So Farawyn! Friday 9.8.17

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    I got a voicemail from the illustrious Davey Do!
    Don't you mean, Farawyn, not illustrious, but "illustrationist"?

    Good morning to all!
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  4. by   NurseCard
    Sooo, Farawyn... Doesn't anybody stay in one place, anymore... would it be
    so fine to see your face at my door...

    HOW the heck do I know that song? Likely from years of hearing it played
    over the Muzak, back when I was a counter jockey in a convenience store.


    Good morning! So, I made a long post in the Lounge late last night/
    early this morning, about my fears and frustrations, raising a teenage
    girl. She's a great girl and I should really consider myself very lucky.

    I also posted in here a few weeks ago about my squatter-uh-stepbrother
    in law, who is living in our house rent free. Since that time, he and his
    wife have also had a vehicle repossessed. Oh, and he's had a mild
    stroke and two visits to the ER. I do feel bad that he is having health
    issues, but he HAS been quite non-compliant with his medications. He
    is doing better and is supposed to be going back to work, but for now...

    I have made the decision that we are selling the house. I have
    decided, we will make the arrangements with the realty company,
    we will tell dear SB and his wife about the pending sale, and
    that they can stay in the house until the house sells. They may
    be lucky enough that the buyer plans on renting the house out,
    as the neighborhood is full of rental houses already.

    That's the plan. Hopefully dear hubby will be on board with it.
    I am done with the stress.

    Hope you all have a great Friday!!!!
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  5. by   Tweety
    Got to be up early to be part of the Trinity today!

    NurseCard, sounds like you're between a rock and a hard place. I hope you can get your brother on board. Some family members just enable without understanding "tough love". It's not easy.

    Still keeping a watchful eye on the hurricane and trying not to be anxious or obsessive about it. Latest shows it going up the middle of the state which will weaken it as it arrives near or at us. Most plots this morning have it being to our West. We'll still get wind and rain if that's the case, but we can handle that. I'm still making plans to evacuate if ordered. My brother in law will take me and the dogs in. My best friend on the beach is determined to sit it out for now but I'm encouraging him to come to my house at least. He's on the third floor of a hurricane proof building, but with a storm surge he would be safe, but trapped should he need EMS or anything.
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  6. by   NurseCard
    Tweety-- be safe!!!

    Does tough love really work on a 58 year old?
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Davey! Long time no see

    Card that's a tough situation to be in. Hope selling the house goes smoothly

    Tweety hoping you don't have to evacuate

    Pretty good day for me overall, have been discussing who will take over my work once I'm gone. Still have some more stuff to arrange but it's been going pretty smoothly

    Got the grocery shopping done yesterday and went for a walk, getting fairly cool around here. Hope they turn the building heat on soon, will have to use my portable radiators for the next few days if they dont'

    Today should also be fairly quiet at work, if I have time I may do some vacuuming.

    Meeting J tonight, closer to his place as he may be delayed a bit waiting on the exterminator, having an issue with box elder bugs
  8. by   Ted
    Good Morning!

    THANKS Davey Do! Now I have that Carole King tune stuck in my head! LOL! (At least, it's a good tune. )

    NurseCard - As Tweety already said, it seem that you're in-between that "rock and hard place". I wish you well as your plans to sell your home unfolds. That, in itself, can be stressful. (We haven't been able to sell our home yet, and it's been on the market for over 2 years.)

    Tweety - At least from what I'm seeing on the news and "The Weather Channel", it seems to be a matter of which areas of Florida will be hit the hardest by this monstrous hurricane because most (if not all) will be hit by it. If it goes up the middle of Florida, as they're currently projecting, it should slow it down to "only" a Category 2 hurricane. "ONLY"!!! That's still a whole lot of hurricane. But I've been reading friends' posts on Facebook basically stating that a Category 2 hurricane is a "breeze". (Pun intended. . . and they did not use that descriptive word.) Of course, if it tracks up the middle of Florida, my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins will be hit. (But they're going to be hit anyway, no matter where it tracks.) They seem to be doing the best in preparing for this hurricane. Thank you for keeping us posted on how you're doing, Tweety. I'm worried for you, my family and other friends that are facing this beast.

    I believe that I mentioned that one of our hospital's Shift Directors is helping out in the recovery process in Houston, "Post-Harvey". She's been giving us updates via Facebook. She's something! She's 67 years young and quite "feisty" . . . full of ideas and energy (sometimes too much! LOL!) She proudly shared that they gave her a nickname already. Because she's "the oldest" (her words). . . and most probably because of her "in your face energy" (my words), her nickname is "Den Mother"! LOL! Yes! Upon her (safe) return to our teeny-tiny hospital, we will happily greet her with that name! LOL!

    I'm going to get going now. I'm working the next couple of nights. Although I'm feeling better, slowly but surely, I need to get some rest for this week-end's work. Amy is now experiencing the brunt of this crud. She's managing like she always does. It's as if this freakin' (not quite the word that I want to use) flu season has never ended.

    Be well. . . and be safe!

  9. by   Farawyn
    Quote from Davey Do
    Don't you mean, Farawyn, not illustrious, but "illustrationist"?

    Good morning to all!
    I really freaking love you, you know that, right?
  10. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    So happy to see Davey, Nursecard, and Farawyn here! Where y'all been??

    Going to visit my mother today. She only lives an hour away but we don't seem to get our schedules synced that often. I work a lot, and she's always out and about. I'm thankful that she's able to do that at age 85.

