Monday April 16 2018

  1. Morning

    Yesterday was fairly quiet. Had choir practice and church. Met J for brunch and then we went to see I Can Only Imagine, pretty good movie not spectacular but solid. Did the usual exercise and some cooking for the week

    Was starting to lose my voice yesterday, throat and lungs sore and scratchy, hoping I'm not developing bronchitis. So far today I'm OK

    Should be a fairly ordinary work day I hope. Weather is still pretty bad, had some snow

    Plans for Wisconsin are in flux, might head north of Madison to meet up with T. Will have to see how long that will take. On the one hand, I still want to have time to see some of Madison. On the other hand, I've been there so many times I've pretty much seen everything
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  3. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Joe - This weather stuff sucks. You're getting snow. We're getting freezing rain. The wind is howling like a rabid wolf. It's crazy! Hope your work day turns out to be ordinary.

    Can't believe that the month of April is over half over already. . . and, that the year is 1/3rd finished! Seems like 1/1/2018 was just a few days ago.

    Yesterday was a quiet day/night off from work. Choir rehearsal and church went well. The weather outside was yucky and cold so that when I got home I decided to nap for about 2 hours. LOL! When I woke up, Amy and I just spent the rest of the day & evening together watching reruns of favorite TV shows and relaxing. So basically, after church, it was a non-productive day. LOL!

    I'm working tonight and tomorrow night. Hope both nights are "Q". I'm off from work Wednesday and Thursday nights. Working Friday night, then off Saturday night. It's a weird work schedule. Luckily, though, I was able to get Saturday night off so that I can play keyboards for a friend's wedding that afternoon. Looking forward to the ceremony. They're a young couple and, as such, chose the traditional wedding music for their processional and recessional. Interestingly, it seems that most young couples still choose this music for their wedding. However, an older couple, where one or both have been married before (not to each other, of course), will choose non-traditional music for their processional and recessional. After the wedding, Amy and I have been invited to the reception. That should be fun.

    Nothing much else going on. Life has been somewhat boring, which is fine with me!! The weather is supposed to get warmer outside during the week. If that remains the case, I'll be able to do some yard work and get the lawn and driveway back into shape after a crazy winter. Also hope to get some hiking in as well.

    Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace!

  4. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Joe hope you have a good day and aren't getting sick.

    Ted, I agree that boring is o.k. It's nice not to be stressed about things and we know things will change soon enough.

    The weather is a bit freaky here in in Florida as well. It's a chilly 60 degrees and won't make it out of the 60's today. Very unusual to be that "cold" this time of year. Saturday it hit 90 degrees where in the park where we had the picnic. Nothing going on today but the usual "clean the bathrooms" Monday and pottering about. Bowling is tonight. Only two more weeks and then off for the summer until September.
  5. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning all.

    It is a frigid morning in the Blue Grass. It is 35 degrees, windy, gray and the sky is spitting light rain. It totally sucks.

    Oh, I loved living in Newton, BC. I was happy as a clam there. It is the perfect location, and nice and liberal.

    The raccoon joined the cats again this morning. I have decided I have no choice but to accept him. The cats obviously see him as part of the clan, so I guess, I should too.

    I am so proud of Barbara Bush for accepting that age 92, her life is ending, as all lives do, and to seek comfort care.

    Geez, Tweety, she is a year younger than your patient whose daughters couldn't accept, or deal with the broken hip.

    Perhaps this will open a much needed national conversation on end of life care.

    Nah, that won't happen.

    Hope you stay well, Joe.

    Glad you found the garage door opener, Tweety.

    Good day to everybody.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning-

    We're on the bad weather bandwagon here today, too. There's a cold driving rain, with thunderstorms predicted for later. Not so good for the runners. I will stay inside. Today is Day 1 of my staycation. I've been to get my lipids drawn and the gym. I plan on going to visit my old workplace this afternoon. I have a small cleaning goal set for myself. The dumpster won't arrive til tomorrow, so I feel like I can be a bit lazy today. I can plan the menu for DD's grad party. Of course, I will obsess over it and go overboard. It's what I do. We're going to Philly next weekend to visit SO's great aunt and cousins. I hope the weather improves a bit.

    Joe-I hope you're not getting sick. I saw that your area had some snow yesterday. Yuck. Ted-I hear you with boring being ok. I prefer to call it "peaceful", LOL. Hope work is kind to you the next two nights. Nel- Congrats on your new pet raccoon, LOL. I also hope that Mrs. Bush's decision does open a conversation.

    Time for the little bit of cleaning I must do. Then maybe more couch time with Niko and a good book. Hope all have a good day!
  7. by   Lil Nel
    Enjoy your week off, BC! The time will fly by!
    You'll have fun planning that graduation party. I hope the runners don't have to deal with thunderstorms.

    I bet I could take that raccoon home. There is nothing wild animal about him!

    Each time I think I have put the winter snow pants away for the season, I have to pull them out again.

    No, there's no snow, but it is cold. I will be wearing them to the barn today for sure!

    Hope the lipids are good, BC!!#
  8. by   dianah
    Nel, that raccoon knows a good thing when he has it (and sounds like he is going to keep it)!

    Tweety, hope bowling goes well!

    Joe, hope you aren't getting sick! Plenty of fluids and Vit C!

    BC, enjoy your week off (but you are still assigned to chat with us daily, please!)!

    Mixed bag at work. Good to be home.
    Dh and I are picking ds and dil up at the airport, oh, say, around 10pm... not our fave thing to do!
    But we will survive. Hope the flight is on time.

    Have a good evening!