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Hey AN family. Am I the only one that hates texts? There is no tone and I am left reading the text several times in different voices. Ha! Damn these phones. Decipher this for me: "It was just fun... Read More

  1. by   LM NY
    lol... I really did start this thread because of that text. This thread took a life of its own, as do most of allnurses threads. I always tell my single friends that they will find "the one" when they least expect it. Crazy how I never take my own advice. I am really not a big fan of meeting people through work, because it is nice to have that separation. Then, I remember I am stuck on a floor with conventional hours 5 days a week 8 hours a day. After that, it's all about my kids. Unless someone tries setting me up with someone, I don't see myself really getting to know anyone. Unless, when I least expect it I bump into someone somewhere other than work. Ugh! Sometimes I wish I was a cold hearted witch that didn't care about loving and being loved lol. Maybe when I finally get my flex hours 3 days a week, I can mingle 2 days and still have 2 days left to do chores lol. You all are probably having a hoot reading this. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be single with 3 kids posting on AN about a text message from a guy I like but don't want to move anything too quickly with. Pray for me
  2. by   LM NY
    and what is JacobRSRNPNAF? lol I feel out of the loop
  3. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Quote from LM NY
    and what is JacobRSRNPNAF? lol I feel out of the loop
    Over on the yellow side, under Specialties, then under Psych Nursing. The thread is called Jacob Rockstar RN Psych Nurse Action Figure; it's by Davey Do.
    Prepare for your head to spin!
  4. by   LM NY
    O-M-G!!! lol speaking of PSYCH there is a real hottie that works as a PSYCH tech and is going to school for either respiratory therapy or physician's assistant. Can't remember which one, but he is tall, dark and handsome.
  5. by   Farawyn
    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    I was single until I was forty, and I loved it!

    Of course that was back in the days of free love and before AIDS began making it's way around....so 'warm bodies' were not difficult to find, and permanence in a relationship was not necessarily sought after. I kind of lived like a bachelor, who were never considered ***** because of their carefree lifestyle!.....

    Can't believe we have made it to 26 years together.
    I told hubs before we got married that he'd better make up his mind that that's what he really wanted to do, because I was only doing this thing (marriage) ONCE in my life.
    So, I agree w/ Steph: no more husbands for me, either, if mine was no longer in the picture. I don't think I would have the patience to learn and put up w/ their quirks. I have plenty of my own quirks.

    This has nothing to do with text messages, does it?!!
    At least we're not having this discussion on the JacobRSRNPNAF (or whatever) 'cause SUMBUDDY might blow a gasket, fling those arms up and walk away!
    Yes, but maybe we'll get to see a hiney again.
  6. by   Farawyn
    Quote from LM NY
    O-M-G!!! lol speaking of PSYCH there is a real hottie that works as a PSYCH tech and is going to school for either respiratory therapy or physician's assistant. Can't remember which one, but he is tall, dark and handsome.
    Yea, no. This is a comic. Of an action figure. Who is a real person. But not the one who made the thread.
  7. by   Farawyn
    LM NY... Pssst... I DO have big boobs.

    I can say that over here on Blue because it's "just us."
    So does No Stars. We have a whole conversation about it over in the Weight Loss section.
  8. by   LM NY
    haha!!! I am so glad I found this blue side. I used to comment on people's threads and then wonder why they disappeared into thin air. I have now seen some of my posts on those threads before they got moved to the infamous blue side.

    Anywayyyyyyyy, I found a tie that I am thinking of buying for you know who from my original post. It has the logo of his favorite sports team. It is inexpensive, but I think he will really appreciate it. He gets involved with a lot of community work and we both talk about how much we give to others and never do nice things for ourselves. I think it is a nice gesture. Maybe with a small greeting card with a simple non-slutty message inside. lol what do you think? I want to buy it tomorrow, leave it on his desk Wednesday because he is off the rest of the week.
  9. by   Farawyn
    LM NY, is he your boss?

    I do hope he's a Mets fan.
  10. by   LM NY
    eeeeeeewwwww nooooo!!! not my boss. My nurse manager/educator/director and VP are all female. He works in the hospital, just not in the clinical side of it. No, not a Mets fan.
  11. by   LM NY
    *ehem ehem* lol so he loved the gift and said I make him blush and he is speechless...blah blah blah

    In other hospital news, my nurse educator doesn't like me. I should start a thread on that, but I would need to record her facial expressions. So hard to describe, but she has this "I am better than thou" aura about her.
  12. by   nurseactivist
    Quote from LM NY
    I'm in Brooklyn. Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. It's true though, I do feel like I am finding myself. I am definitely learning a lot about myself as well. I am an independent and motivated person which are great qualities to have as a single woman. However, I am also a passionate, loving and nurturing individual which sucks because I miss having that warm body next to mine. Sometimes I feel like I have all the time in the world to slowly find someone on my own terms and then I feel like I don't want to waste too much time. As of right this second, I don't want to add to the stress of being a new nurse. Ugh!!! Why are all the amazing and wonderful men taken? And why are all the drama-free, down to earth cool chicks single? You see my dilemma lol
    I feel your pain about "amazing and wonderful men taken?" I would not want to marry, but 26 years widowed, it does get lonely. I would love to meet someone and travel and just hang out. I think my only hope would be online dating and I am way too chicken to try it.
  13. by   nurseactivist
    I hate walking behind someone who is texting while walking on a busy city street. They speed up, slow down, weave. I want to scream at them, "Get off your phone!"