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Friday August 30, 2019

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Good morning!

Stars, good that you guys are moving forward with declaring her incompetent.  It's very important because so many people exploit elders financially and you need some legal ground to stand on to totally make her decisions.

Work was a mess yesterday.  I got report from the night shift:  he vomited, he hasn't peed but his bladder scan said 20 cc's (and I didn't do anything else), and I had to put him on oxygen (because he was short of breath) so I turned down his fluids.  Mind you he never called a doctor once.  The man was a hot mess, I immediately called the doctor and the RRT RN to come assess him and offer advice.  I popped an NG and got 1300 cc's out of his rock hard belly immediately and eventually 1000 more, put in a foley and got 200 and got a neprho consult and got some x-rays ordered.  The guy was hanging around and could tell I was a bit stressed about walking into this "what can I do, what could I have done".  Me, quite curtly "you can leave please, I got this and will use my resources and you're distracting me".  I stayed calm and said it quite nicely.  I'm not one of those "nurses eat their young" people.   He can be counseled by the manager or by me later but I couldn't deal with him.  Sadly as the day progressed he didn't get better, but didn't get worse....until around 6pm he dropped his blood pressure to the 70's, went tachycardia and even more hypoxic and urine output was zero.  Off to ICU he went.   I checked on him before I left and his creatine was way up and was in trouble and on pressors.  Hopefully he'll be okay.  I felt I did right by him but his night nurse did not and hope he can learn from this.

Sorry, needed to get out of my system.  

Today's my Friday.  I'm hearing the local stores are selling out of bottled water and food stuffs like bread for hurricane prep.  Fortunately, I have enough water leftover from Irma and bread for PB&J but no peanut butter.  They will come in handy should we lose power.  I'm not worried about it much but am dreading losing power.  I never did get any good lighting for the dark.  Oh well.  Will make due the best I can should that happen.   I'm very worried for the East Coast.  I'm on the West.  It's hugely developed and populated and will be a disaster for a Cat 4

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Morning Tweety, hope tonight's shift isn't as tough, and that the hurricane doesn't prove to be a major problem in your area

Work was fine yesterday, getting some additional clarification which was needed.  Hopefully today will be good as well

And a 3 day weekend after today

Got an email from church that our choir director is staying in Europe to take cate of her ailing father and won't be back.  We'll have a fill in organist for a while and post the position for an organist/choir director sometime in October.  So no choir for a while, though we might try doing a familiar piece on our own in a week or two

Tbh I wasn't completely surprised, the director had hinted at this in the spring

And tbh, in some ways I'm a little relieved.  My schedule has gotten busier, and choir takes up a lot of time, especially given the sometimes very challenging pieces we were doing.  I hope that whenever choir starts up again it'll be a bit easier.  We were all pretty tired when the choir season finally ended in the spring

Rest of the day was pretty normal, grocery shopping and exercise

Tonight meeting J at one of our usual places

Weather is getting warmer, with some rain possible over the weekend

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Hello this almost afternoon. 

The plumbing company had a guy knock on the door yesterday when I was going to meet a politicians staff regarding how to create more affordable housing. Husband was going to his lodge. He told us the Building and Safety inspection would be in a four hour window starting in 1/2 hour. We told him, "We were not told about that and have other things to do. The guy just said, "OK. Another day." Late I called an told the person who answered the phone to email or call us before sending someone out.

Also they still need to fix the hole in our wall before we pay the rest of what we agreed to pay. No one contacted us yet. It is up to them. We owe more than three thousand dollars, so I'm pretty sure that will get it done soon. The leak is fixed and if rain is predicted I can fix the hole.

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hullo, feeling not great today. I got a flu and a shingles vaccine yesterday, and feeling achy. And stomach is hurting. I feel guilty just sitting around, but just no energy today. I am sure tomorrow will be better. Dh got home last night. His flights were delayed so he got in at 11p instead of 10p. He was happy to feel the cool air when he disembarked. 

Gosh sakes, Tweety! Hopefully your manager can have a good talk with the night nurse. And hurray for your quick actions. I remember an instance where a post-op CABG (about 4 days, set to be dc in the am) became violently nauseous and c/o severe abdominal pain. Dr Horsesbehind Thoracic Surgeon tried to brush it off as constipation, but the nurse persisted. Transport was gone for the day, so I wheeled him to X-ray for an abdominal series, and the consulting general surgeon beat me to the floor to consult on his volvulus.

Joe, good luck with your choir. That's too bad that something that should be joyful has caused you stress. Yes to a 3 day weekend. 

Herring, that is ridiculous that the inspectors just showed up. Yes, indeed, don't pay in full until the work is done. 

