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Female Doc Hitting On Me??

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You are reading page 3 of Female Doc Hitting On Me??. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

A MAN with a woman doctor, he, he, he IS NOT WORKING EVER! And I will explain you why! Because MEN have BIG MOUTH ALWAYS, special when is a relation with a doctor or a "NAME". Just in dreams you could belive that A MAN could keep a relation "PROFESSIONAL". Their brain is in another way builded, at a chit-chat beetwen men, what is the most prove of macho power than to show-up your relation with a DOCTOR-WOMAN, the macho

RN-MAN , little "dirty secret"... is about POWER, diverted in another way....men power, damn it!

With an RN woman and an doctor RN woman is in another way, two woman ALWAYS cover their relationship because they know what they have, is not about SEX, is a "little bit more, lol" than a friendship, is about trust and protection and cuddle and hard way to found it :banghead::D. Show me one man who can do it and HE is the man, lol.

I am biased I know, I always be, life show me that I have right.... if you find "Mister Right" told me, loooool, he is not borned yet, he, he, he! :chuckle:chuckle

I'd have to disagree here. That's not the case always. It's a stereotype by most people. There are two sides of a coin.

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I don't understand your post. Perhaps if it was written in English it would make more sense. By the way, my wife is a doctor AND a lawyer and our relationship works beautifully!

Cool! Your wife has two excellent titles! You are a very lucky guy...

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