What's the funniest (or least romantic) Valentine's gift you ever got?

  1. With Valentine's Day around the corner, I was remembering how my first husband always used to get me a Valentine's gift with either a) an electrical cord or b) a non-stick surface (that's why he was my FIRST husband--ha!) His idea of the ultimate gift was some kind of combination of the two--like a non-stick electric skillet. One year I got an electric leaf blower. Another year, an electric knife. (oh, I'm feeling tingly all over...) Nurses need romance too!
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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    In retrospect the best Valentine's gift I got was when my boyfriend at the time stood me up on Valentine's day! I never spoke to him again and the next guy I dated after that has been my husband for almost 10 years! redpinkhe:blushkiss
  4. by   eriksoln
    I'm a travel nurse.

    One V-day, I was in Baltimore, so of course the wife and I went to the Inner Harbor for dinner.

    I was showing off, told the waiter "Waiter, can you recommend a wine to go with our meals."

    I order the wine he suggested, no idea why, we dont drink wine. I got.....uh......funny drinking it.

    When we left, I had that "I love everyone" buzz going.

    So, I proceeded to buy artwork from the homeless people on the harbor, giving like twice what they asked for it.
  5. by   galenight
    Many years ago, long before I was a nurse, I was dating my future husband. We lived near Detroit and my boyfriend was working as a cook somewhere. Well, he didn't plan ahead so he bought me something on the way home. From some guy on a corner... out of a van. It was this hideous fiber optic abstract flower thing. Tacky tacky tacky doesn't begin to describe it. It was in a black housing of some sort. I think it may have eventually caught fire...lol.. up in flames.. just like the marriage.. (and he liked that awful thing.... figures - should have seen the writing on the wall with that alone!!!)
  6. by   cpkRN
    An ex boyfriend "surprised" me by taking me to a truck and tractor pull/monster truck show ON Valentine's Day (not my kind of thing). Thank God for the beer stand a few feet from our seats . A close second would be a different ex taking me to Meijer (kind of like a super Wal Mart) for lottery tickets... That was the whole date! Glad I married a super-romantic type!
  7. by   sharpeimom
    For our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, we went to a large city about 100 miles away for a romantic getaway weekend. We did all kinds of wonderful romantic things any couple who had only been married 8 weeks might do. Then on Sunday afternoon, we went shopping and passed a store where everything for sale was heart shaped. Some really really romantic stuff... What did I receive, you ask?
    A heart shaped scrub bucket! We're still going strong 22 years later -- despite that practical joke of a bucket.

  8. by   Chapis
    nothing-, even though in our first two years we've been financially broke, a .99 cent card from wal*mart wouldn't have hurt out wallets one bit. it's not about getting an expensive gift-but the actual recognition of being loved. so you guys out there with no money to take your special one out to dinner, a card will do as you at least tought of letting her know of your love with a card-a massage will do the trick as well
  9. by   SnowRain7489
    Homemade dinner. Pizza Hut, wine glasses with pop and candlelight...LOOSER!
  10. by   learninmama
    Quote from SnowRain7489
    Homemade dinner. Pizza Hut, wine glasses with pop and candlelight...LOOSER!
    Hey I'd be digging that date....just throw in a babysitter lol.

    The best gift I got was my hubby taking care of our boys when they were 1 & 2 for the entire day. I got to read books, nap, watch movies...it was heaven to skip diaper duty for an entire day!

    The worst was our first Vday together...he got me a 5 foot bear. Ummm what exactly is a grown woman supposed to do with that....oh yeah I still have it...in the back of our closet lol. Silly but sentiMENTAL.
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  11. by   pca_85
    Sigh-a AAA membership, a toaster, and socks.
  12. by   learninmama
    Quote from pca_85
    Sigh-a AAA membership, a toaster, and socks.
    Oh my lol....I think we have a winner
  13. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from pca_85
    sigh-a aaa membership, a toaster, and socks.
    those are right up there with my heart shaped scrub bucket! :spin:

    one of my husband's neater gifts was a sock-of-the-month club. i got some really cute socks and am still wearing some of them ten years later. :heartbeat :heartbeat

    there was an episode of i love lucy where ethel's birthday is coming up and she keeps hinting about it.
    fred gives lucy some money to buy her a present from him, and lucy buys ethel a pair of really horrible awful pedal pusher-like "hostess pants" which lucy loves but ethel hates. she says, "i really wanted a new toaster!" the series was in black and white, so we can only imagine ethel's pants really looked like but they were beauts ... :d

    shar pei mom
  14. by   pca_85
    They actually have a sock of the month club? Wow. What an amazing world.