Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

  1. Hello all. I'm up with the insomnia monster. Sipping chamomile tea and resorted to taking a Benadryl.

    Been catching up on the last few days of posts.

    I saw Dianah's photos over on FB and Far's as well.

    We had our annual Hospice Candlelight Ceremony. I took a few photos sitting up in the balcony and put them up on my FB page. I don't think I'm still contagious but it is day 10 of this darn cold and I decided to sit far away from everyone. One of my ER doc friends said he bets I have pneumonia. I dunno . . .

    Came home and made Red Borscht. So good. I had 3 helpings.

    Spidey heads out tomorrow for a 3 day basketball tournament. We'll go over on Saturday to watch and then bring him home.

    He's 17 now and a junior. He has a job working for a local wild rice farmer. Bought his own pickup with savings, bought a lift kit and worked on it with a local mechanic. Now that pickup is TALL.

    He is also dating a young lady who goes to a neighboring high school. Same age, same grade She's smart, athletic, and very sweet. I like that they go to separate schools though. :-) Her parents love him as he is respectful and polite but also funny. Each set of parents go to each of the kids games whenever we can.

    I'm nodding off here . . . gonna go give it another try.

    It has been nice catching up with you all. Tweety has new teeth! Hope they aren't hurting anymore tonight.

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  3. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Steph, I hope that you're resting and that whatever is ailing you goes away. Hard to believe Spidey is 17 and his own young man now. Can't say I've ever had borsht but it sounds like something I'd like. Seems healthy too and hope it provides some healing nutrients. Sadly the new teeth wasn't a happy event but a result of having diseased teeth pulled before they caused future problems. At this point my pain is completely gone but maybe for some gum discomfort every now and then. Thanks for mentioning it.

    The insomnia bug hit me around 4AM and I tried to go back to sleep. Couldn't sleep much after that. Today is the dreaded Thursday, a day that usually has a lot of patients there and some more coming in, and usually short staffed. We've been having a lot of call ins. I think some was people didn't want to float during low census during Thanksgiving but cold and flu season is here as well.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Steph and Tweety, sorry to hear both of you are having insomnia. My own sleep has been a bit disrupted ever since I got back from the convention

    J and I skipped our date last night as he's still sick. So far I'm not sick, only a bit tired.

    Work was a bit stressful as the computer problems continued, thankfully they finally got resolved

    Did grocery shopping and choir practice last night. Practice ran late again, due to all the material we were covering

    Tonight the church men's group is meeting, will try and attend if I'm not too tired

    Fairly cold today but not unusual for the time of year, snow is pretty much gone, none expected for a while
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning-

    I also had the insomnia bug and was up from 3-5. Fortunately, I don't start til 10 today so was able to sleep in til 8. Work has been busy. As Tweety said, cold and flu season is here, so we're seeing fewer allergy issues and more asthma exacerbations due to illness. Today I'm seeing a young person in followup who looks to have a pretty severe immune deficiency. They will likely need IVIG supplementation going forward to stay healthy. My schedule looks good so far today, but that can change quickly.

    Steph-sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. I hope it isn't pneumonia. It's hard to believe Spidey is so grown up. He sounds like a wonderful young man-credit to you and DH for doing such a good job. Hope the rest of your family is well.

    Tweety-Glad the dental pain is all but gone. Hope today goes well at work.

    Joe-Sorry to hear J is still sick. I hope you don't catch it.

    Stars-So happy to hear that you have an answer about what's causing your pain. Fingers crossed you don't need surgery.

    Hope all have a good day.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm back.

    I did fall asleep. Woke up groggy about 8:15 a.m. Hate Benadryl for that reason.

    I've been reading the thread about the nurse and Vecuronium. What smart nurses we have here on AN. I linked it to ZDoggMD on FB as he's been discussing it for a few days as well. Thought he would appreciate it.

    I'm debating about going in to IDT. Our meeting starts at 11:00 a.m.

    I listened to my lungs and don't hear anything except air. But I'm still coughing and blowing my nose constantly. Maybe sinus infection? Which I've never had.

    Spidey grew up kind of as an only child as his sibiling are much older. (You all remember why). I will say that raising one child is much easier than 3 at one time. I can look back now and see I was working way too much when the other kids were pre-teen/teens. If I could go back in time . . .

    I think I'm gonna try to go to the meeting . . . the ulterior motive will be our hospice director, who is also the ER doc. Who wears a stethoscope. Bwaahaaha.

    Have a great day!
  7. by   nursej22
    Brr, it was chilly this morning. I had to leave a little earlier to drop some cold and flu prevention stuff off at the high school, so was out walking the dog on some frosty sidewalks. The 'puter said it was down to 24. But the sun is out now and it was a beautiful sunrise. Supposed to rain tomorrow. The school event I attended last night went pretty well. It was their first time holding it and turn out was decent. My table space was right next to an animal therapy organization and she had a therapy bunny with her, named Scarlet. I think that was the most popular exhibitor there.

