A few years ago I posted about what some people in South Los Angeles did when street gangs were terrorizing their neighborhoods. Gang members with illegal guns were killing people every day in their neighborhoods. Also innocent Black teens and young men were sometimes killed by police who thought they were gang members up to no good. About fifteen years ago they decided enough was enough and decided to do something about it. The following video is from one of their first meetings:   Those people began a system of reporting crimes they witnessed to police anonymously, giving description, name license plate and description of the vehicle and shooters ASAP. Previously people were too afraid their family members would be targeted as snitches by the gang. Also they reported any people who had been found guilty of a crime that they knew had a firearm or lived in a home where there were guns. Because of these citizen activists hundreds of gang members have been arrested for illegal possession of a firearm. Those not in the country legally were reported to ICE. Others went to prison. Gun violence continues to decrease in urban areas of California, most apparent in Los Angeles. Total gun deaths continue to decrease, but there is an increase in rural communities.  
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