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FMD IN Children

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This story is my personal experience as a nurse and a family member. As this is Stroke awareness month, it will be a good time to tell my story. Hopefully it will also make nurses be informed of something that is not seen often. In this way perhaps you will better be able to assist your patient in obtaining the proper treatment.

January 17th, 2010 my once healty, very athletic grandson Jeffrey was out side with his friends sitting on the trampoline when he became dizzy and then deverloped an headache. In an effort to get up and go home, he found that his left side was not working. Jeffrey tried to tell his friends that he was going home because he had a headache. Per his friends, his speech was slurred and they had difficulty understanding him. Jeffrey got up, but fell landing on his left side and also causing a dislocation to his left shoulder. His father took him immediately to the local emergency room.

At the time because he had been on a trampline, it was assumed that he had fallen and had a closed head injury. CT of head was negative. T-spine CT was negative. Mean while he had left side paralysis, slurred speech, confusion, and facial drooping. Our family felt that he was having a stroke; however the Doctor was certain that 14 year old children did not have strokes.

After test completed he was transfered to a medical center pediatric ICU, where it was thought that he was having hemorragic migraines. The following day, twenty six hours after the onset of symptoms after an MRI was completed we found out that our Jeffrey had a large right frontal lobe CVA. He aslo had a angiogram which showed that he had FMD( fibromuscular dysplasia) which had been the cause of his sever stroke. To this day, I do not think his mother or I will ever forget the look on the radiologist face when he told us this news.

Today after rehab our Jeffrey has no use of his left arm, foot, and only slight use of his ankle. He does walk with a brace in his shoe. Our once very healthy young boy now has a life altering change in the way he lives. He plays sports with an adapted sports group call the Houston County Sharks here in Warner Robins,Ga. Their team has just won three back to back State Championships in Handball,Basketball, and Football.

This experience has taught me that anything is possible and to be alert to the unexpected. FMD is a disease that can affect any vessel in the body and is more common in young, healthy women. Jeffrey fell into the 10% of young males that get this. It is more common in the renal system,but can affect the brain, carotids, stomach.

As a nurse this has certainly taught me to be more open minded. There are many diffrent diseases that you may only see once in your life. FMD was a new experience for me. Being in the medical profession for over thirty years, has taught me many things. So for my fellow nursing friends please be aware that stokes can happen to anyone at anytime. It is with this new found knowledge that I share this story and hope you all gain a new respect stroke victims. Most Sincerely,

Jamie Cribb RN and grandmother to one very special young man.



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