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  1. Hello! So I'm really interested in becoming a surgical technician (I know this is a nursing website but I know everyone here would still be able to help me out anyway) and the second I told my husband I was interested in doing that as a career, he decided that was a great idea and now he wants to become a surgical technician too. He's a hospital corpsman in the navy so he could become a surgical technician through c school. My question is, is it possible for two spouses to work in the same unit? Is that even allowed or legal? And even if it is allowed, I've heard that having your spouse as a coworker is really bad on your relationship. Perhaps a way around it is to just work in two separate hospitals forever? I'm wondering if there are any nurses who have seen or dealt with spouses working in the same unit and how they went about it. Should I pick something else to do with my life and let my husband be the surgical tech and me become something else? I don't know what to do!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Going to depend on the policy of the facility. Mine does allow relatives to work on the same unit; however, one of them cannot be in a supervisory position or the other would need to be in a new department.

    I work with several couples: CRNA/surgeon, surgeon/surgical technologist (which is the correct terminology, by the way), anesthesiologist/CRNA, and one nurse and one surg tech who are married to vendor reps who are routinely in the OR. We also have a mother CRNA/son RN and 2 sisters.
  4. by   amoLucia
    That's usually where the problem is - if there's a supervisory component to either employee's position. And that might be a consideration if either one seeks a job promotion. Can cause competitiveness and a poss dilemma for HR/personnel

    Also you hope they leave their home arguments at home. That's a BIG second problem possibility.

    I have worked with lots of NURSE combinations. All parties behaved with the supervisory and family argument problems - never happened on my watches.

    Like PP said, it all depends on facility P&P.

    Also be aware that some similar competitiveness might occur with school. But if you want to, go for it with eyes wide open.
  5. by   toomuchbaloney
    I'm a nurse.
    My wife is a nurse.
    We worked in the same hospital for 15 years supervising different critical care departments.
    One of us supervised another nurse that ultimately married into the family and then was supervised by an in law because she didn't want to change specialty and was a valued member of the team.
  6. by   HalfBoiled
    You can, but it may create conflict of interest with managers.
    IF anything work at the same hospital, but different shifts or units.
    That way, you guys don't want to choke each other out.