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10 facts about yourself

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1. My dog is gorgeous and loving, but dumb dumb dumb. She went out the back gate, through the alley, around the side, and forgot how to get home. I found her looking through my neighbor's gate at me and our yard, as she was "caught" in the neighbor's yard, whining and shaking in fear. My kids got a talking to about CLOSING THE BACK GATE!!!! (That happened five minutes ago, so forgive the excitement of #1.)

2. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth. My hands aren't small, and my mouth is huge.

3. I inadvertently put my 10-year old's shoes on the other day. And they fit. I nearly cried. They grow so fast.

4. I am really bad about answering the phone. I owe a call to one of my brothers, and I'm quite sure it will start out with his berating me that he can't get a hold of me, and that makes me put it off even longer. Vicious cycle.

5. My favorite color is purple, and I found that out when one day my husband said, "Most of your clothes are purple or black." I don't intentionally do that; it just happens.

6. I am a night person. My body clock would ideally have me sleeping from 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. My father (RIP) and one of my brothers are the exact same way.

7. I don't cook; my husband does.

8. When I cry, my hazel eyes appear very green. I've read it has to do with how the light filters through the tears of some people who have hazel eyes.

9. I hate shaving my legs.

10. I am terrified of deep water, but I'm ok if I'm in a boat. I attempted to conquer it while riding a jet ski, but I could handle only five minutes or so before I had to come back to shore.

Mine too, mine aren't exactly hazel I don't think. I often get told they are a very uique color, they look more like a yellow brown (I know similar to hazel) but they are often assumed to be brown until people see me up close, when I cry or now trying to wear contacts where they water more, they take on a green tinge.

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My son once called my eyes a "maple" color......sort of a light, warm brown. They actually are hazel, but depending on what I'm wearing they can be brown OR green, although in my photos they always appear brown.

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