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Last weekend, a girlfriend of mine was picked up by this bad pretty boy and she left us to go with him with the inevitable consequences. Thing is, not ten minutes before we were actually discussing... Read More

  1. by   BCgradnurse
    There's confidence, and then there's arrogance.
  2. by   elkpark
    Quote from Tweety
    Sexist much?
    Quote from Avid reader
    All the time. Consequence of my gender. Isn't it strange that when men are confident they're lauded by both sexes however when the opposite occurs, it's almost always women who are the worst culprits? I always love confidence in both women and men because all interactions are interesting.
    Not to put words in Tweety's mouth, I don't think he was referring to your "confidence," he was referring to your rather offensive stereotyping of men's intelligence being impaired by their testosterone.

    And how, exactly, is being sexist "all the time" a "consequence of (your) gender"?