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Friday August 31, 2018

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Good Morning!

I started yesterday's thread but in the wrong spot. Again. It's been moved here if you care to read it.

Joe, hope the day went well and ended early. Hope you slept better.

Ted, hope your shift went well and that you have a good weekend coming up.

BC, enjoy the long weekend! Many of our departments are having a long weekend (forced) as well. I hope the ratio passes, maybe it will be the start of a wave around the country. How could people not support safe care? Oh wait, we live in a country where a sizable amount wants to even exclude people from getting that care, much less safe. Ugh...

Nel, glad you had a good night with the float tech. The techs can make or break you in our line of work. Glad to hear the suspended nurse is back. Funny you should mention Dolomites. I was just looking at a tour of Northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria...dreaming, but it could happen.

Herring, I have "old" dogs as well, but don't tell them. I keep getting notices that mine are unlicensed but they are licensed through the vet.

NSIME, LOL...that's all.

Happy Anniversary Dianah!

Had a busy day at work yesterday. I started with three patients got two in and discharged the three I started with. I left around 8:00. Woke up early again around 0430 and stayed up. Not sure what that's about.

Still trying to get my benzo renewed to help me sleep on those anxious nights. Got a text from my pharmacy that they still haven't heard from my doctor and that I should call the doctor myself. I did and got an answering machine yet again. I firmly said, "if he's not going to renew it, will you kindly call me and tell me??" and heard nothing. They are so inefficient. I see him in November so if I run out, I run out, I'm not going to try again. If he doesn't renew it, I'll understand but it would be nice to know one way or another. I really want it especially for when I travel so I'm not pacing hotel lobbies or strange city streets at 2AM due to restlessness.

Anyway, whatever. After today and this week of overtime I'm off for three days. Not sure what I'm up to, but sleep and naps. :)

Have a great day!

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Morning Tweety I hope you can get that renewal, it's too bad the office is so inefficient

Had a bit of a stomach ache last night and felt warm, so took half an Ambien to help me sleep. Slept great, though I don't want to make a habit of it. But after the poor sleep of Wed night I wanted to make sure I got some good sleep

Got through the day fine even with the early morning meeting, wasn't too busy. Was pleased, as the morning meeting had run long as I was afraid that would set me back

Did the grocery shopping last night and went for a walk, given how cool it was

Tonight will meet J at one of our usual places

Glad for a 3 day weekend

Weather will be getting warmer and more rainy

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Morning all!Crisis time here! One of the RNs in clinical haematology has a major birthday and mixed messages were sent about who was arranging cake. Everybody seems to have assumed they were on cake detail, so there's a basically a mountain of Sponge. Obviously, I'm helping out as best I can with that.Catching up with everybody's news...Tweety, you've reminded me - I should look at my online competencies. The list gets longer every year. Feel your dilemma re. your doctor. My GP surgery used to be a father-&-son partnership - now they're part of a group and it just seems to be a revolving door of locums. Fortunately I haven't needed to use then for anything other than routine check-ups.Nel, the bookclub mention reminded me of something I've noticed - we all seem to be readers here. Always a good sign, I reckon.Ted, I had zero time for musicals. Just left me cold. (and if I'm honest, I was a bit snobby about them.) But my better half prevailed on me to come along and see 'Chicago' with her, and I thought it was just great entertainment. High-fives to NSIME & Dianah for pulling extra duty. I reckon there's still a public perception of nursing as one of those professions in which people are willing to go the extra mile. Whenever we have to stay late I think of it as giving that reputation a little polish. (I find that's a more positive way to think of it, as opposed to; "surprise surprise, dumped on again")It's a pile of admin to chew through for me this afternoon, and then out for a beer after work.Enjoy the weekend!

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Good morning all!

Will likely work short again today, though it is FRIDAY!!! and we will get through it!

As long as the work gets done and the pts are safe.

Making this brief, as I want to get in a little early and work on a couple CM issues before I "man" the Stress Lab.

Mornings are cooler and getting light later, so we know Fall is on the way.

