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Friday August 23, 2019

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Good Morning!

Joe, hope you can get the pharmacy issue sorted out easily.  

Ted, hope the four days go well.  I personally know too well what a grind that is.  Any chance of going on call with the med-surg nurses short?  I've said it before, your commitment to church in between 12 hour shifts is crazy.  

BC, glad the kid with the reaction is okay.  

Herring, the good news about having the bowel issues, is you discovered a leak before it do a lot of damage.  Too bad about the expense.  It's always something.

Stars, glad Nannie's settled down some.

Well the guy with the chest pain, normal EKG, and normal troponin had an elevated Troponin the next morning.  Had to transfer him to cardiac progressive just in case.  He said "I can tell I won't like it here, I miss you already" when I dropped him off.  We have a nice unit with nice people.  He still was totally asymptomatic but given his history he was in the right place.  Probably going to buy a cardiac cath while he's here.  

Today is Day 3 of five and thought I might be canceled because our census really dropped when we discharged a big bunch of folks and got only five in.  The likely scenario is when the nurse comes in at 11-7 whom isn't on overtime but had a doctor's appointment this morning, she'll take my spot and I will go home.  Fine with me.  If I work tomorrow I'll still have nearly 18 hours OT for the week.

We made the paper front page news when one of the CEO in the organization was fired.  He was the head of our six hospital collective.  They also decided to dig up some old bones to be extra critical.  Why this is front page news when CEO's of organizations come and go all the time, who knows.  But this paper really loves to dramatize our activity and find one disgruntled patient or coworker and runaway with it.   Anyway a couple of more local management was surprisedly fired today as well.  I feel bad for them but we're to top heavy anyway.  Us worker bees seem to be okay as they are hiring nurses still.  But I help but wonder what the future holds.  It's a bit nerve wracking for someone at my age.  I haven't gone back to the "should I stay or should I go" mode, but sad to witness.

Have a great day.


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Morning Tweety.  Hopefully you get called off today.  It is disorienting when there is chaos in the upper levels of management

Yesterday went fairly well.  Have noticed a bit more anxiety than usual not sure why.  Got to work early and left early so I could get grocery shopping done and exercise too, which I did

Today meeting J for dinner for the first time since left for CA.  Should be a more relaxed day than yesterday, less to do.

Weekend will be busy, but at least I have 3 days off next weekend

Cat is still doing better, hopefully the limp will be completely gone soon

Weather is quite nice here, will be in the 70s for the next few days with little chance of rain

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Tweety - Happily, I was On Call, last night! Did not get called in, either! (Woot, woot!) It is sad to read about the firings going on in your hospital. Must be crazy-unnerving! Hopefully those fired were the more "bad apples". Hopefully the firings that took place will lead to better leadership and choice-making for your hospital, its employees, and ultimately for the people in your community that it serves.  Our hospital's hierarchy has been there as long as I've been there, if not longer . . . going on 20 years. With that has come great stability, which is nice. However, our "DON" (not her actual title, but I forget her title), is going into to her late 60s, and has hinted at retiring. THAT would be significant, and not necessarily for the better.

Joe - Enjoy your dinner with J. Should be a nice time to unwind and relax. Nice to read that your cat is doing better.

It was nice being On Call, last night. It gave me a total of 8 nights off from work! Although, being On Call could mean that I get Called In, which can be unnerving sometimes because of that anticipation of getting that phone call. Still working the next three nights in a row, which, mentally, seems more "reasonable". Anyway, I got some good rest last night.

Today?? Well. . . the usual "sleep, eat, work" thing. I might spend some time outside tidying up our yard after all of the rainfall we've been getting. Specifically, our newly worked-on driveway needs some touching up from some slight rock & dirt erosion from the rainfall. The erosion is minimal. But with each rainfall comes more erosion. 

Nothing much else to share. . .

Hope all have a pleasant day, today! 🙂


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Glad the leak was found early because it could have destroyed our sub flooring and the hardwood oak floor I sanded and refinished in 2014. Except for a tiny part that got wet the floor is fine.

It is overcast this late morning so it probably won't be hot until afternoon. Then it almost always cools of into the 70's at night.

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We've been having the usual summer weather pattern: hot, sunny, humid; then late afternoon, and/or, evening thunderstorms. Tonight's was a bit odd, as there was a LOT of thunder, but WOW! the lightening seemed right overhead and the frequent flashes were astonishingly BRILLIANT. But barely any rain ... I'd call it an un-enthusiastic rain.


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