    Nursecard-I hope your hubby is on board with selling the house. You can't let the freeloaders suck you under. It's fine to offer help, but not when it hurts you so much financially. Tweety-hoping you just get the "strong breeze" effect from Irma. You got your Oreos, right? Joe-isn't it nice to have low stress at work? Have a nice time with J tonight. Ted-glad you're on the mend. Hope Amy feels better soon, too. Hi Far, Davey, and Stars!

    Hope all have a good day.
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Good morning to you early risers...

    I 'planned' to sleep in, but I woke up at 3a, 4a, 5a, and 6a; so, then at 7a I just went ahead and got up, disgusted my Snooze Plan didn't work out. Last night I had to apply (9! count'em: NINE! ) Capsaicin patches to both knees; then hips, hips, & hips, (that is: anterior, lateral, and posterior aspects, bilaterally) and lower back. Guess we were overly active at PT on Wednesday...either that or the suddenly quite cool weather and/or barometric pressures are having their fun with my joints. I haven't had to patch up the aches for several weeks now. Oh well, at least there isn't a Capsaicin Patch Epidemic going on and I don't have to skulk around the streets trying to score.

    Been watching, of course, the newest Florida "Monster Storm" news on GMA.... little to no gas, horrendous bumper-to-bumper traffic out of town/state, Irma taking the Florida Tour (is there a "2017/Irma/Florida Tour" T-shirt available?) straight up through the center of the state , and then heading towards Nashvillle, TN...GADS!
    I'm still wondering about the woman in Houston, Texas who I saw on the news a few days before Harvey hit, saying that "Of Course" it made sense for THOSE people to evacuate, they SHOULD! But she'd lived there forever, so SHE knew what to do to stay safe, and she didn't plan on joining the "evacuation panic". Hmmmm.

    I am off for these next four days; my patient instructed me that if it is coming a big rain Tuesday, I am NOT to come to work. We'll see. Yesterday I trimmed her blind, diabetic dog's face fur, and then helped tape down a large-ish area rug which had been rolled up for the last 6-8 months.( No way to 'steam' it so its edges would relax.) I don't have those tasks on my care-plan assignment sheet, so nobody knows. Ssshhhh!

    Welp, guess I'll get dressed and putter around the house. Will be back by here later on. Please stay safe, all of yez. Not going to worry, just going to pray...a lot... for everyone!
  12. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning all (too many to name).

    Wow. I thought I was up early this morning, as I am getting ready to go on hike with former co-worker at psychiatric facility. But you all beat me!!!!!

    Please watch the weather and do be careful, Tweety. Keep us updated as best as you can. The latest projection path that I saw shows Irma coming up and COVERING the state of Kentucky (but by then, Tweety will have tamed her). I don't know what that means for central Kentucky as of yet, but I'm sure I'll find out!

    Nursecard, you'll find out too what it means for us! Good luck with the sale of the house and your non-compliant BIL.

    Have a good visit with your mother, BC.

    Glad you are feeling better, Ted. Hope Amy makes a speedy recovery.

    Enjoy whatever the day brings your way, Stars! I know you will.

    I took Pretty Persian to the vet yesterday, and got more than I expected. It was our usual vet clinic, but a different vet. She told me that Wally has a heart gallop (common apparently to purebreds) and suggested an Echo. First, we need to rule out hypothyroidism, but then the next step is Echo because he could have/be prone to cardiomyopathy. A friend in MA has a cat with this affliction, and gives the cat a beta blocker daily.

    The Echo will probably cost around $400 at a small animal vet clinic. I just called the equine vet to see if he could do it, but he doesn't do them even on horses. If I knew anybody in the hospital who worked in cardiac, I would ask them to do it. Wally is super, super, good. He's better than most human patients.

    Needless to say, I am trying not to obsess about this because it makes me feel sick. Wally is only 9 years-old. He is the sweetest, kindest cat ever. Are there any normal cats? I've had two diabetics, one mega colon and now possibly a cardiomyopathy! Where are the normal house cats????

    Going to drink coffee. Meeting at 1130 for hike and afterwards, lunch/dinner at Athenian Grill!!!!!

    Safe travels to all.
  13. by   Joe NightingMale
    Nell my cat has hyperthyroidism and a murmur. Currently he's just on methimazole once a day
  14. by   herring_RN
    It is SO GOOD to read Davy, Farawyn, and Nurse Card.
    Prayers for those with human and weather caused problems.

    NNU represents nurses at many Florida hospitals. That access has helped plan. our nurses helped get 150 mattresses for staff required to work at a hospital in the progected path of the storm.

    I plan to bathe the dogs and then apply flea stuff after they dry.
    Pearl hates to be wed so I'll also get wet washing her.
  15. by   Tweety
    Lil Nel, you have to get up early to beat us East Coast time zone folks, as well as Davey on the night shift.

    Joe, I'm glad your final days there are going smoothly so far.

    BC, enjoy visit with your mother.

    NSIME, sorry to hear about the restless painful night.

    My Ellie had a murmur her whole life. Vet suggested a baseline echo might be in order, but she had no symptoms I declined. Ultimately when she become symptomatic I brought her to ICU where I agreed to medical treatment and a "baseline" echo which showed what I knew already: "severe valvular disease". She was on Vetmedin (a medication for valvular disease that was expensive), verapamil, and furosemide. Would a baseline and earlier prophylaxis treatment been helpful for her? Who knows? Knowing the cause of her murmur might have been helpful, but ultimately they don't have open heart valvular repair for dogs, so what's the point? She made it to the ripe old age of 13 before her poor heart and kidneys failed her. They're our babies and we do all we can for them.

    Other than finding out I need some AAA batteries to operate a radio, I'm pretty set with my hurricane preps. Now the obsessiveness, anticipation and waiting is causing some anxiety and stress, but it is what it is.