1. I am thankful I have a full time job that pays well and health insurance. However, I am in my fifties and so tired of still having to worry about money. I put 10 percent a pay in my 401 and another 200 in my savings and 100 in a christamas club to pay taxes with and still I feel like I never can get caught up. We own our home and have a car payment of 250, but it is just always something this week is a plumbing issue and the car is making a funny noise and of course we bought a reasonable priced used vehicle.
    Just tired and feeling like I am the only like this even thought I know I am better off then many
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    You know, I used to think those things were important too, but my perspective has changed a bit in the past few months. Now I'm in my mid-50s, living in a rented house, with no savings, no 401 (K), and no health insurance. I work only part-time because that's all I can handle, and my husband was diagnosed 10 days ago with stage IV pancreatic cancer, which is creating a mountain of debt I'll never be able to pay.

    So yeah, I think I can relate to being worried about not having enough money. Best of luck to you in solving your financial problems.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    We are middle-aged as well and for most of my marriage my husband was a private contractor (farming, logging) and we had no retirement plan. I was a stay-at-home mom for the first 10 years or so of my kids' lives and then became a nurse. I do have some money in my 401K and my husband now works for the mosquito district so there will be a little retirement there but not much as he came to that job late in life (he turns 60 this month).

    We met recently with a financial counselor who is helping us. I know though - every time we tried to save money, something would happen and it would be handy to use the saved money to fix it. I guess we are lucky in that we did have some money saved.

    I'm feeling tired and wishing I didn't have to work at all. So, you are not alone.
  5. by   azhiker96
    Three and a half years ago my wife and I were both working as nurses, in debt to our ears, and slowly sinking further. A friend that we know through a medical mission suggested we take Dave Ramsey's course. There may be other courses around, I just don't know. However, taking this course helped us get control of our finances and organized and focussed to pay off our debts. We still have a mortgage but that is next on the list of things to pay off. We can't stop working yet but we can see that day on the horizon.
  6. by   StNeotser
    I think that most ordinary people are going through what you are, Suni. As Viva expressed in her post, good health is paramount. I have this and consider myself lucky. We are currently experiencing a pay freeze at work, yet all my bills only go up. Particularly insurance, car insurance, health insurance, home insurance.
  7. by   imintrouble
    Pensions. Like my Dad had. Work the same place for 40 yrs, retire and draw a company provided pension. That's how my parents retired comfortably.

    There aren't very many people that work anywhere for 40 yrs, and pensions are like dinosaurs.

    I'll work more, and save more, and it seems that more just breaks down.
    The lawn mower blew up, and the car broke down. That's just this week.