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Fake news

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So, with all the clamoring about “fake news” from trump and his minions (sorry bob & kevin) on the right, i came across this article on the msn news aggregator:

“Rachel Marsden: Can American politics move beyond partisan hysterics?”


She sows confusion and gaslights by inverting reality with how trump has actually acted. 

Another advantage Trump has over the Democrats is an unwillingness (or perhaps inability) to fall into line with establishment conventions and limitations. Trump may be thoroughly testing America's democratic institutions, but he's also fulfilling his campaign promise to fight the establishment and the status quo.” 😳

She completely ignores the current pandemic but instead refocuses on what led to the impeachment. 

Trump is accused of withholding military aid in order to pressure newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Democratic front-runner Joe Biden and his son, and to announce the investigations in an interview on CNN. The idea of Trump using a foreign leader as a puppet to smear a political opponent and insisting that it be broadcast on a network Trump routinely accuses of "fake news" is quite something.” 🤯

But here’s the best part. She writes for sputnik france. Yep, the news organization literally owned by the russian government. This is russian disinformation not hiding inside anonymous facebook posts but put out in public to become talking points.  Trump has been a goldmine for putin, so expect a more vigorous attack for the upcoming election cycle. 

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Thanks for sharing. 

Reading that link reminded me why I don't typically choose to read that sort of thing. 

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