAS lovely, by comparison.

Tweety, What a distressing dream about your Dad! I remember 2-3 years before my mom died, she had a very vivid dream that my Dad came to her in June of 2007 (he'd died in Sept '78) and smiled at her, saying, "We'll be gathering at the river this Fall." As in the hymn "Shall we gather at the river...". She was convinced she was going to pass that autumn, and then disappointed that she didn't. She passed in April of 2010 instead. So nothing of her dream was predictive. I have only had her in ONE dream, as a peripheral figure to the main part of the dream. Nothing terrible, just her usual self, good humored and pleasant.

I have worried a bit about what might happen if hubby passes before me or Nannie. I would be in a tangle if that were to happen. One, because I don't really want to have Nannie as my responsibility, and Two, this house is too big for just me, IMHO. We have GOT TO get to a lawyer to get our wills done! (And neither of us has Advanced Directives. Boo! Bad!)

If I pass first, the only thing I want FOR SURE to be given away (bequeathed!) are to my psychologist: all my boxes of notebooks and writings. She would be the only person I would trust with them, being as they are full of FEELINGS ("wo-wo-wo, feelings" --I really hate that song!;) ) and the poetry I've written since I was 20 y.o.; AND also 15 (yes FIFTEEN) college-size notebooks filled with vivid dreams and my interpretations made with help of 6 serious books about dream symbolism...(ie NOT the "Gypsy-Witch Dream Book" kind of crap.) She can either use my stuff as a case-study, or publish stuff and donate the proceeds (if any!) to some relevant charity.

The rest, I don't care. Step-dgt probably only will be interested in what might be worth some money, but she will be VERY disappointed, as most of my stuff is of sentimental value, and the rest is just things I've found humorous and/or interesting...and I have a WIDE variety of interests! Too bad, so sad.

I am going to shred papers, wash laundry, and probably go to Walmart with hubby for some groceries and Nannie's new med, a cream for the yeast-beasties under her breasts. About which she asked, "What is the stuff I'm getting at K&W when it's ready today?" [K&W is a cafeteria.] Anyway, she is making a list for us, which ought to be interesting.

I reckon I'll make this post one of my shorter-ish ones! :)

Hope you all have a nice, tolerable day!


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Hello all.

It is gray and gloomy here. Poured rain all day yesterday.

Please forgive me, if I have already shared this information, but normal yearly rainfall here is 40 inches. We are currently well over 70 inches. So the ground is really over-saturated.

Horses are standing in crap, again.

Put Biggie out in his new rain sheet today, as the one he wore yesterday was dripping wet. It is a very nice rain sheet. He looks handsome.

Ted, you are such a kind and loving soul. I never tire of telling you that because it is TRUE.

Glad you are feeling better, Stars.

Enjoy early release, BC!

You will find the perfect dinner spot, Tweety!

Talking about doing something with my nurse friend, but I am more than happy to stay home and watch Friday Night Lights.

Working tonight and tomorrow night. Off Sunday night and working Christmas Eve.

Have a great day!

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It's a plumb MACKERAL!!! :woot:

I am standing up straight and walking without a cane!


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wow, it's Friday AFTER work, AND Stars can walk without a cane!

It's good to be home, with tummy full and some time on my hands.

Dh will be leaving soon to go play bass with some friends nearby. They practice most Friday nights; this will be his second time playing with them.


Am tired. Will likely relax (when I'm done on the puter).

We will help with music tomorrow morning, then have nothing planned the rest of the day.

Yesterday we finished reviewing and editing the last of the 27 tracks we recorded in May.

Bass player had added guitar to some areas, mandolin to others, and his vocals to many of the songs.

We reviewed all tracks in four evening sessions.

The second session was the roughest. I don't know if I was more tired when we recorded the songs in that group, or what, but my vocals were painful for me to listen to.

The next two sessions went better.

Now he will "mix" the songs, ensuring the instruments and vocals' balance is good, and that no one or no instruments sticks out over the rest.

Will look forward to hearing the music post-mixing.

Ugh! 40% chance of rain on Christmas Day!!

For 30 or so years, Christmas Day has been clear and 72 degrees here.

Dh and I were going to go to Disneyland for the day.

But we are not excited about walking around in dapper clothes, in the rain.

May have to reschedule...

Will keep tabs on the weather widget and see if anything changes.

Have a good evening!

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