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Deport him and his criminal family..

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California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (D-Los Angeles) said last Tuesday that 'half his family” was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation under President Trump's new executive order against 'sanctuary” jurisdictions.

De Léon, who introduced the bill, made his remarks at a hearing in Sacramento on SB54, the bill to make California a 'Sanctuary State.”

He said (at 1:27:34 in the video that follows):

… I can tell you half of my family would be eligible for deportation under [President Donald Trump's] executive order, because if they got a false Social Security card, if they got a false identification, if they got a false driver's license prior to us passing AB60, if they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members, you know, who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification. That's what you need to survive, to work. They are eligible for massive deportation.


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I wonder how many of his family voted in the Presidential Election?

The most outrageous part of this is that California AB60 in 2013, "The concern for anyone who used fake information in a prior driver's license application to the DMV is that the DMV could refer the person to criminal prosecution for fraud. BUT the DMV's current policy is not to refer anyone to criminal prosecution who previously applied for a license using false information so long as the false information did not cause any harm."

So you could use a fake name or a fake social security number and it was ok. Try being a US Citizen and try that stuff, You would be arrested and on trial

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