Saturday February 4, 2017

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Davey

    Glad it's Saturday

    Work was good yesterday, for some reason was feeling down/nervous, not sure why. Legs were too tired to exercise, just relaxed and watched Longmire

    J is doing better but is still having stomach issues, hope he recovers in time for our date Sunday

    Feeling better today, making pizza for next week, going to see dad later today. Might go to church if I have time, although I'm planning to go to furry bowling tonight so I might not have time. Kinda nervous about that, first time going, but likely it will be fun

    Won't be home for Svengoolie, he has Godzilla on tonight
  4. by   herring_RN
    Good morning Davey and Joe!

    I was talking with a friend who works at a rehab hospital where I sometimes take video games, paperback books and VHS tapes. Yes! They have an old TV and video player on wheels for patients to watch movies!. The local thrift shop has lots of VHS movies.

    A couple weeks ago they had a visitor play bartender resulting in lots of drunk patients and visitors. Security helped get the guy and booze out of the facility. The wife of a patient called other wives to come in and help calm them down. It was not a fun shift for the staff.
  5. by   dianah
    Good morning Joe, herring and Davey!
    Thanks for the comic, Davey! (saluting)

    Woke up a couple times last night to hearing one of the cats LOUDLY scratching against a door, for some reason!
    I thought it was dh, that he was unable to move and was scratching to get my attention!
    Who knows why one wakes up with weird thoughts like that???
    Well, I was up and outta bed and soon found out the cause of the scratching was NOT dh.
    So I slept in this morning!

    We may go visit some friends from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back, who recently contacted us: "we are in the area now, would love to see you and catch up!"
    Should be fun!
    That will be this afternoon; will go to the jam another time.

    We are still in planning mode for our June trip to the Grass Valley Father's Day Bluegrass Festival.
    After the festival we will head to Reno (about an hour from the festival) and then south on 395, stopping for three nights at Mammoth Lakes area.
    We used to go there in October, enjoying nippy fall weather and low visitors.
    This year will be different, have never been in June.
    But we look forward to camping there!
    Discovered they have a year-round shuttle that we can take to get to the various areas: Devil's Postpile and Red's Meadow (we have camped there in the past), Tamarack Lodge area and the little town of Mammoth itself (which I think will probably not be as "little" as I imagine!), "Old Mammoth" area, etc.
    We are very much looking forward to this trip!

    Friends are going on the bluegrass cruise Monday -- one we have attended for the past eight years, but chose not to this year.
    Bittersweet, will miss going and seeing/jamming with friends, but some aspects of it we will not miss.
    We will go on our Grass Valley trip instead.

    It is partly cloudy today and temps will stay in the low 60's.
    Will be nice.
    At church they have a corner set up to take photos of members for the church directory.
    We need to make sure and attend to that, though it will not happen today.

    Y'all have a good one!
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning.

    Overcast here but the rain has stopped for the moment so we are headed into Seattle via the ferry in a few minutes.

    I was up and down most of the night with nausea and vomiting - I'm pretty sure I got it from my family here as they didn't disinfect anything after they were sick before I got here and norovirus can live awhile on counter tops, etc. I'm ok now - just feel kinda weak and thirsty. I took a hot shower and that does wonders.

    Enjoy your Saturday folks.
  7. by   Tweety

    Work was crazy busy yesterday. We were supposed to be well staffed as someone signed up for overtime, but they decided to leave us short and pull a nurse to another unit. Don't get me started.

    Meeting best friend for dinner. Went to yoga earlier today. It's been a few weeks since I've been and it felt good.