Wednesday March 8, 2017: 3-8-17

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Davey, liked the pun

    Work was not as bad as I feared it would be which was good

    Finished taxes, would not have taken long but I had technical problems which caused it to take an hour longer than expected. On the bright side I'm getting more money back than last year

    Artist got done with the art of my character. Spoke to the costume maker, she's booked for 6 months so I might have to alter my plans

    Going to meet J tonight for our usual date

    Another night of restless sleep, perhaps it was the stress of the taxes
  4. by   Farawyn
    Good morning, friends!
    yesterday was another crazy day at work, but I really think I have these sports clearances u nder control this time. A good secretary helps.
    Today I have a wake, and and then I have to go back to "the hood". My best friend is here, but her mom is sick, being worked up with a cancer diagnosis. Eeeek!

    Joe, I have been restless, too. Chalk it up to not working out enough.

    Hope you all have a great day.
  5. by   Tweety

    Did my taxes a while back online, very painless, and got my refund within a week direct deposited. Set it aside for an "emergency fund" which I've depleted last year when I was out of work for surgery and the expenses of surgery. At my current rate of savings, I'll have three months expenses saved up by July 2020. You think I can go without any emergency expenses between now and then?

    I've said before, and I might regret it, but I could save more, retire earlier by not doing some of the things I do now like travel, go to shows or restaurants, etc. But I don't want to live like that. I could retire and have a stroke and lie in a nursing home regretting that I never got to see the islands of Greece or never got to see Neil Diamond. That's my rationale in my head for being a spendthrift that's broke. I can hear Suze Orman screaming "A vacation in Greece? Are you crazy?? YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT!"

    Norah Jones put on a good show. She had a rich and beautiful voice. Enjoyed it a lot.

    Not much on the agenda today but some chores and going to the gym.
  6. by   Farawyn
  7. by   nursej22
    Morning folks,
    I feel a little guilty admitting I slept well. DH said his alarm went off at 4:30, and yet I didn't hear it. Met with some of my former students last night in prep for our trip to DR. We are gathering OTC meds and supplies to make hygiene kits. We wrote thank you cards for to the folks and businesses that have given us donations. I had my first beer in about a month. It was quite tasty, but I got a little tipsy. Glad someone else was driving.
    For Pete's sake, more snow it forecast today. Have our weekly departmental huddle today, will be visiting a clinic today, and then we have some sort of workgroup about work flow or setting goals, or some such thing. Then will come home to pack.
    Leaving at 3 am tomorrow to drive to the airport for flight to Chicago.

    Great day to you all!
  8. by   Farawyn
    Lots of us going to Chicago lately!
  9. by   BCgradnurse
    Home with stomach bug today. A lovely gift from DS. Going back to bed now.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning.

    Listening to the video of Norah Jones right now. Very nice.

    My heart is heavy. Lots of stuff going on with family members but I can't share right now.

    The weather is supposed to be warmer today - a high of 57 degrees. The sky is still overcast. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and it might get into the 70's.

    Time for a shower and then off to work. I'm listening to the next Norah Jones video . . . Come Away With Me . . . I like this a lot.

    Norah Jones - Come Away With Me - YouTube
  11. by   Tweety
    Guess Chicago is the place to be. Too cold for me though.

    Thanks Far for the lovely video.

    BC, bleh....get well

    Steph sorry for your worries...all the best to you.

    nursej22, safe travels.

    Had a nice veggie-tofu sandwich for lunch at a Latin restaurant and sat outside. Yum...
  12. by   herring_RN
    Feeling much better.
    Had to hurry to move my car to avoid a ticket.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from Tweety

    Steph sorry for your worries...all the best to you.

    Had a nice veggie-tofu sandwich for lunch at a Latin restaurant and sat outside. Yum...

    That sandwich sounds good but so does the sitting outside to eat

    It is sunny here now - and our front door to the hospice office is wide open and fresh air is coming in. I might get something to eat and sit outside on the deck overlooking the river. The flooding is way down but still a lot of water.