I always say, we have 2 weeks of spring, 2 weeks of Fall, 2 months of winter (OUR winter, not a real season!), and 9 months of summer here. :D

Little doggy got dh's ribeye bone last night and he was VERY happy!

I will have leftovers for dinner tonight: blackened salmon and veggies. :)

Have a good day!

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Good Morning Campers!

We woke up around 8 AM to a phone call from the dog groomer, who has 3 children, all of whom (ages 3-8) are puking and having diarrhea. No dog baths today! Rescheduled for next Wednesday.

Tried to creep around quietly, getting our coffee and sneaking out to the back patio to enjoy the cool-ISH air before the humidity rises. ALAS, Nannie awoke and got up as well. SIGH. This morning as she read her paper, she shared with us all the assaults, gun-fights, drunken driving accidents, and THEN!!!...Then read to us the obituaries of 5 people we did not know, ages, cause of death (if mentioned), services dates and times. Why, why, WHY?

I 'suddenly' recalled I had not made my bed, and escaped upstairs. Hubby decided he needed to mow the grass with his new riding lawn-moaner. Only the dogs didn't feel the need to go elsewhere.

Oh, speaking of dogs, did I mention that yesterday when hubby and I went to his endocrinology appt., Ozzie "barked for two solid hours", according to Nannie. I don't doubt it. He is one 'consarned' stubborn dog and will wear a person down by outlasting their tolerance for noise. She couldn't figure out what he wanted or needed, and of course, who is going to listen to her peepy little voice? The dogs do not understand her at all when she talks to them, either.

Guess next time we have to be out, Ozzie will get a dose of his "Calm Down" drops. MAYBE that will help.

Okay, then, since the Publishers Clearing House van does not seem to be in my driveway with The BIG Check made out in my name, I suppose I ort to go on some errands. Whoopie!

Y'all have good weekends!

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Happy Anniversary, Dianah!

Lucky, lucky, those who have a long weekend.

Surprise, surprise! I didn't wake up in time to go to 0800 Competency Skills Lab.

Oh, well, another time!

One of my favorite childhood memories, Phil, is going to our little local library with my older sister, and taking out my own books.

I loved the smell of the library. I loved seeing my library card fill up with stamps.

I still love the library!

Our next book, is by Ta-Nehisi Coates: We Were Eight Years In Power.

I am excited to read it, as I have heard Mr. Coates on NPR, and think him a great mind, but I have never read him.

I had a dream last night, that I was packed and ready to leave for the airport, on a trip to London, but found my passport had expired.

Yikes! What does that all mean?

Low key day for me. Biggie is covered in mud. I may try and bathe him.

The girls at the barn went to see male strippers the other night. They were so excited. They asked me to go. I had to work, but also said: I see more naked bodies on a daily basis than I care to see. No thanks.

It is sad, but I equate naked bodies with having to clean pee or poop!

Have a great day, all.

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Well today I plan to complete the errands I started yestrday.

Just after posting I received a call that step-Mom said she felt,

Not good" and refused to eat breakfast. Her BP was high. The caregiver had given her the BP medication that had been held for a SPB under 110 since she moved there the first of August. I called her new physician to relay the information and she said to bring her in.

So I did that and her medications are adjusted. The anti seizure medication and that BP med are discontinued.

Thankfully she was mostly cooperative until soon after we got her back to the assisted living home.

Today is emotional for many of us. I'm listening to Aretha's funeral on the radio. Smokey Robinson already spoke and sang. Her grandchildren spoke well and now a niece is speaking.

Many are saying Aretha was the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. Her amazing voice, seemingly miraculous "Soul" vocals hitting the perfect note in and around the melody, and perfect combination of emotion and musicianship have never been surpassed.

We all continue to be blessed with her music.

But it took many voices singing together to achieve the civil rights laws.

I remember Bernice Johnson leading a crowded houseful in "We Shall Not Be Moved" at my only non violence training. (Please forgive me for repeating for new members that on the day the men who beat Rodney King were found not guilty that training had me singing that aloud in my car thirty years later. I knew if I was singing that song others would be violent. That was when the 1992 LA riots started.

