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Domestic Terrorism

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44 minutes ago, SC_RNDude said:

So, if you had never been fined you would still not be wearing a seatbelt?

If someone doesn’t lock their guns because they don’t think their child is going to get to it, is the threat of going to jail if their child does get to it and does harm going to change their behavior?

How can I possibly answer that question?

I obviously can't.

As I stated twice before, the fine changed my behavior.

I don't possess a time machine, to allow myself a redo in the past.

Do you?

Why on earth would parents choose to not lock up the guns because they "don't think" their child will get to it?

Seriously flawed thinking.

After all, parents are instructed to lock up medicine cabinets and household cleaners because it is expected that curious kids will get into things, and they do.

Are guns less lethal than OTC medications, and household cleaners?

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16 hours ago, Lil Nel said:

Please clarify your last paragraph.

I understand RI is one of two dozens that requires physicians to drug test pregnant women, if drug abuse is suspected, and as a result, those women will be sent to the head of the line, for inpatient treatment of chemical dependency.

Treatment is not the same, as imprisonment.

To help me understand your point, please clarify.


Substance abuse during pregnancy may be grounds for criminal charges of child abuse in many states, including  NH and RI.

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