Stars, your way of writing with an accent is reminiscent of the "All Creatures Great and Small" books by James Herriot. He used to "write" the Yorkshire accents. Also, a children's book series call "Mossflower" depicts various accents for the different woodland characters. And I like to include some of my mom's colloquiums and some local talk. I have been accused of having a Canadian accent, but I do not say "eh." Well, not much anyway. 

I am going to try a nap, if my tummy will settle down, bye. 

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Sunny, not a bit humid , blue-blue skies with nary a wisp'o'clouds anywhere....w/ projected daytime temps in the mid to upper 80's for the next three days! I think if we see a portion of the hurricane it will be rain at the end of next week. IF.

Nannie is living in her own little dream world, telling us of phone-calls she has made and rec'd, even though there is no portable phone near her and the landline up in the kitchen is semi-permanently off the hook (to keep from being 'sturbed by the robo-calls) per hubby's doing.

Nannie was in the habit of picking up any and all incoming calls, and talking with whomever an actual person might be on the other end of the line. Mostly because she LOVES to tell everyone how old she is! I think she is well-beyond being able to remember any pertinent numbers, bank,-acct, SS#, et.al., and would not be able to recount any info that might be requested. Still, it was irritating and scary that she would recount how, "This woman called me about my taxes, a credit card account."(etc) And the calls (and postcards) from everyone just dying to purchase her house immediately WITH CASH! She thinks they KNOW her personally and can't understand why they keep calling her! "Scam" is not in her vocabulary any more, nor "cold-calls", and she doesn't 'get' that mass- mailings go out to everyone, regardless.

So, now we ditch the non-necessary mail, and she has no access to a phone; it's nice to know it's all playing on the Dementia-Vision screen in her head. Yeah, because she'll tell us where she went yesterday with so-and-so, and what they did and what they said; it is incredible!!! She has quite a life up in that head! Scrambled as all get-out, but she's happy with it, most of the time. 

I asked hubby what it would take for him to go to see someone about his left knee, which is pretty much shot to H-E-two-sticks. His objections are that first he would have to go to his PCP,  then be referred to the bone-doc, then have to have a third appt made for an MRI, then go back to the bone-doc again, etc. He says all he wants is for them to draw some fluid off and then shoot it up with prednisone and lidocaine. Yeah, well, you have to go through "The Required Sequence" nowadays, especially if you don't know and/or have a history with any of the physicians.

I told him that in that case he needs to call on Monday for the 2 hr. appt. w/ Nannie and for us, so we can get in w/ an agency to provide a CG so we can each do the necessary driving for the other!!! So There!.

Meanwhile he is allowing me to put two capsaicin patches on his knee (either above and below the knee or vertically on each side). He will sit and elevate his legs sometimes, not as often as I'd like him to, but 'some' is better than not at all. He really needs to have it replaced, and then have the other knee replacement from 2004-2005 replaced. He tries to hide the limp; he doesn't often let on how bad the pain is. It doesn't stop him from doing his chores, but at least I can sneak in a vacuuming when he's outside. It's fortunate that he has a riding lawn mower, but he still is on his feet (IMHO) too much; PLUS we have all these stairs to go up and down! I would feel a whole lot better if he would get started on taking care of getting HIMSELF taken care of! He's not here to ruin his health taking care of his mom. 

Sample convo:

Nannie, to my hubby: Are you cold?

Hubby: No.

Nannie to me: Are you cold?

Me: No.

Hubby to Nannie: Are YOU cold? 

Nannie: Weeellllll, it's a little cool. 

He gives her the afghan. A while later, Nannie: I need to get something on my arms.

Hubby: I'll turn the A/C to a warmer temp.

Nannie: No-no, you don't need to get up.

Hubby: If you want it warmer, I have to go upstairs and change the thermometer.

Nannie: I wish you didn't have to get up. I'm sorry. I'll be okay.

While he was upstairs, Nannie said to me: I need to get up and get something to put on my arms.

Me: Do you want a sweater?

Nannie: You don't need to get up.

So I didn't. I hate the passive-aggressive, as opposed to someone just saying something directly, followed, which Nannie doesn't say, by the word "Please."

I will use the velvet-covered sledge-hammer on mother AND son if they don't straighten up!!! Now that *I* am feeling better, I plan on being a power to be reckoned with. L-O-O-K----O-U-T!!!!

j22, eh, eh? Up in N.E., it's 'a-yuh.' 


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Tweety, I read a short news bit about 200+ Whirlpool, and others, ceramic stove-tops being re-called for the 'habit' they have of spontaneously turning themselves on. A person doing the same is nobody elses' business, but I feel it is a dangerous warning that should be looked into by a recent owner of a new ceramic stove-top....

I don't know which kind you own, but when I read the item, my guts went "UH-OH!".

Hence, this post.


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