Wednesday May 16, 2018

  1. Good Morning!

    Joe hope the tinnitus is better and that you got some sleep.

    Nel, I wish I was there to help. All I would need is a cup of coffee. It will all work out for you I'm sure. Moving, house sales, closings (even refinancing) always has glitches up to the last minute. You really should have a credit card, even if it's one with a small limit. Or like I do and use my debit card when a credit card number is needed. Maybe when you move open up a bank account and get a debit card...even if you never use it. It's been an issue before for you more than once and who needs that kind of hassle?

    Ted hope the back to back shifts are "Q" for you.

    Nel, hope you had a nice yoga class. The class I go to has no music. I'm missing this week though. I'll probably feel it when I finally do go back. I lived in Atlanta for five years and it does indeed for a Southerner "have a winter" albeit one with not a lot of snow. One year the pipes in my apartment burst when most of us went home for Christmas. I've been a Floridian too long to tolerate cold weather below 70 for long. LOL

    Dianah, hope you had a good day as scrub nurse.

    J22, 80's is perfect weather to me and you don't hear many complaints of people being miserable in the 80's. When it's 90's and "feels like 105" because of the humidity of the summer, people complain. LOL

    BC, hope the day wasn't too crazy in allergy land.

    Had a fitful night of sleep and around 2AM was wide awake. Think maybe a nap ruined me, but I didn't sleep well the night before. Finally gave in and took 1/2 of sleeping pill and fell asleep for four hours. Now I'm groggy at 6AM but at least I got some sleep.

    Supposed to continue to have a good chance of rain every day for the next week much like our rainy season which usually doesn't start this early, but is welcome.

    The meeting was a bit boring and I'm not sure what the takeaway was except that we are not doing things consistently across the board and should fix that, Not sure why when each unit is unique and has different needs.

    I found out corporate people are here interviewing RNs about why nurses are leaving and what ideas we have for retention. My interview is scheduled for Thursday. I might or might not go. They said our retention rate is 25% but that it's above the rate of 18% ish nationally. I was shocked by this and looked up and some studies are indeed showing this. Had no idea it was so bad.

    Went to see the movie "Lean On Pete" which is a slow moving indie movie that was pretty good. I thought the movie would be more about a boy and his horse, and it was, but mostly it was about the boy and the horse wasn't in it towards the last 1/4 or so of the movie. Nel, I can understand why as you wouldn't go and see the ugly side of horse racing. I wanted to see Avengers actually but best friend didn't. Had pizza for dinner and I over ate as I tend to do with pizza and gelato afterwards. I tried their "plant based gelato" which was made from coconut milk and it wasn't too bad. Good to see vegan options springing up in places that aren't vegan even though I am not vegan myself.

    Today I need to go to the gym and work off this pizza. I usually work today because I worked Sunday Mother's Day instead. I work tomorrow, off Friday and then the weekend and back to my normal schedule.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Tweety

    With the help of Benadryl I slept good last night.

    Think the tinnitus is getting better, it's probably exacerbated by the really bad allergy symptoms this year. Hopefully allergies will settle down as I try different meds to find a combination that works. Felt a lot better once I realized what the cause was

    Work was fairly busy but better than yesterday

    Met J for dinner last night as his landscaper is coming over tonight

    Pick up my car this morning before work will glad to have it finally back

    Tonight is choir practice. Think we only have a few more of those
  4. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning Tweety and Joe.

    Hope you got your car back, Joe.

    I was surprised to read that you went to see Lean On Pete, Tweety!
    You made me laugh because you mixed me and Stars!

    The rescue texted me three updated pictures of Justice. He looks great! He has gained weight, his coat looks shiny and bright, and he looked contented.

    He has had one surgery for the prolapsed penis, due to frostbite, and may require another.

    His liver supplement arrived yesterday, and they want to keep him on it for 60 days, and then pull blood, and see where he is at.

    Big Boy has fungus on his back legs (from humidity), and I mixed mineral oil and Listerine, and coated his affected areas with the mixture. I got diaper rash cream to put on today.

    Thunderstorms overnight did little to help with humidity. More thunderstorms for the next three days.

    Have you ever done the Scales pose, Tweety? We had a substitute instructor yesterday, who tried this pose on us. It went over like a lead balloon.

    You lift all of your body weight from a cross-legged position, using blocks to balance.
    I attempted once, and realized if I did more, I would be too sore to work tonight.

    Safe travels.
  5. by   BCgradnurse

    Another crazy day. Joe can attest to how bad allergies are, which is why I'm so busy. Today is DD's 22nd birthday, which is hard to believe. She stopped by my office as she and a friend went to a fancy-schmancy gourmet donut shop nearby. I confess to taking a bite of a vegan Key Lime donut. It was delicious! Today is Niko the cat's 1st birthday. I don't want any bites of his birthday treats!

    Gotta get back to charting. I'm way behind. I did read everyone and hope you are all well.
  6. by   Ted
    Good Early Afternoon -

    Just woke up from First Sleep. Thought I'd do a quick but warm Hello before I ate some kind of lunch then go back to bed for Second Sleep.

    Work was a steady busy. . . not too "slow" (although work can NEVER be too slow! LOL), not too "fast", but "just right"! LOL! Probably looking at the same level of work tonight.

    Had crazy weather yesterday afternoon with high winds, thunder & lightening, and drenching rainfall. Apparently there was a tornado that touched ground about 30+ miles to the south of us! Gratefully, such level of destructive winds missed our area. But our teeny-tiny hospital was on "Annex W" (high alert) for really bad weather. Although rare, tornadoes have been known to form in our general area of the country. But. . . Wow! Just. . . Wow!

    Hope all are SAFE. . . and that work is kind to you all. . .


