Saturday, 1-13-18, Good Morning!

  1. Wonder of wonders ... We're sure enough COLD, but the weather forecast says "Zero Chance of Precipitation" for today and tomorrow.
    OUR snow possibilities come mid-week, when I will not having to be traveling the roads.

    Stay warm, everybody!
    Off to work now...
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  3. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    NSIME - Yesterday, the temp was in the high-50s Now?!? It's 27 degrees outside. All 6+ inches of snow that fell last week has melted because of the warm temperature and rain. I just noticed that there's sleet on the ground which is a testimony to the significant temperature change. This makes for dangerous driving conditions. Ugh!

    Recently woke up. Currently drinking First Coffee. Today (tonight, actually) is my last Bereavement Time off from work. I'd normally would have worked last night and tonight.

    Tweety, I see that you also started today's GM thread. Hopefully the moderators can combine the two.

    Tweety - Wow! It seems like your previous work day (Thursday?) was dreadful. As herring_RN said, simply being telling the truth helps protect the patients and the nursing profession. I know. . . easier said than done. But you did good. Regarding doing those "walk-arounds". Yea, we're supposed to do that, too. However, if the patient is sleeping at 0700, then the appropriate thing to do is allow the patient to sleep. Otherwise, I don't mind doing shift reports in the patients' rooms. They seem to appreciate this.

    Oh geeze. . . got to get going. My canine-family-member, Mayson, is "talking" to me. Probably wants to go outside. Again. LOL!

  4. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning Ted and Stars.

    We got less snow than anticipated. We were expected to get 3-5 inches, and instead, there appears to be about an inch or so on the ground. Of course, it is very, very cold. The entire next week is going to back to the bitter cold temperatures.

    I will be in orientation all week, so I won't be able to bring in Big Boy early. My poor child is going to be disappointed in his human caretaker. I am sure he will express his disappointment. LOL!

    Hope you make it to and fro work safely, Stars. Remember, slow and steady!

    Is Mayson that adorable black lab, Ted? A few weeks ago I was looking online at a yoga retreat in western MA which I thought must be near you. I am trying to decide if I would enjoy a yoga retreat. I know the cafeteria menu looked wonderful!

    Yoga was at 0830 this morning (if it wasn't cancelled), but it is too early, too cold and road conditions unknown for me to venture out.

    I need to go to the grocery store today. I wonder if they have had a chance to replenish their food stock. If not, there is no point to going there.

    Have a great day!
  5. by   Lil Nel
    I just read your post for today, Tweety.

    Of course you will do what is best for you, but I know you are an excellent charge nurse. It is your co-workers who sometimes behave like spoiled children. Do you get paid extra for being charge?

    The teeny-tiny hospital paid NOTHING extra for being charge. Who wants that responsibility for FREE? The psychiatric facility paid an additional 80 cents an hour (better than NOTHING).

    The teeny-tiny hospital required bedside report, and I had no problems with that. It was the day shift nurses I would give report to who sometimes would
    rather drink their coffee than go into a patient's room. I usually went along with whatever the oncoming nurse wanted to do because I wanted to go home!

    Yep. Keep the head down, mouth shut and collect the pay check! I think you have successfully adjusted your attitude!
  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    Tweety it sounds like you are a good charge nurse, who advocates for his staff

    Morning Ted and Nell

    Yesterday was fine at work, had some very long meetings. Was surprised to hear our manager is leaving, the other manager is taking over for her (wondered why we've had 2 managers the last 3 months). Talked about the changes coming up. Think I will do most of the new hospital discharge stuff, the other CM nurses have many other patients and after my current project winds down I will have few. Will be driving to 2 hospitals to do inpatient visits, neither too far from where I work, should be interesting

    Hope my switch to permanent status isn't delayed, these meetings revealed that management is pretty cheap and doesn't like to expand the staff unless necessary. I can stay temp past March but if the fall rolls around and I'm still temporary I will not be happy.....

    Met J last night at one of our favorite restaurants, which was nice. J had his MRI and now has a handicapped placard for his car, he said he was good most of the day but between the MRI and the standing at the driver's license office he was having more pain, and he hadn't been as regular with the norco as he should have. Hoping that with less time standing and more regular meds his pain will be down today.

    Am cooking this morning, will see dad later today.

    Next weekend my sister is having a combined birthday party for both the kids, have to get gifts for both before then (with only a week to spare). Will have to hurry on that.
  7. by   BCgradnurse

    It's still in the high 50s here, but that will be changing soon. I passed many signs on the highway while I was driving to work that said "Flash freeze warnings". I'm done at 12 and will be home before 1, so hopefully the temperature drop holds off until then. Still feeling less than optimal. I thought I might try to go to the gym after work, but it's not looking good. I haven't been all week, but my energy is low and I certainly don't want to spread the crud.

    Tweety-ugh. Sometimes you just have to step back and not care so much. Do your job, and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe giving up charge isn't a bad idea. Stars-have a good day today. Stay warm! Ted-stay home and off the roads. Tell Mayson to get his fill of outside now. How is Amy? Nel-you stay in, too. Make some soup to counter the cold. Joe-when will J get his results? I hope staying on schedule with the meds helps. Dianah-did you gt any sleep last night or was it music all night long?

    First patient is here. Hope all are safe and warm today.
  8. by   Lil Nel
    I hope J gets results of MRI soon.

    Drive carefully, BC. Don't push yourself to go to the gym if you aren't feeling 100%. Hope your work day is uneventful.
  9. by   dianah
    Have read all today's posts, hello to all.

    My left fingertips are quite sore, but it's a good sore, from lots of playing!
    We are enjoying this festival, staying up WAY later than we usually do (attended a showcase given by our next-room over neighbors, the band Out of the Desert, given at MIDNIGHT last night! Got to bed at 2-ish).
    There is one more night of jamming, boo hoo!
    Our fiddler is driving out tonight, should join us for tonight's jamming.
    We did see the two men we had met on the cruises, haven't seen them for two+ years! Was good to play together and reconnect.
    It's also fun exchanging songs at the various jams.
    The jamming halls and concert venues are crowded, crowded! Ppl talking, music in just about every room you pass, and even in the halls and the small foyer in front of the elevators. Three floors of the nine-floor hotel are 24/7 jamming. The different organizations that host hospitality suites offer snacks and sodas and beer/wine. There are banners in the hospitality suites with the host organization's name and other banners with announcements of upcoming festivals they host or are a part of. Furniture is pushed to the sides of the room to make room for chairs in a circle or oval, so ppl can come in and jam.
    Needless to say, it is an exciting time!

    The hotel staff have mentioned they remember the event from last year, and said they were thrilled we were back, they love the energy and the music!

    OK, need to wash up the dishes from breaky.

    Y'all have a good one!
  10. by   herring_RN
    Good morning!.
    Yesterday I walked to a jewelry and watch store in a former movie theater to get a battery for my husbands Timex. He uses a stainless steel mesh band. The watch lights up when the stem is pushed so he can check the time at night. It was running slow. I've gotten battery replacements and replacement bands there for more than twenty years. Owners are from Tiwan. They sell beautiful gold and imitation diamond jewelry that just sparkles with rainbow colors. I love looking, but don't care to own.
    The guysaid that the battery is still OK so he just adjusted the watch. It is no longer running slow. He wouldn't charge me.
    I thing having a reliable cheap watch isn't important to many young people who check the time on their phones.

    He also has the gold watch my grandfather gave him when HE was 90 and husband 45. It was his retirement gift after 30 years working as a janitor/handy man at Marshall Fields in Chicago.
    You know something? I think it's time to ask if he wants to offer it to our son or my sister's grandson.