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it just happen 2 months ago , I am a young residence 25 year old , she is a nurse(rn) 22 just graduated , we meet each other when work on a same late night shift , I know we are a couple at first... Read More

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    Your second post is MUCH easier to decipher.
  2. by   NurseSpeedy
    I was pretty sure this thread was bull earlier. Unless you attended Cracker Jack University, you had to pass the general education classes that require at least a high school level of competence in regards to grammar before even applying.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am having a hard time believing this story. But if it's true (give you benefit of doubt)----you really "stepped in it" majorly. You created unnecessary drama dating a nurse and having your business out there for everyone to see. And you don't get a free pass, having lost your temper with the nurse. Your personal feelings got in the way. Unacceptable in the critical roles we as nurses and doctors play.

    In short; you screwed up. Move on. And only conduct yourself professionally from now on with the nurses.

    There are lots of cute curvy blondes out there to date. Keep work strictly professional and your dating life out of the workplace. Your "best friends" are not the nurses; they are your colleagues and should be treated with great professionalism. Make "best friends" and have love affairs outside of work. This stuff only plays out in soap operas (General Hospital, anyone?) and even in soaps, the affairs don't end well.

    PS: I will refrain from bashing your writing, in the hopes English is your second language. If not, you are gonna have BIG problems as a physician, communicating your orders and assessments.
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    Quote from The Panadol Guy
    Even that for some case you just need to imagine that word and have a image of it . Don't need to know how to write it.just like in pharmacology. Mostly mutiple choice
    *Takei voice* Ohhh myyyy.

    You sound like a safe "residence" that wouldn't make any med errors at all when writing orders.

    Is there cheesy popcorn too?
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    Don't blaze and then post dude.....
  6. by   The Panadol Guy
    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    *Takei voice* Ohhh myyyy.

    You sound like a safe "residence" that wouldn't make any med errors at all when writing orders.

    Is there cheesy popcorn too?
    So far I haven't make any mistake yet . Everything is perfect . ☺ of course I have to know what I am doing . It weird when I got complained by you guys about my writing . Noone on my floor seem to care about grammar at all as long as they understand , I don't know how your doc do but most of my order is really short most of them is not even a full sentence .I can show you some examples if you like. And for those who don't know how I get through university with this . Have you heard of aGPA ☺ basically they allow you to take 30 cre/hr out of your GPA for med school . So even i got 48% on my undergrad english (50% after the prof feel pitty for me) it doesnt matter .Do you need more detail how I survived med school .
    Have you looked at a bsc curriculum 😞and most of the time I go through interview without writting a word
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    You're not in an English class writing a paper, so don't let the grammar police bother you.

    Doctors in their residency are very busy people and often for days on end the only people they see are their co-workers, nurses and other doctors, etc. so it's natural sometimes that romance happens. We don't always choose whom we're attracted to or fall in love with.

    I've met several successful doctor nurse couples....took care on one this week that are very happily married. Like all relationships, sometimes it takes a little work, and often these kinds of relationships are very difficult. I'm sure you've learned some lessons along the way. As is stated above, it's not advisable and often disastrous.

    Also, about berating the nurse for asking something obvious. You should try to be a bit more gentle. I've been to many case reviews of bad outcomes, and the thing that always pops up is "did you call the doctor" "was the doctor aware" "did you ask the doctor". We need a collaborative relationship. Nurses will save your ass one day. Best to get on a good relationship with them from the start and not "lose it". Sadly, I've seen how toxic nurses can treat MD residents and I apologize on behalf of my profession for that. Most of us are stressed, hardworking people trying to do what's best for the patients.

    All the best.
  9. by   Avid reader
    Panadol, Properly get laid? Stop taking the Micky and bugger off!

    Wrong language and badly done at that. You've been rumbled. "You know what I mean, Harry"?

    By the way, Panadol knows exactly what these phrases mean.
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    He sounds like a foreigner, I bet your second language grammar would suck too. But hey they are usually awesome at math...just saying. lol
  11. by   Farawyn
    I call complete fabrication and shenanigans.
  12. by   Hope2banurse1
    So, nursing applications have international requirements to apply, requirements if English isn't your first language, but for medical school any rift raft can apply with no proof they can write in the English language?! I'm totally confused by that!