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Friday August 27, 2021

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Good morning.

Work was really busy with 8 admits.  They all stayed.  Today will be a mass exodus.  

I'm tired from a bit of insomnia.  Working today then off four days.  Looking forward to some rest.  

Have a great day.

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Tweety that's a lot of admits.  Glad you will be off for a few days

Ted it's good you have someone to watch Sedona

Stars it's been hot and humid here too

Amo it was rainy here yesterday, was rainy the last few days too

Yesterday, before the interivew, a coworker and I were complaining about the lack of case management jobs on the websites of major insurance companies in the area.  We wondered if we'd have to wait until our current employer has new contracts at the beginning of the year

Then I had the interview and it went well.  In fact a few hours later they requested a 2nd interview with their director.  Was told the final step would be an office visit to see how they actually do the work.  A good sign

And two places I contacted on LinkedIn want to talk, one today and one on Monday.  And I set up an interview for another position on Tues (it involves home visits, not sure I want to do that but will give it a try)

So hope is once again renewed 🙂

Managed to get to the grocery store and the pharmacy and the library and still miss all the rain

Work should be quiet today, have not scheduled much as I'm leaving early so I can do that after work interview (did a brief telephone interview with them Mon or Tues).  The other interview/pre interview I'm doing over lunch.

Tonight meeting J for dinner at our usual place

Weather here remains hot and humid. Hopefully the rain will hold off

And hopefully it wont' be hot or humid Sat, as we have the minister candidate arriving to do a service and a reception afterwards. We'd like to do the service in the sanctuary, but it's not air conditioned.  And doing stuff outside would allow more social distancing.  Another issue that has come up is that the village is holding a 5K that day and several road around the church will be closed, which could create parking difficulties as we have no parking lot



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Hullo. We had some nice gentle rain yesterday for about an hour, and a couple more hours this morning. Angus was quite annoyed and refused to go for a walk. Normally he is jumping and spinning when I grab the leash. I walked down to the auto repair shop, about 1 1/2 miles to retrieve one of our cars. They replaced the battery and cleaned the connections. $224 just for the battery! In the olden days, I would have done it myself, but everything in the car is complicated to fix, and I like supporting local business. I got my hairs cut yesterday, about 6 inches. It was all smooth and shiny, but with the humidity from the rain I look like Prince Valiant. I need to go to the grocery store but that would mean disturbing the snoring dog in my lap, lol. 

Tweety, I suppose if you are getting surgeries that means you don't have to float to COVID? But yeah, 8 admits is a lot. 

Joe, that is so encouraging that you are getting several replies. Of course, I would think that most organizations would welcome experienced nurses. I do occasional home visits--usually they are fun, but sometimes they creep me out a little. And it's a little depressing about how some are forced to live. 

Ted, I am sure you will  enjoy "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me". We listen to it on NPR every Saturday. It's a news quiz show with 3 comedians. I think it's hilarious. 

Amo, I know how you feel about giving up a car. We had car we bought new when our oldest was a baby, and then sold it once he and his 2 siblings had driven it while in high school. We had good times in that car, and it was hard to see it go. A guy bought it for parts. 

Stars, you may see a sharp decline in Nannie coming up. My dad was pretty stable for a long time, but then he got really bad, really quickly, especially when he started to wander. Gentle hugs to you. 

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Hello, and YAY it's Friday!!!

Tweety, enjoy your four days off!!!  Have you decided yet, whether or not you will do more OT? 

Ted, how was the performance?  From what you and nurseJ22 post, it sounds really good!

Joe, have you been impressed so far with one company/position over the others? 

amo, some 33 years ago a friend gave us an old, old clunker of a Chrysler -- 1960's --that we, in turn (when we moved back down to So Cal), gave to someone else for transportation.  I wish we would have kept it!  Push-button transmission, light blue in color...  it would have been cool to keep!  But, it went to someone who needed wheels at the time.  But, as you indicated, it's time for yours to go.   And, at least you get a little cash for it.

A bit belated, but here are two photos someone posted and I snagged them.  One, of us playing as a band on stage, and the other, a close-up of dh making his banjo sing!



 Have a good evening!

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Good Evening -

Unfortunately, this is gonna be a quick but warm Hello. . . 

At work doing an extra shift as Shift Director. So far, so good. (No one has said the "Q" word yet. LOL!)

Yesterday evening. . . We had a GREAT time visiting with our friends for a dinner out at a favorite restaurant, and watching "Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me" at Tanglewood! As I believe I shared here, I never heard their radio show on NPR before. Last night's show was my very first time listening (and watching!) them! Love their quick-witted humor, and general silliness!! It was our friends' first time hearing & seeing them, too! They loved the show too! It was a very nice evening out, for sure.

Today?!? While going grocery shopping, Amy had a flat tire to her car. That was not a happy moment for her. We have AAA ("Triple A"). They were responsive and helped Amy change out the flatted tire with the spare one. She then went to a near-by car-repair shop (A Firestone Tire and Care Repair shop, actually), and ended up needing to purchase a new tire. I was home, sleeping this afternoon, for all of this, unfortunately. Gratefully, all is well with her car at this point.

Nothing much else going on. I'm off from work Saturday and Sunday nights. If it doesn't rain, the plan is to mow our over-grown lawn. (Ugh!)

Hope have a Peaceful and Restful night! 🙂


P.S. dianah - Love the photos! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Edited by Ted

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Today I killed a "Cow-Killer" ant. Compared to a regular ant, these are black, with vivid red/orange 'trim' ... big and square like a science-fiction mini-tank; tough to kill. I stepped on him when he was on the patio cement, twizzled my forefoot around and back 1/2 a dozen times, and then dragged my foot along...when I lifted my foot off it, it was shredded into 3 pieces like some animal rolled by a semi-truck going 75 mph. I don't even like the IDEA of "cow-killers", never mind the reality of them!

j22, you've called it right, about Nannie's decline (mental), and she has had, according to her, a couple of falls. Tonight hubby tried to talk to her about her habit of ... when I leave the den and go upstairs... she gets up, like, at midnight, she gets completely dressed, makes her bed, and comes out to the den to sleep in her recliner. Don't know why she does that...she's been in bed all of two or three hours before I go upstairs. Anyway, when hubby started to talk with her about just, please, stay in bed to sleep. If it is light outside, then, okay, go ahead and get up. But doing it in the middle of the night, and having to get makes no sense at all. Welp, yup, she got very huffy with him, because, she said, HE was the one who wasn't making any sense, and then was just like it used to be.....Ah me, well the pseudo-normalcy was nice while it lasted. 😞

Weirdly, SiL called my hubby today and in the course of the 'conversation' he told hubby, "I just wanted you to know, I am not a crack-head."  {Oooooooookay, then!}

////[Like Nixon's  'I-am-not-a-crook' line. Showing my age here!]/////

It's getting late, well, not terribly, but I AM certainly tired! The Braves are playing the Giants, now going into the top of the 9th inning. Score is 6-4 in our favor, but there's still a little more baseball to be played so I don't know if we'll win or not. I'll give 'em about a half an hour to take care of biznezz,if they can, and then I'm heading up to bed to read more of that Michael Connelly mystery.



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