    I had a thought for Tweety this morning when I was debating if I should take naproxen or acetaminophen for my achy feet. In the past, when I have had tendinitis, I took NSAIDs on a regular basis. A pharmacist friend advised me that could be pushing up my BP because they cause sodium retention. So I usually limit what I take to an occasional naproxen because it is once or twice a day dosing.

    Boo hiss to insomnia. And colds. And pneumonia. And balky computers.

    Steph, I have often thought that I regretted that I worked night shift when my kids were in grade school. Even though I was only a .7, I was so tired and grumpy. Working nights left me available during the day, but there I so much I don't remember, probably because of sleep deprivation.

  8. by   herring_RN
    It's great to have you here Steph!

    I'm busy because step-Mom got sick yesterday morning.
    They called me. I called and got her an MD appointment for 3:00 pm from home.
    Then went down there and she had a full bladder, pain, tachycardia, and would hardly talk.
    I called the office and they gave me her physician's cell number. She said to meet her in the office.
    She had a seizure in the car. Five minutes later she was waking up and I had parked outside the office. It is her third seizure in her life and the only one I witnessed. I again called the office offering to go to the ER, but a nurse and MA came out with a wheelchair a d helped her get inside.
    By 12:30 pm the doctor had helped me clean up stool, and put in a Foley. She had labs drawn, and IM antibiotic, and 500cc in Lactated Ringers IV
    By 2:00 pm she was thanking the doctor and me, complaining about being cold, and cracking jokes.

    She walked to the car with her walker. She was acting like her usual self by the time she got home. She turned on TV and watched the service at the National Cathedral.
    I remember her voting for him. When I, and hundreds of others, sent him "Thank You" cards for signing the ADA the was glad I asked if she would send one.

    I hope No Stars, Steph, Tweety, Joe, nurseJ22, BCgradnurse, Farawyn, and all nurses, all possible comfort and joy.
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Afternoon, folks!

    Steph! Long time no see! It's good to read you again! Been wondering about you guys up there, North of my brother's town (you know, the 'big city'). He did not get burned-out or mud-slid-upon. Kept waiting for evacuation orders and all ready for them, but they never did have to evacuate. He said it seemed to all go around him. Lucky, for sure.

    Tweety, It occurred to me today (DUH!) that you and my sister have been having essentially the same dental work done. She sent me an email and said that the dental surgeon told her the tissue (gums) on the front part of her lower jaw, below the implant(s?) was "too soft". Not diseased, but now she has to have a portion of some firmer gum-tissue taken from another part of her mouth, and have it ...?grafted?...over the soft tissue to strengthen it. Whew!
    Geez, I don't envy either of you! Probably the end results will have made it all worth it, but the process...EEEK! Dental Stuff is Ruff!

    When I was a kid, I was so fearful of dentists that if an IPANA toothpaste commercial came on TV, it was all I could do to not jump up and leave the room, frightened that someone might mention teeth or dentist appt's needing to be made. It truly made my heart race in horrible anticipation, and I was soooo relieved when the TV show came back on.

    Joe, hope you and J perk up and feel better soon! And speaking of snow, yours may be gone, but WE are supposed to be getting some by the weekend. I've heard to expect anywhere from a dusting to six inches, so guess we'll have to just wait and see. I hear that the mountains, where I used to live, are or have been AND will be getting a good amount of snow. At the beginning of any snow prediction up there, you can always count on the local, leading "news" story to be about the DOT and how they have X number of piles of salt and sand. We used to short-hand verbalize a snow report to each other by exclaiming, "Aaahh, The Old Salt and Sand Story!" followed by a big-ol'-eye-roll!

    herring, Your episode with your step-mom kept me shaking my head and blinking; first in worrying, then in relief, then wonderment by the close of your post.
    Was she aware about what happened? Sorta like a resurrection!

    Greetings to BCg, J22, and maybe later dianah, Far'wyn, and a few more...Anybody hear how Sabby is doing these days?
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I don't remember if I linked this before. It is a very short video of my oldest son's trek to Iceland. It was a fundraiser for research into Multiple Myeloma, which he is in remission from. The first voice you hear is my son; he has a beard so easy to spot. He talks a few more times as well.

    MM4MM Iceland Full Documentary - YouTube
  11. by   herring_RN
    Step-Mom does not remember the seizure.
    This morning she complained that there were no fresh strawberries for breakfast.
    She had to choose between sliced banana, cantaloupe, and/or tangerine sections
  12. by   Farawyn
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I don't remember if I linked this before. It is a very short video of my oldest son's trek to Iceland. It was a fundraiser for research into Multiple Myeloma, which he is in remission from. The first voice you hear is my son; he has a beard so easy to spot. He talks a few more times as well.

    MM4MM Iceland Full Documentary - YouTube
    Your son is HOT!
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from Farawyn
    Your son is HOT!
    LOL . . . I'll tell him you said so.