Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    Morning all,

    My turn for insomnia. I've been up since 4 AM after having some funky dreams. Looks like we got some freezing rain overnight. Everything is covered with ice. Hopefully it will melt once the sun comes up.

    Meh...wish I could go back to sleep.
  4. by   Tweety
    G'day mates!

    Hi Davey!

    BC, sorry about the insomnia. Must be catching. I was up and down last night and finally up around 0415ish. Today is an overtime day. I'm sure it's busy today. I had a nice couple of days off.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Davey

    Sorry about the insomnia BC and Tweety

    Slept OK but my legs are tired this morning, which is odd as I didn't get a chance to exercise yesterday

    Work wise things are improving, not quite as crazy as last week, hoping that trend continues today

    Was going to go for a walk yesterday but too cold and rainy. Got registered for the convention and got a room. Also used my gift card to get a crock pot, have a recipe for Swedish meatballs that I want to try

    Tonight is the usual date with J, hopefully the weather will be OK
  6. by   Ted
    Good Morning!

    Davey Do - I know that it must take more than a few minutes to create these cool cartoons. They're always appreciated and enjoyed!

    BCgradnurse - Hope you're getting rest now. Insomnia no good.

    Tweety - You too. Seems like you didn't get much sleep. Hope your day goes well.

    Joe - Good to read that work is being more kind. Enjoy your date with J today.

    I slept fairly well. Just woke up. Have laryngitis now. Not sure about going to work today. If I don't, I won't have vacation time available for a trip to Florida this coming week-end (Saturday onto Tuesday). I don't necessarily feel as bad as I did these past few days, but I still have signs of this nasty cold, especially noticed when I talk. I also don't don't to give this cold to anyone else. Hope AMY doesn't get it! UGH! She's a busy person with a tight schedule that's pretty well filled up between work, Florida and a theater production she's in. UGH! Will make a decision about work by noon today.

    Currently drinking First Coffee. Tastes good.

    Hope all keep well.

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  7. by   Farawyn
    If you still want coffee with a sore throat you are FINE, Ted.

    Yes, Davey, love the daily cartoons. Thank you.

    I too, had a restless night. My dog was up and down, which meant so was I.
    Tired now, enjoying 8th coffee...kidding. Just a massive giant coffee..

    I was thinking of getting a french press. Anyone?

    Gotta go. One of the Spec. Ed. kids just came in with what I think is shingles.

    Be fetch! Wear pink!
  8. by   nursej22
    Hi all,
    Poor sleeping here too. Big winds which make me worry that the neighbor's tree may come down on my house, plus hot flash on top of hot flash. Gotta call the nurse practictioner today.

    Far, say yes to the press! I have a little single cupper, and a 3 cupper. Just as good a coffee stand and much cheaper.

    Off to a day of meetings, whoo hoo!

  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all. I slept well even with an almost 4 year old grandson-to-be (GTB) in the same bed. We read stories together and off to sleep he went.

    He took me to lunch at Applebee's because they have "pizza" but they don't anymore. Oh well, chicken nuggets work. And I had French Onion soup. Then we hit WallyWorld and home. Watched Spidey play basketball and his team won. After the game, GTB and I took GrandNana home to the ranch and GTB asked her for "warm hot chocolate" and graham crackers.

    Thinking about working out at the gym this morning before my noon meeting . . . we shall see.

    Love the starting cartoon too Davey.

    Wear a mask Ted.

    I still don't have anything pink Far.

    I need my second cup of coffee . . . then will wake up the little kiddo. Another big storm is supposedly heading our way . . .just when the roads got cleared of snow.

    You all have a great day.
  10. by   Farawyn
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    GTB . . . delivered to my son in a snowstorm. We were at "Old McDonald's", he had chicken McNuggets, and we were watching out the window for my son to arrive in the storm. Which he did but said the mountain pass was tough.

    I showed up for our IDT meeting and it was canceled. So, here I sit wondering what to do with the rest of my day.

    I might just stay here and get some paperwork done. I'm not wanting to venture out into that mess of a snow storm.

    Can you tell I'm sick of it?
  12. by   Grace Oz
    Quote from Davey Do

    HAHA!!!.... Davey, ya "Wally!" (Aussie friendly affectionate term! Nothing "nasty" ) .... here in Oz it's called the ED or Casualty!! LOL
    Another terrific cartoon!!

    Read you all....

    It's 38C here today (Thursday in Oz) ... hot as hades!

    I babysat the grandies this morning.... the 22 MO is a real character!
    The 5 yO kept me busy helping him set-up a train track with the wooden tracks and signals etc the end we'd pretty much covered the entire floor!!

    And then .... it was time for Nana to get-up off the ground!!!
    Oh my poor poor old hips... my poor old bones -period!!!

    Made that poem: "What do you see Nurse" come to mind!....
    here in part: ....

    "But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells," ..... yep, that's me! An old carcass who still thinks like a young girl!!!

    Sending warm (literally in this heat!) wishes up/over and around and around to all!