Tuesday - March 13th, 2018 - Good Morning!

  1. Good Morning!

    It's 5:22 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Currently, there's a light snow-flurry outside. However, we're suppose to get another 8 to 10 inches of the white stuff between today and tomorrow. I tell you. . . I'm sick of the stuff. It's not unusual to get lots of snow where I live. I'm just tired with having to deal with it. Both of our bathtubs are full of water. If we do lose power, we're staying put. Our propane fireplace does a fairly good job keeping the home warm (but not toasty-warm). We have plenty of bottled water. We know to put the food in the refrigerator OUTSIDE sooner than later (which we didn't do last time). Plus, I'm working the next three nights!! So, I'll be at work should we lose power again.

    We ARE getting a generator. The guy will be installing it sometime mid-April!

    I'm still just recovering from working Friday & Saturday nights, and not going to bed until mid-Sunday afternoon. It was the usual routine of working Saturday night, then driving to church for choir rehearsal and church service. For some reason, I was totally wiped for much of Monday (yesterday). Hope I'm not coming down with something, which is usually the case when I feel this fatigued. So, I rested most of yesterday. Yesterday evening I attended two church meetings, one right after another. By the time I attended those two meetings I was fairly rested.

    Today, I'm taking Amy for a scheduled colonoscopy. She's been somewhat miserable with the pre-colonoscopy prep, unfortunately. But we're both faithful in getting them, though, because of our family histories of colon cancer. We both ask for Propofol for the moderate sedation! It really is a WONDERFUL drug! LOL! Highly recommend it for YOUR colonoscopies!

    Nothing much else to say. Hope to be back later to read your posts.

    For those who will be experiencing this up and coming Nor'-easter, be safe! For everyone, be safe!! Hope you all have a pleasant day!

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Ted hope you don't lose power. You have had an awful lot of snow this winter

    Work was fairly busy but not bad, got delayed by technical problems, should be resolved by this morning

    Busy after work, completing and sending my mail in ballot and adjusting my costume a bit to fit better. Exercised last night too

    Hoping today won't be any busier than yesrerday. Will be working on my shopping list, will do something simple as what I made last weekend was more complicated
  4. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Ted, hope it's just snow and that you don't lose power. A generator is a good idea. I'm going to think about it for next hurricane season myself. Propofol is indeed a wonderful thing.

    Have a good day Joe, hope it's not too busy.

    NSIME, glad you've come to some decisions, although it will involve some work. All the best.

    Had a really do nothing day yesterday. Bowling was fun and my team lost only one game. Going to see Black Panther today.

    One this day a year ago I was island hoping in Greece. Sigh.....
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  5. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning Ted and Joe.

    We didn't get any snow overnight, as we expected to. But there is still some lingering snow on the ground from the previous day's snow event. It is very cold here.

    The toe nail removal went smoothly. I am to change the dressing later this afternoon. The wound did bleed through my sock yesterday afternoon, but I just reinforced it, and it seems to be fine. Just a little painful. I take Tylenol.

    My nurse friend is coming over this afternoon to look at my new apartment and to meet Big Boy for the first time. I will clean his stall prior to her visit, so she doesn't have to sit through that. She will need to sit through his feeding and watering, but few people want to watch me shovel horse poop.

    Will take some clothing over to the new place today.

    I saw my landlords in the yard last week. I can barely look at them.

    Safe travels to all.

    Stay warm, Ted. I hope you don't lose power. This does seem like a particular nagging winter. I know I am sick of it too!
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    It's a snow day, so I'm home today. So far the power is still on. We're supposed to get over 18 inches, with occasional high winds. It's quite pretty out, if you don't have to go anywhere. Niko is glued to the window, watching the birds at the feeder.

    My boss is off this week, so it's extra busy at work. I don't know when we'll reschedule today's patients. I'm taking another functional medicine course, which lasts for 6 months and has about 10 hours of homework a week. It should be interesting and will keep me busy.

    Ted-wish you could get the generator earlier than April. At least you'll have it for next year. I hope there's no need for it in April. Hope Amy's procedure goes well and the Propofol is everything she hopes for, LOL. Joe-what's on the menu for this week? Where do you get your recipes? Hope work goes smoothly today.