She later sang it at the "March on Washington". She was the first person to sing the "We are Nor Afraid" verse to "We Shall Overcome" at age 15.

Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, Peter Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, and many others led and joined in to keep spirits up and endure. And that is just those who were young then. We has the Clara Ward singers, Mahalia Jackson, and other amazing voices to inspire us.

After that 1963 performance you cna see and hear Bernice and the current Freedom Singers including her husband and her wonderful Daughter Toshi (on guitar

PS: Just a photo of my husband and a friend at the Renaissance Fair:


Edited by herring_RN

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Nel, I wrote about my childhood library, maybe here, maybe on another thread. It smelled great, too: wooden everything and all those books! It was a lovely aroma to me. I would get 5 books, the # that could fit in my bicycle's basket. I'd arrange them so the spine/titles were facing me, and I swear I spent more time re-reading the titles than watching where I was going. Which one would I start with? The anticipation! Anyway, I also had a fantasy that when I grew up, I could live in the Bookmobile. No, not to drive around to other communities for people to borrow books ... the books would be mine, ALLLLL MINE!!!! (Bwooaahahahaha)

Baseball game's not until 7:30. Maybe Nannie will nap for a while now that she's had lunch. One can always hope.;)

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Ah yes, the aroma of books. I remember being the first one in my 1st grade class to obtain a library card. I would check out what the max allowed was. And the bookmobile from the county library came to the school once a month, and I would get whatever I could there. My parents did not see any reason to purchase books, so we didn't have many at home, however we had the World Book Encyclopedia set, and I would read those. Dd owns many, many books, so if I am looking a recent best seller, I can often borrow it from her.

Anyhoo, today is a lot of accomplishing not much. I have been working with the long time TB nurse, as she will be out two days next week, and I need to be up to snuff. Met with the communications director about a newsletter we traditionally put out every quarter and I think I am more confused than ever, about list serves, and linking documents, and different venues and audiences. Looking forward to a long weekend.

Herring, it does seem that Aretha is having a fitting send-off. I saw a wee clip on Twitter this am of the Buckingham Palace Guard band playing "Respect" as a tribute. Thank you for sharing the video.

Ooh, Phil, such a pity about an over-abundance of cake. I wish I could help out. Especially on the chocolate, nom, nom.

Dianah, your season description reminds me of something folks of Idaho said: 9 months of winter and 3 months of darn poor snowmobiling.

Sigh, I best get back to work....


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Got off work on time today, yay!

dh and I had our leftovers and watched 1/2 a Poirot episode from Season 13 (the last season).

Lil Nel, I'm afraid your literary tastes are more sophisticated than mine. ;)

I do enjoy hearing about what y'all are reading!

When we visited my grandparents or aunt/uncle in the summers, north of Sacramento in farm country, we'd also visit the little town's library.

Walk up the eight or so steps with a wide banister on each side, and enter the old building.

And to choose any books I wanted?? HEAVEN!!

Like you, No Stars, i'd pack them all in the bike's basket and ride back to aunt/uncle's house, and enjoy enjoy enjoy those books!

I just looked it up: the library opened in 1916, was used until 1983 when a newer building opened. It is currently being used as an office.


We practiced a few songs for tomorrow night's Jamboree at Oak Glen.

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning!

Have a good evening/sleep!

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I wish I could post a photo of the unusual building that contained our library, as well as (when I lived there) town government offices and police dept., with an auditorium where I've seen several talent shows, several minstral shows and where they held the story hour on Sat. AM's, the reading lady dressed like a 'princess' with wings and a halo and pastel afternoon tea-gowns with a lot of netting to increase the puffiness of the long skirt.

It is the T.O.H.P. Burnham Libtary in Essex, Massachusetts, if anyone cares to have a look. Not only is it an odd looking building, but it used to be painted a kind of dark mustard yellow, with brown trim. Kind of endearingly ugly.

(The letters stand for the name of Mr.Thomas Oliver Hazard Perry Burnham)

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