  7. by   Lil Nel
    Happy first birthday to Niko, BC. And happy birthday to DD. That donut must have been awesome. Yummy.

    Seems as though you got some of the bad weather that hit NYC, Ted.
  8. by   dianah
    Disappointed I have reached the end of this morning's natter (yes it is a real word!).

    More later.
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Good Afternoon!

    Hubby got home at noontime, and it was so nice to have him back here, even if it is only for tonight and part of tomorrow. He had been gone longer this time than previously, and the dogs were ecstatic to see him! I was, too, but I didn't wiggle, jump, wag my tail and bark!
    While he is here he is going to go through the stuff up in his shed, tools and whatnot; gather up what will have to go on the truck, and he also said he is going to jam-pack the car (using his mom's sedan) with his pipe collection, guns, clothes, etc.
    We may have to leave a few things behind that we weren't planning to, but there's not anything we REALLY want that we can't take. Both the Colleges and High Schools are out, so calling a counselor to find some strong bodies is also out. Push comes to shove, we could probably ask a church, maybe even the one Hubby used to attend, to call a few folks they might think able to ass't us with packing the truck up here, and maybe some folks at hubby's Mom's church to unload down there.
    Shortly, I have to go to the CU for some cash, 'cause there won't be NO cooking going on here tonight ... we'll be doing some kind of take-out. When I get back, hubby and I are going to go put down a deposit on a truck so it will be sure to BE there for us next Thursday!

    Poor old Tweety has suffered a senior moment once again. That's okay. If I have to be 'mistaken' for somebody else, Nel's not too bad of an alternative. Besides which, once I read what follows the name, I know he's tawkin' ta ME!

    Mo' laydah ...
  10. by   herring_RN
    Hi. Just busy, but OK.
    Step-Mom refuse to go to the ortho clinic yesterday. No pain. Denied being sick. She cursed at the PA who she really likes and who cared enough to try to convince her to go.
    Napped 1 1/2 hours and said she was ready to go. I told her the appointment was cancelled.
    The PA got her an appointment for Monday. She said, "How to I know how I will feel Monday?" She is angry she can't have an afternnon appointment.
    My sister and caregivers will have to deal with that. The new X-ray results shw a fracture of the ball of the humerus and torn tendon.

    She is apologizing to everyone she was rude to yesterday, but will not promise to go. I told her if she is too sick to go to the doctoe she needs to go to the hospital. She said, I wasn't sick. I just didn't feel like going anywhere.

    I'm packing for Atlanta. We will have a good time.
  11. by   nursej22
    I am knocking on wood that my allergies, so far, are under control. I tapered off of claritin last year because of dry eyes, and I was a little worried. I have been using vancenase nasal spray bid and a single Sudafed in the morning, and it has been okay. And not for lack of pollen, my car has been developing a green coat. Same stuff, different day, at work. Temp has cooled down to 63, but dry weather is supposed to last for a few more days. Our wisteria vine that climbs around our back deck smelled so lovely last night. Played hide and seek with the dog: he runs under bush and stays until I come up and l part the branches, then he dashes off to a new hiding spot.

    Ted, I heard about the intense weather in New York, stay safe!
    Tweety, isn't it amazing how tone-deaf hospital execs can be! They should look at some of the threads on the "yellow side" to read why caregivers leave their jobs.
    Nel, good to hear Justice is on the mend. There have been some terrible cases of neglect of farm animals around here, blamed on farmers not being able to afford feed. I don't buy that for one minute. There is no reason to let domesticated animals starve.
    BCg, key lime donut, oh my!
    Herring, your step mom reminds me of my late FIL. I accompanied him and my MIL to one of his last PCP appointments, because she wanted a witness when he comfirmed that he would be a no code and they would turn off his implanted defibrillator. All he wanted to talk about was that he wanted a cookie from coffee stand in the lobby. I guessed that years of drinking, smoking and heart failure caused early dementia.
    Hi Dianah, I know you will be along later, after you are done mending hearts <3
    NSIME, that must have been good to have dh home, if only for a brief while. Is there a local volunteer center you could call? Boy Scouts? I sure wish I could dash down there and help!

    break done,
  12. by   Tweety
    Ugh, I can't believe I keep making that same mistake Nel, Stars....but at least you can figure it out. LOL

    NSIME, glad that husband is home and things are moving along. Hopefully you'll find whom you need to move you soon.

    BC. vegan key lime donut!!! OMG gimme gimme...

    Nel, I can't do scales pose it's just too hard. The thing about my practice that I don't like is that it's the same routine over and over. Nothing new or different is introduced. What I like about it is that it covers head to toe stretches.

    Ted, hope tonight is that happy medium of not to busy but busy enough.

    Herring, your MIL sounds like a challenge. Must be hard to not always be in charge. Have a great trip to Atlanta. When do you leave?

    J22 hope allergy season is good to you. We had the worst of our pollen season already a few months ago since we are warmer down here. Thankfully I don't have allergies and tolerate it well, but some people can get pretty miserable. i once read about 20% of Floridians are allergic to mango pollen.

    Had a relaxing day. Cooked a huge lentil stew in slow cooker. The recipe called for 1 lb of lentils and along with the veggies ballooned into something I'm going to be eating for many days to come. Also made a piri piri sauce which is something I saw when I visited Portugal but didn't get to try. It's quite spicy and good. I put it on roasted eggplant. But I think they use it on chicken over there. Jogged 2.34 miles...I figured 2 3 4 was a good place to stop. BP is 111/79....not shabby for a soon to be 59 near old.
  13. by   herring_RN
    We leave for Atlanta tomorrow morning.
    I thinl all is packed, but suitcase still open for last minute thoughts.