    Tweety-I enjoyed Black Panther. Enjoy your day off!

    Nel-Hope your foot is ok.

    Time for breakfast. Stay safe and warm, everyone.
  7. by   Lil Nel
    Enjoy the snow day, BC!!! I can hear the birds chirping away outside my window. So strange, since it is only 29 degrees outside!

    Oh, Tweety, it was around the time of your trip to Greece that I began posting on the Good Morning thread. Glad you are making the most of your days off!
  8. by   herring_RN
    I remember my grandfather saying. "I'm living on borrowed time" because he was older than most men of his generation lived. Most of his friends had died.

    I had two close friends much older than me for most of my adult life. They died when I was in my fifties and they were 79 and 97. I keep a relationship with their kids, who I like. But have nevder had the easy closeness I did with their parents.

    I'll be having another colonoscopy this year. Ten years ago I paid a CRNA $120.00 because the outpatient center would not guarantee in writing that the RN administering conscious sedation would not have any other responsibilities until I was awake. That is a requirement in my state.

    Husband and I are going to the dentist today. I hope we just have a cleaning and check up. Hoping for no expensive work needed. So far we haven't had to spend more than dental insurance would cost.
  9. by   nurseactivist
    So sorry to hear about all of the snow and power outages. Ok, I will not complain about gray skies and a few sprinkles.

    Took some time to catch up with all of you.

    Not much going on out west, although 45 is in the state. Thank goodness he isn't here, I would have to be out carrying a sign telling him to go away.

    Did some volunteer work on a local campaign. Still trying to navigate the retirement gig...
  10. by   dianah
    Delivered signed papers to our tax preparer, and paid for her services.
    Received the completed forms; mailed Federal voucher and a check; small State return will be deposited when it arrives.
    Picked up some BBQ (and a nice salad for me) for dh and ds.
    Dh and I watched an episode of Poirot while we ate.

    Nice to read all the posts. Thank you all for participating!

    Have a nice evening!
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Time to go to bed, but first a brief and exciting update: we signed the contract for the house sale. We'll be getting for our part just under $10,000, but I would've been happy to break even, as long as it meant we'd be out from under!
    Hubby wanted more, thinking he could get me a good, smaller used car than the van I am driving, but the van sure will come in handy for the move!

    We still have to pay the escrow shortage and the March mortgage payment, but after that we're free of it. We'll be closing May 16th and will have the money wired to us that day, and have until the end of May to vacate, though I am hoping it will be sooner. Naturally I am starting now to weed the necessities from the 'stuff'. We won't be taking all the furniture. We can leave the house as is, and don't end up paying any closing costs or other usual house-selling fees.

    I called to find out the payoff amount on the house, what a flippin' mess. I was on hold forever, got transferred to three different people, found out I was still listed as in the Restoration Program to restore our mortgage to current status. I have already talked to three different people prior to today, and confirmed that I want OUT of the program and that we had declined the stupid payment agreement. I told the woman today that I wanted to be SURE that I was taken out of the Program instead of just being told I was or would be. She wanted me to talk to the Restoration specialist and I said No, I have been on hold too long and talked to too many people already. Told her to email the specialist that I had already declined the repayment offer TWICE and gave her the names, dates, and times of the people I'd already spoken with and that I ALREADY AM out of that Restoration Program, PERIOD, and I expect that to be entered correctly into their computer so it would be documented there when next I called them.

    Then when I tried to get the payoff amount, which at first I was told would be good for 60 days, this chick now tells me it's only good for 30 days, AND they would have to MAIL it to me, because they "have to put in a work order for it" A WORK ORDER? TO TELL ME WHAT I OWE THEM? They couldn't just tell me over the phone? I asked her if she had to get special dispensation from the Pope to tell me what I owe them, (Yes, I said exactly that.) So goodness only knows when we will get that info in the mail; and then we will have to go through the whole schmeer again when we want to know the payoff date for May 16th. STOOPIT!

    And their customer service survey wanted to know if I was satisfied and would I recommend them to friends and family. A-YUH, NOT!

    I'm not very good at being brief, am I?

    NOW I will go to bed! I mean it